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Do you know 70% of people make online mistakes while use digital marketing?

Nobody can hardly find a person who never makes mistakes. 

Making mistakes is normal. Yes, in business too. 

I’m making lots of blunders in my life. Even in my business, the online marketing mistakes experienced me a lot. 

I’ve no problem disclosing those at all. Because those mistakes silently helped me grow.

People make terrific online marketing mistakes almost everyday. I want to share some of them which people do almost daily. 

If you are not serious about rectifying your online marketing mistakes, it will give you a bounce back. 

So, better to concentrate on the mistakes you generally knowingly or unknowingly do in your marketing. 

I’ve some beautiful and helpful tips (from my experience) that definitely insist on your marketing goals. 

I’ve experienced top common marketing mistakes that people generally do knowingly or unknowingly. 

I always focus on how to correct them. 

So, why delay!

Let’s start. 

Online Marketing Mistakes start from Having no Blog

Do you know why you need a blog?

Every website has some static and dynamic sections. Generally the page are static and posts are dynamic. 

Every website needs updates. 

Even search engines like Google, Bing etc love updated websites. 

Through the blog section, you can keep your website updated (almost) regularly. 

From educating the audience to generate conversion, the blog section has no alternatives. 

On the other hand, the blog is important to increase traffic to your business. 

According to Hubspot’s marketing statistics, the blog with inbound links increases 95%+ traffic undoubtedly. 


Blog is the best channel for relationship building with your prospects and customers. 

Interaction with your audience is next to important for your steady and rapid growth. 

Getting engagement in the form of comments such as feedback, opinion, are possible using a blog. 

Through blogs you can get social media engagement as well. 

Apart from it, the online marketing rapid growth is dependent on the blog section as well. 

Thus, ignoring blogs is one of the online marketing mistakes. 

Blog is best for inbound marketing strategy. 

Ignoring Social Media is a blunder

Online marketing success depends on multichannel. 

If you want to grow, you need to focus on multichannel. 

Impact of Social Media is one of the most essential marketing channels for every business. 

So, your business must be on social media always. 


The first reason is to get more interaction. 

The other reason is for brand development. 

Branding without social media is next to impossible in this era. 


Social media is the strongest media for branding as well.

On the other hand if you are serious about budget, always use social media. 


According to research, almost 72%+ people have social media profiles.

So getting connected to more people is easy through various social media platforms.  

Maximum social media is free for creating a profile. 

In a word, social media is always inexpensive. 

You can even have an opportunity to promote your online business strategically. 

Social media is a necessary, not a luxury today for business growth. So ignoring social media is a serious blunder in online marketing. 

Taking importance of Video Lightly is a Strategic Failure

According to research 78% of people love watching videos. 

In this era, video is better for getting huge engagement. 

People spend their time watching videos from various platforms like YouTube. 

I’ve seen many businesses that don’t even have a YouTube account. 



The reasons are here:

  • Available in every device. Best mobile friendly platform.
  • Anybody can access it easily. 
  • No cost of watching videos.
  • Easy to create an account as a creator.
  • Content creation is not too tough. 
  • Best for branding. 
  • One of the most successful communication channels. 
  • Fastest channel/platform to grow attention.
  • Successful trigger to bring traffic to your website. 
  • Leverage ways to generate potential leads. 
  • Important platform for consistent growth. 

Not only YouTube, other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, promote videos. In a single word, video is ESSENTIAL for business growth.

The most common online marketing mistake is not focusing on video. 

Targeting Everyone is one of an online marketing mistakes

Admit everyone is not your audience. 

So, you need to know first who your audience is! 

Online marketing is always audience specific. So, always focus on the right audience. 

To understand who your target audience is, you need to concentrate more on niche research. 

The best result comes if you are able to narrow down your target audience. 

How to find the right audience?

First check your analytics or audience insight. 

The demographics will surely help you a lot to find the target audience. 

So, better to target a narrow and accurate audience who actually need you. 

Here are 5 points why you need to target the right audience:

  1. Easy to attract them.
  2. Understand their demographics well.
  3. Communication building.
  4. Chance of getting returning visitors into your business.
  5. Generate leads and then conversion easily.

The best practice of targeting the right audience is a gold mine of business growth. 

So, try not to focus all, rather to target the right people who can easily be your cup of tea. 

Success through digital marketing campaigns entirely depends on whom you are targeting. 

Underestimate SEO activities

SEO brings organic traffic and leads to your business. 

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most effective ways to grow with standarity. 

So, underestimating SEO is one of the online marketing mistakes. 


SEO actually helps you to be available before your customers. 


People would find you with the keyword you have optimized for your website.  

If you want steady growth in your business with the leverage of online marketing strategies, SEO always comes first. 

SEO is a continuing activity. The best practice of SEO is to optimize your website or business for some specific keywords. Through those keywords people can easily find you out. 

Here are top 5 SEO benefits you need not to miss in your online marketing strategy. 

  1. Huge chance to bring organic traffic. 
  2. Best practice for steady growth.
  3. Authentic for inbound traffic.
  4. 79% chance of conversion.
  5. Rank higher and faster. 

Remember, SEO is not about link building, rather it is beyond that. So only the right SEO strategy is the key to digital marketing growth. 

Don’t focus on the Real Value of Content

Real value of content?

Yes, I wanna start from here. 

Today if you look around, you’ll definitely find many content creators. 

That’s definitely a good sign in the form of availability. However, for the sake of quality is every content worthy?

I don’t think so. 


I’ve my own theories. 

See, we can attract people easily but can’t engage them easily. 

That is the key. 

Using link bait, many content creators want to attract a galaxy of people to their business. 

But in most of the cases, they fail to increase attachment. 

Because, most of them don’t focus on the real value of the content.

