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WordPress is one of the leading CMS platforms in this decade. 

According to Kinara, WordPress has a decent market share of 60.8%. You can make every type of website with WordPress. 

Even if you don’t have any coding knowledge and experience, you can easily make your 100% professional, responsive and purpose-solving website using WordPress. To make websites fully responsive WordPress plugins are the best options. 

WordPress plugins are the tools or software that enhance website performance. Even you can customize your website functionality with plugins. There are tons of WP plugins available. Some of them are free and some are premium.

WordPress plugins are written in PHP programming to serve specific or a group of purposes. Even there are some commercial plugins available for third-parties. 

As per my personal opinion, you must choose the specific plugins that serve your purpose. 

In this article, I am going to discuss the best 49+ WordPress plugins. All these plugins help small business growth unconditionally. 

Before getting started, I have a question. 

How long do you use WordPress? 

Comment your answer.  

So, let’s discuss the leading WordPress plugins for small business growth. 

I’ve categorized the WordPress plugins into some important categories mainly for small business growth. There are others, if I miss or skip any of your favourite, please comment below.

  • Page Builder and Landing Page
  • Contact Form and Membership
  • Caching and Security
  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • E-commerce with Payment Gateway
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Share with Social Share Count
  • Website Backup
  • SMTP and
  • Others

Remember, don’t forget to check if the version of plugin is compatible with WordPress.

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WordPress Page Builder Plugin for Small Business

A wordPress page builder is one of the most essential plugins. If you look for ‘must need’ this is probably one of the lists. 

Using WP page builder, you can create your important pages like homepage, about page, contact pages and more. 

Most of the page builders help to create important pages using their drag and drop features. 

As per purpose, there are many page builder WP plugins available. Among them these are the bests:

  • Elementor
  • Divi Builder
  • Beaver Builder
  • Visual Composer
  • Themify Builder
  • SeedProd
  • Page Builder by SiteOrigin
  • Bold Page Builder
  • WPBakery Page Builder
  • Lead Page
  • Brizy Page Builder
  • Colibri Page Builder
  • Fusion Page Builder
  • King Composer Page Builder
  • Organic Builder
  • Page Builder Sandwich
  • SKT Page Builder
  • Pootle Page Builder
  • WP Page Builder
  • WordPress Page Builder for MotoPress
  • Box Page Builder
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Brix
  • More

This is not the final list. However among the list the best 4 page builders are:

Elementor, Best Small Business WordPress Plugin

Elementor page builder is the best WordPress page builder according to my personal experience. It is one of the most demanding and growing WP page builders as well. 

Lots of professionals use the Elementor plugin to build their professional website. The best about this plugin is its drag and drop features. 

This plugin is available both as free and paid. Actually it is a premium and a top rated plugin. People choose an elementor for the following reasons. 

  • Easy to design almost every aspect of your website
  • 100% visual design with flexibility.
  • Speed up with faster loading
  • Custom design for desktop, mobile, and tablet pc
  • Sophisticated inbuilt codes (backend) that perform decency.

Around 500000+ downloads prove the demand for it. Today many professionals prefer the elementor to make a 100% customized design.

Elementor is a freemium WordPress plugin. It is an industry – lead theme builder with various features. Being a freemium one, you can use it’s free version (with other add ons) to make your site customize.

I personally prefer Elementor to design my own site, Biva Technologies, and some of my customer’s sites. 

You can purchase it for a single site or for a bundle. The starting price starts from $49/year (around).  

Divi, Most Popular Elementor Alternatives

Divi, an Elegant themes, is one of the leading premium WordPress themes in this era. 

Divi page builder comes with the Divi theme. Its advanced technology brings an incredible look with functionality. People rate Divi as the most popular Elementor alternatives.

If you look for any complete WordPress website building platform, Divi is the best option. 

Using Divi builder you can make a wide range of websites. It’s pre-build templates with drag and drop features help to make a professional and true responsive website. 

Some additional features of Divi builder are:

  • Easy drag and drop with multiple functionality
  • Best for newbie
  • Value for money

Now you may think about pricing. It is cheaper in comparison with Elementor. 

It starts from $89/year for unlimited websites. For lifetime you can avail it at $249. 

Beaver Builder, Premium and Flexible Page Builder

Beaver Builder is a very popular and flexible page builder. From a beginner to a professional prefer it because of its easy drag and drop facilities for front end design. 

The Beaver builder comes with dozens of page templates. So, you can make any type of page with it. 

