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Have you ever heard of AR or Augmented Reality? If you are a marketer you must focus on Augmented Reality Marketing. 

Generally, Augmented Reality marketing combines technologies and strategies to present a futuristic approach with interactive experience. 

In simple words, AR marketing combines a real and virtual world that brings productivity. 

Let’s share an example. 

You know Lenskart. 

Lenskart and many other popular eCommerce giants use Augmented Reality to encourage customers to try on glasses virtually for a solid decision-making process. 

Augmented Reality marketing (AR) increases their sales. Apart from Lenskart, many companies use AR to enhance their productivity. 

What is Augmented Reality Marketing (AR)

Augmented Reality marketing (AR) is a strategy that combines both AR technology and marketing altogether to deliver the best result to its customers. 

The main concept behind Augmented Reality marketing is to create an interactive experience combining the real and virtual worlds altogether. 

Augmented Reality marketing (AR) helps brands with a personal touch in customer interaction. 

Do you know how AR marketing brings benefits in real life?

Here are the best 3 benefits of AR marketing. 

  1. Develop brand awareness and establish brand visibility. 
  2. Increase customer interactions. 
  3. Enhance more sales.

Why Augmented Reality Marketing

If you want to scale your business you have to make a combination of technology and strategy which AR marketing is perfectly doing.


Augmented Reality marketing is revolutionizing business growth. 


Simply connecting people through smartphones via apps. Almost every eCommerce company targets Augmented Reality marketing to attract customers. 

AR marketing brings sales and improves customer entertainment altogether. 

AR marketing gives the audience an interactive experience that helps them to make a buying decision. 

With hands-on experience, it is easy for customers to decide on a purchase even as a fresh one. 

Don’t forget that augmented Reality marketing adds value to your business by offering personalized content. 

Is Augmented Reality Marketing Effective for All Industries

Many marketers say Augmented Reality marketing is super effective in e-commerce industries. However, I have a different standpoint. 

Being a digital marketing professional, I found a huge impact of AR marketing in almost every industry. 

Confused? Here are our recently researched top 3 industries where AR marketing might be a game changer. 

Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is ever-growing. People buy and sell properties almost every day. 

Just imagine. You are offering a client a riverside flat which is under construction. You can share effective virtual content through AR. 

On the other hand, you’ll get suggestions from your customers about some additions and alterations. 

Not only for buying and selling properties, AR marketing helps the whole real estate industry to showcase their brand’s voice through technology. 

Interior Designing

The interior design industry is one of the most trending industries in this era. People decorate their bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, toilets, study rooms, and even offices with interior design. 

Augmented Reality marketing helps you showcase the ideal design to your customers about the above. 

This helps both you and your customers develop strong communication that brings productivity to both. 

Travel Industry

The travel industry is the most underrated and silently growing industry in this era. You can’t imagine the potentiality of the travel industry with AR marketing. 

From showcasing the dream destinations to sharing activities like hiking, water sports, and amenities AR makes your customer feel something different and special. According to recent research, AR marketing enhances 30% of pre-booking than before. 

Additionally, you can make your customer feel a real-life experience in an undiscovered (or newly discovered) place. Every smart travel agency uses AR technology to showcase its brand and business. 

Enterprise Business

Augmented Reality marketing has an effective impact on enterprise businesses such as digital marketing agencies, coaching centres, etc.

Just imagine, a customer asking you about how Google Ads brings leads to their business, and you, as a digital marketing company demonstrate the whole process using a smart technology, AR marketing. 

Prospects will understand their needs through Augmented Reality marketing. 

In this era, almost every business will be benefited through Augmented Reality (AR) marketing. 

ECommerce Industry

Augmented Reality (AR) marketing is very effective in the eCommerce industry. Irrespective of niches, sizes, and products or services you offer through your online store, will have a huge impact through AR marketing. 

Many eCommerce companies try to develop communication with their customers using Augmented Reality (AR) marketing. 

Customers will benefit when they can virtually feel your product or service and their impact on them. 

In a word, the eCommerce industry is the best one where AR marketing is a perfect fit. So marketers make strategies including content around that. 

Product vs Service: Where AR Marketing is Best

Whatever your business is, AR marketing has an impressive impact on your business. If you are dealing with products, such as home decor, you can easily guide your prospects on a solid buyer journey. 

Suppose a customer comes to you to buy a sofa set for his dining. If he understands how the sofa set fits and looks like! 

Even he has lots of options without buying them. The buyer’s journey starts from the early stage. 

Now come to the battle between product and service, where Augmented Reality (AR) marketing works fine. 

Augmented Reality (AR) marketing boosts every business delivering value to customers. So the straightforward answer is, that every industry will benefit if you use AR marketing in the right way. 

Here are 5 common benefits of AR marketing.

  • Branding.
  • Engagement.
  • Meet Audience Persona.
  • Customize Inbound Marketing and
  • Increase Sales Figures and Generate Decent Outcomes. 

Customer Satisfaction

If you strongly believe that seeing is believing, then Augmented Reality (AR) marketing is an ideal tool for customer satisfaction. 

Customers can get a virtual experience with products and services. Promoting your brand and its motto is easy by using Augmented Reality (AR) marketing that passively develops customer satisfaction. 

Your customers will get feedback on your product and service instantly which help you to make further strategies. 

My Final Thought

Augmented Reality marketing will be a game changer shortly. Many businesses implement AR marketing to generate a good amount of revenue and develop their business strategically. Augmented Reality marketing will be effective for all eCommerce and enterprise businesses. Gradually AR marketing will help you to develop brand awareness and productivity.