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As a Digital Marketing Trainer, I’ve observed that there are many so-called courses,  are not up to the mark. It’s a fact. However, many choose old modules and as a result, they suffer a lot. To get rid of this mistake, I suggest you check whether those courses are really up to the mark and what outcomes you’ll get after getting admission from there. Even you can find many FREE digital marketing courses on various platforms like YouTube. If you really want to develop your career as a professional digital marketing expert, you need to choose the best for you. Additionally you can get digital marketing corporate training with us. Now, it’s your turn. – Shovan Ghoshal (Owner of Biva Technologies)

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Blogger and Affiliate Marketer

Meet your Trainer - Shovan Ghoshal

How Biva Technologies Helps!

Learn Setting Goals

How Digital Marketing Training helps to Set Goals strategically!

Digital Marketing training helps to set various goals from planning to measuring your success. Without goals we are directionless. So, setting goals with online marketing training helps to grow your overall career objectives.

Every goal consists of KPIs. So it is easy to measure your performance and understand the next steps according to your strategy. Get in-depth knowledge of setting goals for every industry with online marketing training.

digital marketing goals with digital marketing training
growth funnel for every business growth

Build Growth Funnel

How to Make Growth Funnel with Digital Marketing!

In our Internet Marketing Training, we mostly teach the methods that every business needs. The growth funnel is one of the most essentials in every industry. Additionally, it helps to regenerate huge profits with the right tracking.

Learn the process to make a suitable growth funnel that easily brings conversion. Get in touch with our latest course (modules) that easily assist you to make a suitable funnel that your industry wants! Never miss the opportunity either!

Face New Challenges!

How our Latest Modules learn you to Face Challenges!

Online Marketing is ever-changing. So, it is always important to be updated with the latest techniques and strategies. Our every module always assists you to face every challenge not only to survive but also to achieve success.

All of our course modules are always dynamic. As a result, many of our students always get support from our trainers, even after finishing their courses. Our vision is to assist students to set a standard in the industry that always make them ahead.

digital marketing training to face challenges - biva technologies
success formula with digital marketing training

Achieve Success! Cheers!

Learn How to Succeed and Conquer Achievement!

The proper digital marketing training and strategy help to succeed for a long time. Our latest industry-leading best digital marketing training institute
promotes achievement. Learning and getting recognized is our cup of tea.

Being one of the upcoming and legitimate digital marketing training institutes in India, Biva Technologies helps every student to guide on how to achieve success smartly.  If you are interested to achieve success, join Now!

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Digital marketing training

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Looking for a Stunning Career!

Are you interested to develop your stunning career in Digital Marketing?  Enroll in our most popular and effective Digital Marketing Training Programs. We, Biva Technologies, a growing best digital marketing training institute in West Bengal, assure 100% career benefits with all our job-ready courses. Start Today!

Let’s Familiar with Our Popular Process:
  • Provide necessary Outlines.
  • Importance of the course.
  • Knowledge about the Industry.
  • Starting from the Scratch.
  • Detailing through every Module.
  • Guidance under Industry-ready Trainers.
  • Providing only the Latest Modules.
  • Special dedicated Practical Session.
  • Doubt clearing session after each module.
  • Making candidates Job Ready.
  • 100% Job/Freelancing assistance!

Digital Marketing

Start Digital Marketing training with all the latest technologies. Build your career with 100% industry-ready programs.

Website Customization

Start Customizing WordPress Website for 100% professional, responsive, mobile-friendly with various lucrative features.

Content Marketing

Get Started with 100% performing Content Marketing Training with leverage and the latest Strategy. Join Now!

Email Marketing

Learn Email Marketing Training to bring more engagement to your business. Start joining today!


Learn the best Blogging Techniques to grow your business and earn constantly. Enroll Today!


Start SEO Training to achieve the most competitive and steady jobs. Become an SEO Expert for any industry today!

Content Writing

Start Content Writing Career with 100% authentic and industry-ready Content Writing training. Join Now!

Social Media

Start Social Media Marketing and Optimization Training to bring social traffic to any business. Join Today!

Affiliate Marketing

Start Passive Income today with Affiliate Marketing Training. Learn the best way to generate lots of earnings constantly.


Learn PPC or Pay per Click Advertisement to bring potential Leads to your business. Enroll Now!


Professional Blogging Career

My Key Strategies:

  • Detailing of in-depth Blogging
  • Technicalities of Blogging
  • Monetize your Blog
  • Career Development with Blogging
  • Business Development with Blogging

Affiliate Marketing Leadership

My Key Strategies:

  • About Affiliate Marketing Structure
  • Profitable Niche Research
  • Accurate Product Research
  • Technicalities in detail
  • How to Monetize and get paid

ECommerce Business Expert

My Key Strategies:

  1. In-depth eCommerce Pipeline
  2. Seller Account and Landing Page
  3. Product Listing 
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Promote your Product

Content Marketing Pro

My Key Strategies:

  • Details of Content Marketing
  • Develop Outreach Strategy
  • Trigger the Conversion Orientation
  • Implement for Business Growth
  • Monetize your skills

Freelancing Professional

My Key Strategies:

  • All About Freelancing
  • Develop Skills to Monetize
  • Marketplace Analysis
  • Trigger Business Need
  • Get Paid Freely

SEO Genius

My Key Strategies:

  • Detailing of SEO
  • Best SEO Practices
  • Latest Algorithm and SEO
  • Trigger your Skills for Growth
  • Career Development Opportunity

Social Media Maestro

My Key Strategies:

  • Why Social Media
  • Branding with Social Media
  • Outreach with Social Media
  • Business Development Socially
  • Career Monetization

PPC Specialist

My Key Strategies:

  • Detailing of PPC Campaign
  • SEM Strategy for Business
  • Lead Generation and Conversion
  • Promote any Business
  • Monetize your Skills.

WordPress Website Customizer

My Key Strategies:

  • Why WordPress
  • How to Prepare WordPress Website
  • Complete Customization with Themes
  • Important Section Analysis
  • Monetize your Talents.

Digital Marketing Blog

Fiverr vs Upwork: 100% Ultimate Battle for Beginners

Fiverr vs Upwork: 100% Ultimate Battle for Beginners

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Niche Analysis: Most Valuable Part in Career Development

Niche Analysis: Most Valuable Part in Career Development

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Keyword Research is the foundation for every online business growth. From business niche research to competing with leading competitors, keyword research has no alternatives. Strategic growth depends on the best keyword you’ve chosen within your niche. Start keyword research today with our In-Depth Keyword Research (A-Z) ebook completely free for you.

Before starting any business, you need to know a few important things:

  • The niche of your Business.
  • Preferable audience.
  • Your competitors.
  • User intent.
  • Best performing content.
  • The strategy that suits your business, and 
  • More

Through our ebook, you can understand what keyword research is, how to do keyword research, what metrics are important for your niche or business.

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