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Do you know why you need a perfect landing page for Googe ads? In this era, getting higher conversion depends on many factors. Among them, a landing page is the first one. 

You can promote through Google ads if you have a website. 

Yes, you may. 

However, the best result comes if you create a dedicated and perfect landing page for Google ads. 

Let me share an example. 

Suppose you are running a Google Ads campaign for a real estate company in a particular location.

But your website is designed for global keywords. How do you reach to those who search “near me”?

Yes, you can rank organically using SEO. However, it is time-consuming. 

Your perfect landing page is a real game changer in terms of quality leads and high conversions for Google Ads.

Today, I disclose how to pick a perfect landing page for a Google ads campaign in this article. 

Additionally, how you can scale your whole Google Ads campaign next level with your conversion tracking through landing page.

Why Dedicated Landing Page for Google Ads

Don’t think a landing page is entirely different from a website. Instead, it is very similar to a website. 

In a word, where the audience lands is a landing page. 

It may be a blog post, or a service page or your portfolio. 

Let’s is a pet perfect la: What page for Google ads?

The best answer is a one-liner. 

A perfect landing page is a powerful channel for running a successful Google ads campaign. 

Suppose you are a paid marketing expert running Google ads for real estate clients. 

And you want to deliver maximum quality leads. Here you can use subdomain as your landing page for Google Ads.

From triggering ads to tracking every whereabouts of your leads, a landing page is an essential tool. 

Almost 98% of successful paid marketing experts use dedicated landing pages to determine the highest ROI. 

How to Create a Landing Page

Creating a landing page is easy now. Lots of platforms are available for this solution. 

However, I always prefer a subdomain as your landing page. 


I have found these 5 reasons for the above. 

  1. Completely free (with your hosting)
  2. Easy to create. 
  3. Easy to customize.
  4. Easy to embed all essential elements. 
  5. Faster to load. 

Additionally, if anyone checks your landing page URL, it helps them to know your brand well. 

So, passively, a subdomain helps you to promote your website. 

If you don’t have a website, start as a beginner, or have no budget for a landing page, you can use any free landing page builder. 

There are tons of landing page builders available around us. 

Vital Landing Page Elements

Now, come to the most critical segment of this article. You can create a landing page by watching a YouTube video or reading an article. However, the perfect landing page for Google ads is always vial and delivers the best result. 

The vital landing page elements are:

  • Clean design. 
  • Clear call to action (CTA).
  • Faster loading
  • No unnecessary elements (e.g. menu)

Every landing page must have a lead capture form and a response segment (ajax code). 

Let’s clear it. 

Suppose you fill out the form for any landing page, and after the fillup, you get a confirmation message like ‘thank you’ at the bottom. It is an Ajax code. 

You can send your lead to the thank you page as well. 

Expert Google ads consultants now prefer Ajax form instead of a thank you page. 

Why? Because it distracts your lead less and is faster to load. 

How to Create a Subdomain as a Landing Page

Creating a subdomain is very easy. Follow the steps carefully. If you are uncomfortable creating and editing your landing page, hire a web developer. 

Before entering into the steps, you need these two. 

  1. Access to your web hosting (e.g. Cloudways)
  2. Access your domain registrar (e.g. Godaddy)
  3. Additionally, access to CDN (if you use any CDN like Cloudflare)

Here’s a funny fact: Cloudways is a web hosting company, and Cloudflare is a CDN (content delivery network). So, could you not mix them up? 

Let’s start the process of creating a subdomain. I use Cloudways hosting. So, all the instances are related to the above. 

  • First, go to your web hosting. 
  • Create an application using three dots. 
  • Choose the CMS version (e.g. WordPress 6.22)
  • Name your application (eg. support)
  • Choose your server. 
  • Wait for around 5 minutes to make it ready. (Sometimes it takes more time)
  • After creating your application, go to the “Domain Management” section. 
  • Click on add domain and make it primary.
  • Go to your domain registrar. 
  • Navigate to manage the DNS section of your domain registrar. 
  • Create an “A” record using your server (public IP).
  • Wait for a few minutes. 
  • Check if your subdomain is propagated correctly at whatsmydns.net.

Now, your subdomain is ready. 

Finalize the Perfect Landing Page for Google Ads

Now, we are at the final stage. It would help if you researched properly after creating your subdomain as your Google Ads landing page. For detailed research, you must focus on the following:

  • Niche analysis.
  • Your competitor analysis.
  • Effective keywords.
  • Some statistical data (e.g. previous ads performance)

Remember, the detailed research is the key to success. You can use AI tools, but be careful about over-depending on AI tools. 

Your research delivers the ideal result. So take your time and go more profound when you do the above. 

After the research, you can customize your new website with these elements. 

  • Targeted keyword and copywriting. 
  • Charts (related to your niche)
  • Video of the work process (preferable) or your workflow.
  • Clear CTA with form. 
  • Testimonials, if any.

Remember, your landing page can only solve a particular problem, so create it accordingly. 

My Final Thought

When planning to generate a decent conversion, you need a perfect landing page for Google ads. The essential elements like clear CTA, form, thank you Ajax message/ thank you page, and obviously, the eye catchy and purpose-driven copywriting must be there. Just remember, your Ads performance depends on your landing page.