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According to research, around 69% of small businesses are getting profit for digital marketing today. In 2020 mainly after COVID-19 pandemic, every small business needs to take extra care. In this article I’m gonna discuss the Digital Marketing Plan for Small Business that actually helps every small business grow to the next level.

In the unlocked phases, the main problem is transportation. Even social distancing is one of the most important burdens behind store visits. So, it is tough to get a good amount of business as before.

You may think, if there is any solution!  

Yes. For that I’ve thought of producing this article. I hope the Digital Marketing Plan for Small Business is next to important for every small business to outreach after COVID-19 pandemic.

Before getting started, I have a question.

Do you ever use digital marketing for your business?

Reply with yes or no.

If you haven’t used digital marketing for your business and wanna start the same, comment below. Our team will discuss in detail about what you need.

So, let’s come to the topic again.

In this era, the internet is one of the most important ways of communication. If you’re clever, you can use the internet for your business needs as well. 


Here everything is in detail. 

How Digital Marketing Helps Business?

Every business is different in its product or service. But one thing is common and that is marketing. Marketing is a 20-50% investment in any business. For every small and medium scale business growth, one thing is important and that is the customer.

Now, the challenge after the COVID-19 pandemic situation in the world, the burden of social distancing and transportation problem ensures one need and that is online communication. For business to conference, the online platform is the only authentic medium now.

To cope up with this present situation, many small and medium scale businesses are coming online. 

Using online platforms the business owners easily generate leads. Here are three online business benefits:

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Area-specific
  3. Effective ROI


Every business needs to focus on budget today. For small scale of business, digital marketing is cost effective because of these two genuine reasons:

  1. Easy to promote from local to global market.
  2. Analyse and manage the channels (what you use) of marketing

Making a cost effective budget is the best Digital Marketing Plan for Small Business. Here are another two benefits of it.

Area Specific

Using digital marketing channels, you can easily reach an area specific audience. You may ask why a specific audience is important?

Generally, every small business has some specific focus. So, targeting all types of audience is not essential. It is better to focus on a specific targeted audience.

Using digital marketing plan, you can easily reach a specific targeted audience. If your targeted audience is correct, you’ll easily generate conversion. 

Effective ROI

ROI stands for return on investment. Every business must follow the ROI factor. So, it is better to concentrate on the best ROI of your business. 

There are 3 important factors that help to grow ROI. These are:

  1. Right planning.
  2. Right channel and 
  3. Right content.

So, to increase ROI, one thing is important and that is to use all the above. Remember, if you wanna grow your business, you must care about ROI.

Digital Marketing for small business
Digital Marketing for small business

What Strategy is important on Digital Marketing for Small Business

You definitely know the benefit of digital marketing on small business. Now, you need to know what you need to do to execute the strategy of digital marketing for small business. Here are some strategies that may genuinely help your digital marketing need to develop your business. 

Enlist your Business in Leading Business Directories

Start getting online traffic or leads from here. You need to enlist your business in the leading business directories. With respect to every business directories, I personally recommend choosing Google My Business. 


I have 5 strong reasons behind it.

  1. Google is the most popular.
  2. Completely free.
  3. Easy to manage even from smartphone
  4. Find location (business) using Google Map
  5. Trust value by people’s choice.

Do you need more detailed information about the above? Here it is.

Google is the most popular

If you have a little bit of idea about Google, you know that Google is the number 1 search engine in the world. So,  

What are the Most Effective Digital Marketing Channels for small business

You may search about the best digital marketing channel for small business. There might be many options. As a digital marketing company in India, I think Google My business is the best one among them.


See, Google My Business or GMB is a world class leading business directory. Almost every type of business is listed here.

People usually use their smartphones and find their need. If the query matches, the result will appear.

Another important small business channel is Facebook page. Almost 69% of people are on Facebook. So, small business owners get lead in their business from facebook page as well.

Apart from Google my business and Facebook page, there are other channels that help enough to promote small business. There is a huge list. I shall name very few of them below.

  1. Bing places for business
  2. Just dial
  3. Yelp
  4. Apple maps contact
  5. Old
  6. Quikr and
  7. More.

How Google My Business Features Small Business

Every small business should enlist in Google first. There are many valid reasons behind that. 

According to my personal experience as a digital marketing professional, I personally recommend my prospects and customers for the following features:

  • Easy to enlist and verify business
  • Available with multiple trigger
  • Free platform with premium features
  • Fastest way to promote offer (or business value)
  • Update anytime with smartphone using App
  • Accurate target demography and
  • More

Today GMB is one of the leading platforms for even chain business as well. 

Now, you may ask how to bring business leads using Google My Business.

You know first you need to enlist your business in Google My Business. Use the types of business carefully. It actually brings you business.

Enlist business NAP means Name, Address and Phone number to get in touch.

After verification, you need to upload content like images, articles, case studies, and others related to your business. 

Use proper keywords (search intent) that help to find your business. 

Focus business related triggers like online appointments, to ask your prospect to invite your business.

Continue updating content like articles, business pictures, price changes, etc to make GMB active. Now make a solid digital marketing plan for tomorrow.

Why Facebook Page Triggers best Small Business

You know facebook page is a good communication channel. Every business easily communicates with their customers directly through facebook chat, that is entirely possible through facebook page.

Social media is next to important for small business because of the reasons below:

  • Cost effective
  • Easy way to brand promotion and improvement
  • Manage using smartphones as well.
  • Reach potential customers with retargeting (paid)
  • Easy communication that ensures the buyer’s journey.

There are other reasons apart from the above that help social media to grow small business.

Using Facebook pages any business can reach the goal faster. You may ask what to do there?

Like Google my business, the facebook page needs content. For social media promotion, you need to focus on the contents according to social media need. 

Social media like Facebook pages helps to grow brand awareness. Outreach with branding, the facebook page has no alternatives. 

Here are some important activities to do here on your Facebook page for small business. 

  1. Produce content that suits your business needs.
  2. Share more to attract visitors.

Facebook is the best platform from lead generation to conversion. Online business needs more communication and that is possible through social media like facebook page.

How to develop Content Strategy for Small Business

Online business needs content. It may be blog posts, social media posts or images, videos or infographics etc. To run an online business you need to produce content that suits your business. 


Every small business is niche specific. You definitely know what it means. Here are some strong points of niche specific business. 

  1. Targeted audience and demography
  2. Location based keyword with business focus
  3. Budget management within keywords

These are the reasons behind your small business strategy. These factors are very common. 

What Type of Content Enrich Digital Marketing Plan for Small Business

People love originality. So the best content that produces the value of your business is the video. Apart from it, blog posts and social media posts are also important. 

Here are top 5 types of content that increase your business value.

  • Video on your product or service.
  • Interviews with customers.
  • Social media and blog posts on product or service pros and cons 
  • Infographics
  • Case Study
  • Review and 
  • More.

Sum up

So, it is the time to sum up all the Digital Marketing Plan for Small Business. 

  • Enlist in Google My Business with NAP (name, address, phone number)
  • Upload business information with the right keywords
  • Create content that relates to your business.
  • Create a Facebook page related to your business to enrich social media traffic.
  • Make viral content that boosts social media traffic generally.
  • Focus on Local SEO to gain more.


If you are looking for a solution to the best Digital Marketing Plan for Small Business, this article may help you a lot. In this article, I’ve covered the important segments about what to do to grow your small business naturally. Every small business needs to care about growth. Post COVID-19, digital marketing is the best and proper solution to grow faster. Ask me any questions if you have any. Share your digital marketing plan with us. We love getting in touch with you.