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Digital Marketing Services

Our bespoke Digital Marketing Services are meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of each business, regardless of size or industry. We offer tailored AI-powered digital marketing solutions that address your specific goals and challenges.

AI powered digital marketing services by Biva Technologies

Why Biva Technologies?

We are a team of experienced and passionate professionals with over 6 years of combined experience in crafting strategic, data-driven digital marketing solutions. We are driven by a deep understanding of human psychology and behavior and a genuine desire to help businesses like yours flourish online.

Empower your Success with

Organic Growth with SEO

Our meticulous SEO strategies, fueled by data-driven insights, propel your website to the top of search results, attracting high-intent traffic and fueling explosive organic growth. Stop missing out on qualified leads. Start your free SEO audit today and discover your website’s hidden potential!

Social Media Management

Ignite brand conversations. Our social media expertise fosters authentic connections, amplifies brand awareness, and drives targeted engagement. We craft compelling content, cultivate authentic connections and more. Partner with us, and amplify your social impact.

Web Design Development

Craft a digital masterpiece. We design and develop user-centric websites (mainly in WordPress) that captivate your audience, enhance user experience, and drive conversions. We don’t just build websites, we sculpt digital experiences. Experience the difference. 

Strategic Content Marketing

Our content marketing expertise crafts engaging narratives that cut through the digital noise, building trust and driving conversions. Partner with us to thrive in the AI era generate the best outcome from brand loyalty, to achieve measurable results in the ever-evolving AI era. 

B2B2C Lead Generation

Our data-driven strategies magnet high-intent, high-value and high-caliber prospects, nurture them with personalized engagement such as dedicated funnels, and transform them into qualified and valuable leads ready to ignite your business growth. Experience strategically, not simply statistically.

Strategic Data Analysis

Our data analysis expertise transforms raw data into actionable intelligence. Make data-driven decisions, optimize strategies, and achieve tangible results. Harness the power of your data, and unlock its full potential. Schedule your free consultation today and unlock the power of your data!

Business Development

Our business development expertise identifies and cultivates lucrative opportunities, connecting you with key partners and accelerating sustainable growth. Unlock your business potential, and chart a course for success. Schedule a free consultation and unlock hidden potential.

Performance Paid Marketing

Our unique and actionable data-driven paid marketing strategies propel your brand in front of your target audience, driving targeted acquisition and measurable growth. Invest strategically, and achieve exponentially. Ready to break through the noise? Schedule your free consultation today!

  • Omnichannel Marketing 84% 84%
  • Organic Growth 89% 89%
  • Performance Marketing 93% 93%
  • Social Media Advertisement 89% 89%
  • Quality Lead Generation 94% 94%
  • Website Design and Development 78% 78%

Why Hire Biva Technologies!

Stop being invisible online. Erupt onto the digital scene with our perrormance-based and industry-led digital marketing services. We’re not just another agency; we’re your growth partner, designed to explode brand awareness, ignite lead generation, and propel sales and/or conversions into the stratosphere.

Partner with us, and witness:

  • Explosive website traffic and lead generation.
  • Laser-focused campaigns reach your ideal customers.
  • Unmatched brand awareness and reputation management.
  • Measurable ROI, tangible results you can celebrate.
  • Scale strategic business growth with our innovative approach.

Grow Online Business!

Grow your knowledge and skill altogether with our YouTube Videos. Learn the latest techniques with step by step guide. Grow your knowledge with industry-related trendy topics. We try to cover every topic related to online business needs. Your next level of achievement is our aim. Grab the opportunity to enrich your business goal outreach globally. Grow your knowledge with the digital marketing services we offer.

digital marketing services

Let’s Grow Together!

How Augmented Reality Marketing is The Ultimate Game Changer

How Augmented Reality Marketing is The Ultimate Game Changer

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100% Effective Real Estate Lead Magnets: Realtors’ Dream

100% Effective Real Estate Lead Magnets: Realtors’ Dream

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Digital Marketing Plan for Small Business (100% Affordable)

Digital Marketing Plan for Small Business (100% Affordable)

According to research, around 69% of small businesses are getting profit for digital marketing today. In 2020 mainly after COVID-19 pandemic, every small business needs to take extra care. In this article I’m gonna discuss the Digital Marketing Plan for Small Business...

free ebook download biva technologies

Download FREE Keyword Research eBook!

Keyword Research is the foundation for every online business growth. From business niche research to compete with leading competitors, keyword research has no alternatives. Strategic growth depends on the best keyword you’ve chosen within your niche. Start keyword research today with our In-Depth Keyword Research (A-Z) ebook completely free for you.

Before starting any business, you need to know few important things like:

  • The niche of your Business.
  • Preferable audience.
  • Your competitors.
  • User intent.
  • Best performing content.
  • The strategy that suits your business, and 
  • More

Through our ebook, you can understand what keyword research is, how to do keyword research, what metrics are important for your niche or business.

Do’s and Dont’s of Digital Marketing!


  • In-depth Niche Research.
  • Niche-specific high-performing keyword research.
  • Website creation with stand-alone design including UI/UX.
  • Concentrate on Content creation and marketing.
  • Increase brand awareness with productivity.
  • Focus on SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Social Media Optimization.
  • Keep Updated with Content and SEO
    Active in Social Media for traffic and lead.
  • Grow with video marketing.


  • Choose the wrong Niche.
  • Focus on high competitive keyword research.
  • Make a clumsy website design.
    Produce irrelevant content for your website.
  • Skip brand awareness.
  • Less prioritize Social media optimization, SEO, SEM, Email Marketing.
  • Keep your old pages and posts the same as before.
  • Forget time to spend on social media.
  • Avoid video content and marketing.

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