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How many WordPress plugins are you using? What is your favourite plugin? Which plugin is not your favourite? 

We know a newbie can create a stunning website using WordPress. The beauty of WordPress is you can easily customize with many templates or themes and plugins or add-ons. So if you are a WordPress user, you cannot deny the importance of the WordPress plugin. 

Here is a list of the most important plugins for WordPress. These plugins are for basic needs. If you are a blogger or an e-commerce (by WordPress) store owner, you have to use such plugins.

So, without wasting your time let’s dive into the main part of the content. Remember, the following WordPress plugins are my recommendations. So, if you use another plugin, you can comment below. 

Site kit by Google

Google is the number one search engine today. According to StatCounter’s statistics, the search engine giant Google produces 92.95% of searches. So it is always challenging to rank higher in Google. 

So, if you get any plugins mainly designed for Google data, is it not excellent?

In this era, the site kit by Google is a recommended plugin. I recommend this plugin because of three reasons. Do you know why?

  • One window Google important tools.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Faster to get alerts.

It is one of the most important plugins recommended by almost 75% of bloggers today. 

Now have a look, at what tools are available in the site kit by Google services.

Look at the list below: all services start with the name of Google. Have a look. 

  • Search Console
  • Analytics
  • AdSense
  • Page speed insight
  • Optimize and
  • Tag manager

Look at the details of the Google services listed above. 

Google search console service

Google search console service is helping us to get a direct insight into your website data. Apart from it, the google search console helps to detect any issues like coverage issues, indexing status and so on. The site kit by Google helps us providing the following information.

  • Number of clicks
  • Total impression
  • Average CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Average position

Google analytics service

Google Analytics is one of the most important tools for getting information about your website. Google Analytics provides information like a number of users, amount of sessions, bounce rate, session durations, demographic data, location of traffic along with real-time traffic. Even you can get data like traffic sources, whether they come from organically or they come from other sources like social, direct or referral.

Google AdSense service

If you want to earn money online, there are many ways. One of the best ways is to earn money online is by using monetization with Google AdSense. 

If your site is monetized with Google AdSense, you will have to look at the data of Adsense. 

You can get data like 

  • Number of clicks, 
  • Impression, 
  • Ads revenue
  • And so on

Using Google AdSense services. The Google AdSense service helps you to bring all sorts of Adsense data like a number of clicks or impressions. Even you can get data about CTR through this WordPress plugin.

Google Page speed insight

Nobody loves a slow website. So today loading speed is one of the most important factors for ranking higher in SERPs. To check your site loading speed and check any loading issue, the best tool is google page speed insight. 

Here you will get two things together after analyzing in Google page speed insight service.

  • Page loading time for both mobile and desktop
  • Field and lab data including the first contentful paint, speed index, and others.

Google optimize service

Google optimize is mainly used for testing your website which helps to drive matric based design solutions.

After putting the optimizer container ID, you can test your website. It is mainly used to verify a/b testing. 

Google Tag Manager Service

Google tag manager or GTM is the most useful tool in digital marketing. Using Google tag manager, you can trigger other google services like analytics, Google ads, Adsense into your website. 

The beauty of the tag manager is you can trigger multiple services under a single umbrella.

Yoast SEO WordPress plugin

Yoast SEO is one of my favorite WordPress plugins always. This plugin helps to grow your SEO score. You can check three important things using the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.

  • First, check the keyword density
  • Second, readability check
  • Third, Put the keyword

Apart from the above, you can generate an XML sitemap using this plugin. 

For SEO, one of the most important things is to put SEO titles along with meta descriptions within the right pixel length. Yoast SEO helps to provide that. 

Here are some Yoast SEO features available. 

  • Customize content, media, taxonomy, archive, breadcrumbs, RSS
  • Integrate webmaster tools
  • Use built-in tools like import-export, internal linking bulk editor, file editor, etc. 
  • Connect your social media profile or pages

In a word, the Yoast SEO is a premium level SEO plugin. The plugin is available for both free and paid versions. Remember, the paid version always provide some premium features.

