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Who We Are

About Biva Technologies

Grow your online business with Biva Technologies, the performance-oriented Digital Marketing Company in India. Bring the best result with a high conversion guarantee. Make your business development with our most popular digital marketing services like SEO, Content Marketing, SEM, Social Media, Email Marketing, and more.

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When We Started

A few years ago when I was stuck with problems to grow my online business, then I’d started learning how digital marketing helps to solve my problems. After finding my own way out, I’d decided to provide support to those who are facing problems like me. As a result, I’d launched Biva Technologies.

Biva Technologies is a Digital Marketing Company in India and provides all types of digital marketing services like SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Website Design and Development, and more to grow every online business with potentiality.

From the Desk of Founder

Shovan Ghoshal

“It was 2018, I left the job and started my own journey as a Blogger and a Freelancer. After getting some projects myself, I’d decided to make my own startup, Biva Technologies. It was a big challenge to me. I’d sky-high dreams and a very little bit of knowledge to handle clients. Only I focused on one thing and that was my knowledge on the specific subject i.e. digital marketing.

Since my childhood, I personally love to develop my skills. That’s why today I am from a Spoken English instructor to a Digital Marketing professional.

When I started my career as a Freelancer, I’d focused only on quality. Still, I’m sticking to quality instead of quantity. This is my success recipe for Biva Technologies. I’ve handled many industry-related projects like eCommerce business development, Content creation, development and marketing, SEO, Social Media, SEM, Email Marketing, and more.

After establishing Biva Technologies, I have been successfully experiencing a lot about lead generation, lead nurturing, business conversion, and more.

In preference, I’m not biased. Rather I always like to be neutral in the term of any digital marketing needs. Having experience in successfully handling various projects, I’m very sure about focusing on my own passion while dealing with clients. I develop my skills by competing with myself always. That’s why our clients are happy. “
– Shovan Ghoshal, Owner, Biva Technologies



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Why Choose Us!

  • We prioritize quality
  • Value Clients’ requirements.
  • Project Blueprint
  • Smart work strategy
  • Uniqueness and diversity
  • On-demand Service
  • Performance-oriented strategy
  • Modern technology
  • Budget on requirement
  • No hidden cost
  • Anytime assistance

The research comes first when we take any project. We analyze the potentiality, profitability, and usability of every step we are going to take to encourage the business growth. 


Every business growth depends on dedication and devotion. We are famous for our dedication. Our primary motto is to be consistent with our dedication along with research.


Consistency is our key to success. We love working consistently with new and innovative strategies, techniques, and more. We prefer customer satisfaction as always. 

What We Do Best


Content Marketing

Social Media

Lead Generation

Business Analytics

Web Development

Email Marketing


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Keyword Research is the foundation for every online business growth. From business niche research to compete with leading competitors, keyword research has no alternatives. Strategic growth depends on the best keyword you’ve chosen within your niche. Start keyword research today with our In-Depth Keyword Research (A-Z) ebook completely free for you.

Before starting any business, you need to know few important things like:

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  • More

Through our ebook, you can understand what keyword research is, how to do keyword research, what metrics are important for your niche or business.

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