Positioning image and text alignment with easy customization is another factor of popularity. 

Now let’s come to the price. It starts from $99.  

Visual Composer, Bundle with Premium Themes

There is healthy competition among the top page builders. Visual composers are also on this list. 

It is a freemium page builder. So you can get it free of cost. 

The free version has limited features. So I personally recommend to avail its premium version for more features. 

The price starts from $49/ year. 

Many themes come with a visual builder plugin. But if you wanna make your website with the visual builder, you can simply download this plugin. 

There are others. You can use anyone.

Remember, website builders work as a landing page design tool as well. 

If you wanna attract visitors to your business, you need to create a stunning landing page. Later I shall discuss it. 

Now let me discuss pros and cons of a website builder.


  • Best for customization
  • Easy drag and drop
  • 100% functionality with responsiveness
  • Any types of website development are possible


  • Need little bit knowledge of web design
  • Sometimes website builders come with specific themes.
  • Must have business purpose idea.
  • Premium features are a little bit costly.

SEO Plugin, Ultimate Small Business Solution

SEO helps to bring organic ranking and traffic. Mainly SEO plugins help website owners to make their page and posts (articles) to rank higher in Google or any search engine. 

SEO plugins are very essential for small businesses mainly. Even today every large and medium scale industries depend on SEO as earlier. 

There are lots of SEO plugins available in the market. Some of the popular are:

  • Rank math SEO plugin
  • Yoast SEO
  • All in one SEO

All the SEO plugins are freemium. But if you only use the free version, you can optimise your website for organic growth. 

Rank Math SEO, Best All-round SEO Plugin

Rank Math is the best WordPress SEO plugin undoubtedly. Using the Rank Math SEO plugin, you can optimize the following. 

  • Posts (articles)
  • Pages
  • Products (for e-commerce only) and
  • More. 

Keywords are the most important in SEO. Keyword is the search term that brings visitors to your website, So keyword placement is the most vital practice in SEO. 

Rankmath helps to put keywords in the right place. Even it encourages the website owners to make the most attractive title. 

Good SEO practice includes:

  1. Keyword in title and meta description
  2. Keyword density in the page or post
  3. Use of Image or graphics with image alt tags
  4. Make powerful clickable title (for CTR increment)
  5. Proper use of heading tags
  6. XML sitemap
  7. Schema
  8. Social share (discuss later in detail)

Rank math checks all the above parameters. If you make a score of 90-95% in Rankmath, you’ll have a good chance to rank your page or post in organic search. 

Now let’s come to another important feature. Rankmath allows Google Search Console integration which is the best to identify the performance of a website including crawl status and more. 

Now look at some important features of Rankmath. 

  • Keyword rank tracker (premium only)
  • Advanced schema generator (premium only)
  • Google trends integration (premium only)
  • Google news SEO and Video SEO sitemap (premium only)
  • Multilingual local SEO pro (premium only)
  • Woocommerce SEO (premium only)
  • Top winning keywords (premium only)
  • Tracking top 5 winning posts (premium only)
  • Advanced content SEO overview (premium only)
  • Check ranking keywords for each posts (premium only)
  • Keyword position history (premium only)
  • JSON+LD/HTML custom schema or custom schema builder (premium only)
  • Automatic schema implementation
  • Country specific Google analytics and Google search console data import (premium only)
  • Advanced bulk edit (premium only)
  • SEO data import in CSV (premium only)
  • Track SEO performance include orphan page detection
  • 404 page log export (premium only) and 
  • More. 

So, you are definitely eager to know the pricing of it. Rankmath is a freemium plugin. So, you can get it for both free and paid. You know premium (paid) versions have some special facilities (loot at the above list). The premium starts from $59/year. However, you can use the free version of Rankmath for SEO enhancement. 

Yoast SEO, Best for Premium Level Basic SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular SEO plugins in this era. Before Rankmath, undoubtedly it was the best one. It is also available in both free and paid versions. 

Like Rankmath, you can check your SEO parameter including keyword placement, title and meta description. It also suggests if your post or page is well SEO optimised.

However, many of its advanced features are available in its premium version. But as a beginner you can trust its free version. 

To increase your SEO performance with Yoast, you must need a premium version. 

Yoast SEO plugin offers the following features:

  • Find high performing keywords (premium only)
  • Optimization of keyword
  • Multiple language facility. 
  • Sitemap and indexability
  • