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Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services we offer has no alteration today. It is the advanced level of Marketing through various Digital Channels. You can generate the lead, sell, convert any product or service through the internet. 

  • Search Engine Optimization 89% 89%
  • Content Marketing 93% 93%
  • Website Design and Development 78% 78%
  • Email Marketing 72% 72%
  • Social Media Marketing 86% 86%
  • Lead Generation 94% 94%
  • Reputation Management 82% 82%

Digital Marketing Services We Offer!

Digital Marketing Services we offer has no alteration today. As a result, the Role of on-demand Digital Marketing for business development is becoming next to important. It is the advanced level of Marketing through various Digital Channels. You can generate the lead, sell, convert any product or service through the internet. So bring your business to the next level with the advancement of the internet. Get a complete Digital Marketing Services. Consult the Best Digital Marketing Company in India, Biva Technologies for sketching Your profitable Business Plan and Strategy with the proper execution process. We are always pleased to convert your dream into reality at ease professionally. Start lead generation today!


Grow Online Business!

Grow your knowledge and skill altogether with our YouTube Videos. Learn the latest techniques with step by step guide. Grow your knowledge with industry-related trendy topics. We try to cover every topic related to online business needs. Your next level of achievement is our aim. Grab the opportunity to enrich your business goal outreach globally. Grow your knowledge with the digital marketing services we offer.

digital marketing services

Our Top Digital Marketing Services!

Start with the Digital Marketing Services we offer like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SMO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Content Development, Website Design and Development, App Design, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Reputation Management and More to bring your business with ROI to the next level with your Biva Technologies.

Search Engine Optimization

Grow your business steadily with organic traffic using the right SEO strategy. Rank higher.

Website Development

Make your stunning professional website with a 100% responsive design with a standard UI/UX. 

Brand Design & Strategy

Branding is a must for steady business growth. Start branding with the search engines, social media, etc.

Social Media Management

Being social is essential. Bring social media engagement with SMO and SMO best practices.

Content Marketing

Create and Curate the right content for your audience. Use the best Content Marketing Channel. 

Lead Generation

Bring potential leads to your business with an accurate lead generation strategy using PPC.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the best digital marketing channel to increase communication faster. 

Business Analytics

Know your audience with your business analytics. Measure your growth with business analytics. 

Let’s Grow Together!

100% Effective Real Estate Lead Magnets: Realtors’ Dream

100% Effective Real Estate Lead Magnets: Realtors’ Dream

Do you know that 78% of realtors use real estate lead magnets to grow their business to the next level? Real estate is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. As it is growing, the competition is huge as well.  In this competitive world, getting...

Digital Marketing Plan for Small Business (100% Affordable)

Digital Marketing Plan for Small Business (100% Affordable)

According to research, around 69% of small businesses are getting profit for digital marketing today. In 2020 mainly after COVID-19 pandemic, every small business needs to take extra care. In this article I’m gonna discuss the Digital Marketing Plan for Small Business...

Typical 9+ Online Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2024

Typical 9+ Online Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2024

Do you know 70% of people make online mistakes while use digital marketing? Nobody can hardly find a person who never makes mistakes.  Making mistakes is normal. Yes, in business too.  I’m making lots of blunders in my life. Even in my business, the online...

free ebook download biva technologies

Download FREE Keyword Research eBook!

Keyword Research is the foundation for every online business growth. From business niche research to compete with leading competitors, keyword research has no alternatives. Strategic growth depends on the best keyword you’ve chosen within your niche. Start keyword research today with our In-Depth Keyword Research (A-Z) ebook completely free for you.

Before starting any business, you need to know few important things like:

  • The niche of your Business.
  • Preferable audience.
  • Your competitors.
  • User intent.
  • Best performing content.
  • The strategy that suits your business, and 
  • More

Through our ebook, you can understand what keyword research is, how to do keyword research, what metrics are important for your niche or business.

Do’s and Dont’s of Digital Marketing!


  • In-depth Niche Research.
  • Niche-specific high-performing keyword research.
  • Website creation with stand-alone design including UI/UX.
  • Concentrate on Content creation and marketing.
  • Increase brand awareness with productivity.
  • Focus on SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Social Media Optimization.
  • Keep Updated with Content and SEO
    Active in Social Media for traffic and lead.
  • Grow with video marketing.


  • Choose the wrong Niche.
  • Focus on high competitive keyword research.
  • Make a clumsy website design.
    Produce irrelevant content for your website.
  • Skip brand awareness.
  • Less prioritize Social media optimization, SEO, SEM, Email Marketing.
  • Keep your old pages and posts the same as before.
  • Forget time to spend on social media.
  • Avoid video content and marketing.

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