Social share WordPress plugin

Social sharing is very important for many reasons. Probably you have heard the word “GO SOCIAL” each and every SEO specialist like this. 

Today is your website does not include any social sharing options, your website is treated as worthless. Let’s see in brief how social media help us. 

Social media helps to make content viral through many social media channels. More viral content can bring the most traffic to your website. So, making your website viral, you have to use social sharing WordPress plugin like social media share buttons and icons. 

You can use any social sharing WP plugin like sassy social share, simple social media share button and many. 

Do you know how the social sharing button help us?

The social sharing button helps the readers to share the content with others. You probably know 70% of active users spend more time on social media. 

WordPress WooCommerce Plugin

If you want to make your online store using wordpress, the WooCommerce will have no substitute. So, as need suggests, the WooCommerce plugin is becoming an unavoidable plugin today.

Everybody dreams to have their online store. Mainly in this era, most people have owned their virtual shop. 

There are other platforms available like Shopify, but WooCommerce WordPress plugin can help to make an eCommerce business flexibly.

People love the WooCommerce WordPress plugin because of many causes. Among them some are:

  • Easily customizable
  • Integrate payment gateway
  • Add to cart and checkout option
  • Dedicated dashboard for product upload
  • And many more. 

According to global data, almost 2906789 e-commerce websites are build in the WooCommerce platform. Even many premium level websites are also there who use WooCommerce. 

Contact form 7

When you make your website, you must have to keep one communication section. Contact form 7 is one of the most convenient and flexible WordPress plugins. 

Using contact form 7, you can make your custom forms. Even you can easily manage, edit, add fields and make your form more professional.

In this era, to get business lead, the contact form has no alternative. So, contact form 7 is a crucial WordPress plugin that can help you to communicate with your customers too.

UpdraftPlus Backup and Restore

If you want to get your website backup, the UpdraftPlus is one of the leading WP backup and restore plugins.

Using UpdraftPlus, you can keep your backup in your drives like Google drive or one drive, even you can store your files into your personal computer or PC.

Insert headers and footers

I’ve already told that WordPress is very convenient. So if you want to integrate any code to your website, you can use insert headers and footers WP plugin.

Even if you have no knowledge of how to embed code to your website, you can use it. 

Insert headers and footers helps you to integrate Google Adsense code, affiliate marketing code, JSON-LD code and many more.

W3 Total Cache or Breeze Cache Plugin

You know the cache is the main cause behind lagging. So to keep your website fast, you have to clean your website’s cache and cookies. 

The w3 total cache is one of the premium level caches plugins. It helps your website to load faster, 

Apart from w3 total cache, there is another premium level cache plugin available, mainly designed by Cloudways to keep your WordPress website load faster and cache free. 

MailChimp for email marketing and newsletter

If you want to let visitors subscribe to your newsletter or website, the MailChimp is one of the best. 

Due to various needs, the MailChimp has many additional features included. Two important MailChimp features among them available for email marketing are 

  • Contact form 7 extension
  • For WooCommerce

The growth of email marketing lets this plugin an important one. 

Under construction WP plugin

Suppose your website is undergoing a theme change or any lengthy customization. In this case, I recommend you to choose under construction plugin duly design for WordPress.

This under-construction plugin is very easy to hide live activities from the front end users. The under-construction method is just like the switch on and off. Even within a single click, you can make your website live. 

FTC disclosure

If you sell any affiliate product and earn any type of compensation from that, you can use the FTC disclosure plugin for WordPress. It is an additional plugin mainly used to let your visitor clear one thing that you are earning through your website wither via Adsense or any display network or affiliates.

Sum up

In this article, I am trying to cover all important WordPress plugins almost necessary for every WordPress user. If you think an important plugin is missing or if you have any suggestions, opinions or advice, feel free to communicate us via our comment section.