Even as a result, they lose the temperament of your target audience. 

Now comes to the real value of content that every digital marketing professional need to focus on. 

  1. The content title and context of the content must match. 
  2. The content should be unique and important. 
  3. Content must solve a purpose (people mostly use internet to find solution)
  4. Must meet the user intent.
  5. Having researched data in the content is essential. 

Digital marketing mistakes exist if the real value of the content is missing. 

In most of cases, many content creators fail to produce the real value because of the following reasons:

  1. Having less idea about the target audience.
  2. Not research well about your content.
  3. Don’t prioritise technicalities like readability, grammaticality and more. 

Every digital marketing mistake downgrades your business growth. If it is in content creation, it may affect you more.

Misinterpretation of Content Marketing is a Marketing Failure

In the digital marketing journey, the most promising channel is content marketing. 

For attracting the exact audience, content marketing is simply the best one. 

Content creation and curation is an art we know. But if you produce an exclusive content but don’t try to outreach properly, what will be the value of it?

So, producing quality content is always mandatory.  

However, that’s not all. 

Rather the journey starts from here. 


First, we have to admit one bitter fact. 

All contents are not for all. So, if we don’t understand whom to send, it will be a blunder.

On the other hand, there are definitely many who firmly need your content. 

I have one easy example for you. 

I like music, but I don’t like every type of song.

And it’s true, every music has its own audience. 

Hey! 97% agree with me. Isn’t it?

This is a kind of user intent.

In short, user intent is based on the need, demand or fascination of users.

As a content marketer we have to always focus on user intent. 

Let’s see the top 7 benefits of content marketing first. 

  1. Niche business development. 
  2. Reach to the exact people.
  3. Strategically communication establishment.
  4. Understand user intent.
  5. Huge chances of generating leads.
  6. Easy to attract to your business.
  7. Faster chances to increase conversion

Now here is the turning point. Content marketing is the development key for long term success in every business irrespective of niches. So, ignoring the importance of content marketing is a mistake of online marketing. Isn’t it?

Only Focusing on Paid Advertisement

Paid traffic is good, but not everything. If you plan to rank your business well, you can’t only use paid traffic to your website. 

In this era, for getting quick success, the paid advertisement has no alternatives. As a result, many invest huge amounts in paid advertisements (Search Engine Marketing mainly).

However, I do not completely agree with it. Paid advertisement brings traffic faster, but less chance of conversion. 

Yes. I’ve experienced it. 

Let me discuss my case.

In 2019, I invested a huge amount for advertising. But in most of the cases, I’ve got only upto 15% conversion. 

But after that I focused more on organic growth, now the conversion rate increases upto 55%. 

Online marketing mistakes come if you only invest in paid advertisement for faster growth. 


I’ve found 5 reasons for it.

  1. People dislike advertisements (yes 75%). 
  2. False click rate is huge, even more than 56%.
  3. Conversion rate is upto 30%
  4. Less chance of Branding (in the sense of purpose). 
  5. More straightforwardly, personal communication is low.

You may ask, would paid advertisement be avoided?

No, never, rather make a balance of paid advertisement and other digital marketing strategies to gain success easily. 

Here I have a suggestion (the best performing idea). 

Make your marketing strategy 70:30 ratio for organic strategy and paid advertisement. Focus 70% for organic growth through SEO, Content Marketing and more and 30% for paid advertisement. 

Don’t Keep Updated with your Knowledge

Old is gold, but not in everytime. 

For rapid growth, having enough knowledge is important. 

More specifically after COVID-19 the system has changed a lot. 

Even for the best result mainly in business growth, getting enough knowledge and experience is essential. 

Search engines like Google have been changing their algorithms almost everyday. So in digital marketing, ignoring the algorithm change is one of the awful online marketing mistakes.

Do you know what are the benefits of getting updated?

  1. Understand the improvement of technicalities.
  2. Direct the business to the right goal.
  3. Step ahead of competitions.
  4. Easy to grab opportunities faster.
  5. Strategic improvement with the best ROI (return on investment) model.

Definitely not all the above there are several causes that you need to avoid to stand your business out among others.    

Digital Marketing Mistake is not having a proper Website

If you look around, you’ll notice there are 99% websites available in almost every niche.

Generally every business must have at least a solid web property.

Today, a website is essential for a steady business growth. 

In this era, having a website is almost mandatory. 

Not only a simple website, that should be worthy enough.


Website is the best web property that easily triggers business development. 

First have a look at the top 9 benefits of having a website. 

  1. Easily claim the business. 
  2. Best for branding.
  3. Legitimate way to communicate. 
  4. Educate your audience through blog. 
  5. Easily trigger social media to website to attract more visitors. 
  6. Growth analysis is easy with analytics.
  7. Enough scope of strategical development. 
  8. Drive exact traffic to your landing page.
  9. Potential chance of ranking higher within your niche market. 

A proper website must be updated regularly. An updated website is good enough for both 

However, in most of the cases, as per a research, more than 68% websites are not updated. 

Website is not about a great design, rather to make it worthy you need the following parameters.

  1. Register with a domain name (free websites are not good for long terms).
  2. Must have important pages like Home Page, About, Contact, Privacy Policy and more. 
  3. Loading faster mainly in mobile devices. 
  4. Updated regularly. 
  5. Must have a blog section. 
  6. Follow search engine guideline. 
  7. Invest in SEO for ranking higher. 
  8. Good to have CTA (call to action) triggers.

Whatever the website niche is, it must be updated on a regular basis. A proper website is essential for a steady business growth. 


Online marketing mistakes are not good for steady business growth. Even if you are not serious to overcome the mistakes of your online marketing, it may hurt you a lot in the term of your branding as well. Here are some important and common digital marketing mistakes that every online marketer must avoid.