“Content is everything” if you believe this, then this article is for you. 

Do you know how to empower your content writing skill? Or

How to establish a successful content writing career?

Today in this article I’m gonna disclose 101 important SEO content writing tips to improve your content writing skill. 

Why SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Today almost 99% of websites focus on organic traffic. 

So producing the best SEO-friendly content is a must today. 

Before entering the main topic, I’ll share a fact with you. 

Google Trends shows a good growing graph for SEO content writing. 

So, if you are a job seeker, and you love writing, the sky is your limit. 

Now, come to the topic – 101 SEO content writing tips. 

What are SEO Content Writing Tips?

SEO Content Writing is important to bring organic traffic to your website. 

Organic traffic is the key to steady and strategic growth for your website. 

Even your business growth mostly depends on the volume of quality organic traffic. 

You know, organic traffic helps in many ways:

  • Increases dwell time and as a result decreases bounce rate. 
  • Develop your brand awareness.
  • Stand out among your competitors.
  • Generate more leads (potential).
  • Grow more revenue. 

So, being an SEO content writing professional is important in this era. 

Let’s come to 11 content writing tips. This will help every newbie as well. 

01 Understand Niche Well

Though niche is not a single word, it is beyond that. 

Niche is the industry. So having good knowledge about the niche is really essential. 

If your content does not suit the niche, sorry, your writing career may be in trouble. 

Even if you are experienced and have very little knowledge of the niche you’re writing for, it may cause you rejection. 

However, don’t be nervous! The solution is here. 

To understand the niche well, you can follow the following:

  • What does your niche deal with? 
  • Who is your targeted audience?
  • Which channel is popular to reach them?

Sometimes, the content writer does not have any knowledge about the above. But SEO content writing demands the above. 


Let me show you an example of it!

Suppose you’ve been given the assignment to write content on ‘content marketing strategy. If you know your industry (niche) well, you can easily create quality content on it. 

While writing, you may ask yourself the questions:

  • Why content marketing?
  • Who is benefiting from it?
  • What is the right channel to reach out to the right audience?

However, if you don’t have the knowledge of the above, you may have difficulty facing quality content. 

If your target audience is teenagers, try to choose the language, tone of writing etc. that they can easily understand.

All the above are SEO parameters. So if you wanna succeed in SEO content writing, you need to focus on the above. 

02. Tone of Writing

Writing is rhythmic. It must be interactive to the readers. 

Therefore having a tone in writing is essential.  

Every successful writer must have a positive and unbiased tone. If the interaction is important, having a tone throughout the writing is always a must. 

A good piece of writing makes a bridge between the writer and reader. Through the bridge, the reader moves on to the context of the subject, which is strategically covered by the author. 

Writing tone is an essential SEO content writing equipment.


SEO content writing helps to deploy the message the writer wants to convey to the readers through an interactive tone. 

Even a good communication establishment depends on the writing tone, the strategy to keep the audience engaged. 

03 Grammatically Correct

Grammar is always essential for every writing. Any piece of writing must be grammatically corrected. 

To convey a message effectively, grammatical flaws are not good. Even to establish communication to the right audience, grammatically correct sentences have no alternatives. 

Whatever the platform is, be it may be a blog, social media, or email newsletter, the message must be written within 100% grammatically correct. 

Let’s focus on SEO content writing tips – how grammar helps to grow!

The following points may be funny, however effective for growth. 

  • SEO content writing’s first condition is, it must be search engine friendly. Grammar is the most important to make your content search engine friendly. 
  • Conveying the right message is easy with right grammar. 
  • Communication establishment is easily possible through correct english (or any language) which comes with grammatically correct. 
  • Ranking your content is easy if your audience understands you well. Remember, the audience is the ranking factor. So let them understand your message correctly. 

04. Readability 

Readability is a ranking factor. If your audience can easily read your content and understand what you are talking about, it becomes easy to rank your business.

Every content writing journey, the readability factor ultimately plays a crucial role in the term of engagement. 

Don’t forget, your language must be easy and convenient. The easy and convenient message works faster than ever. 

To make your message easy and convenient, you need to understand and focus on readability. 

Even search engines love readability. That’s why readability is good on page SEO ranking factor. 

So, readability is an SEO content writing tip as well. 

05. Headings and Subheadings

Do you know why headings are important? Why do subheadings help you to rank faster?

There are several reasons why headings and subheadings are important!

According to my knowledge and experience, headings and subheadings help you to:

  • Make it more interactive and user friendly. 
  • Easily put the relevant information. 
  • Navigation becomes more authentic throughout the content. 
  • Buyer persona can be easily put there. 
  • Rankability improvement. 

Headings and subheadings are important parameters of SEO content writing as well. 


Nobody (almost true) loves long content! 


Long paragraphs mostly fail readers’ attention. As a result, the reader skips the long paragraph content.

Here the heading and subheadings win the battle. 

If I’m not wrong, a survey says, people love to read headings only. Even you can easily create infographics with the help of headings and subheadings. 

Another survey says that articles with headings and subheadings increase the dwell time and decrease the bounce rate. 

So, both heading and subheadings are essential for SEO Content Writing. 

06. Search Intent

Search intent is the cream of SEO. If your article or content is on the basis of search intent, you can easily solve the purpose. 

Search intent is to understand the users’ purpose of searching any topic or content with the help of keywords. 

What a searcher searches on the internet?

Maybe a product or service or information. 

Just think the above is as yours’ problem. 

Therefore if you can solve the users’ problem with your piece of content, your work is done!

Even content having strong search intent helps to grow your business faster than ever. 

Keywords are essential, however, never think keywords are everything in search intent, rather there are other factors that search intent covers.

  • Type of search (general, image, video, maps etc).
  • Generic, definitive or specific? (eg. Generic – digital marketing, specific – digital marketing training)
  • DIY or How to? (eg. how to start an ecommerce business)
  • Buying journey (eg. best email marketing tools for small business)
  • Comparison (eg. WordPress vs Shopify)

These are the most common searches. If you find any other search intentions, please comment below. 

Now, come to the point. 

If your content covers the search intent, people will come to you (your business). Literally, the strong search intent helps in SEO growth as well. 

Remember, if your content or article serves the search intent, it will be a great thing as well. 

07. Content Strategy

Content strategy is the most powerful weapon for steady growth. The content strategy employs what you need to produce and distribute to your industry. 

Getting the attention of writers, the content strategy plays the most important role. 

If you want to grow your business to the next level with the help of content, you must make a strong strategy first. 

Content strategy is important to provide the best content to the industry. Along with it, it helps to develop your brand easily. 

Whatever your niche is, the right content strategy only brings the growth of your business. 

Therefore, the content writer must develop the right content strategy. 

An ideal content strategy is on the basis of the following parameters:

  • Reachability. 
  • Productivity.
  • Unbiased.
  • Performatic. And
  • Profitability (for both the creator and reader/user)

Just for additional information, content strategy is important to increase your branding as well. 

08. Attractive Title

Content writing starts with the title. Titles help the content to outreach to the right audience. 

The title is one of the most significant and powerful content writing tips. 

Even in SEO content writing, the title ultimately plays a crucial role indeed. 

Thus, according to me, the content writer must focus on the following while producing title:

  • Title must match with the context of the content. 
  • Keywords must be used (there) naturally. 
  • Use power words and numbers. 
  • Make it unique without stealing others (title).
  • Focus call to action. 

The content creators sometimes use a very common and competitive title. 

To step ahead of the competition, the content’s title matters the most. 

According to a survey, title increases click-through rate (CTR), another important factor for organic growth. 

09. Understanding the Content-Type

Every content type is different and unique. Content written must always employ his or her skills. 

Blog content and social media content are completely different. 

And a listicle article and a review article are also different. 

So, the content writer or creator must be aware of the platforms as well. 

If you’re writing for social media, try to produce content that is shareable and must help others. 

If you write a review (product or service), it must be unbiased and authoritative.

Suppose, if the content is for email newsletters, it must be communicative. 

The content writer must understand the content type and write according to that. 

In this era, the multichannel is best in comparison to the omnichannel. Undoubtedly, the content is required for every channel as well. 

10. Empathy

This is an era of professionalism. Everyone is busy to be professional and as a result, humanity sometimes vanishes. 

In business growth, mainly for relationships, empathy plays an important and powerful role. 

Content writing without having any empathy is useless (mainly for steady growth).

Successful content must meet the user’s pain points. So if there is no empathy, the content seems robotic. 

To make your content lively, use empathy. 

I’ve found three benefits of using empathy.

  • Seems more human. 
  • Easy to establish communication.
  • Can reach the right audience. 

Apart from the above, empathy helps to grow your brand strategically. 

11. Depict a Vission and Mission

Content writer should depict a picture through the content he or she produces. 

If the reader can visualize the context of the content like a picture, the job becomes half done. 

Use small paragraphs and make it more interactive (monologue pattern).

Through the help of picturesque of your content, you can gain the following:

  • Reader will stay at your content or article. 
  • Reader can understand the vision and mission quicker. 
  • Good chance to decrease bounce rate. 
  • Better for returning visitors who make your branding strong. 
  • Effective way to interact with business owners. 

A good content writer can depict a picture through the content. Even greatest authors like Sir Arthur Kunal Doyle depicts his one of the most eminent character Mr. Sherlock Holmes as a living human being. 

This is the beauty of depicting content into a picturesque vision. 

Whoever you are, you may be an author or a web content writer, this quality may grow your productivity. 


If you are interested in becoming a successful web content writer, you have to understand every nook and corner of writing effective content well. Here in this article, I’ve covered some most crucial content writing tips that may help to enlighten the content writing career with huge potentiality. Comment below if you have any questions, suggestions, opinions, etc. Additionally you can comment if you are interested in content writing training.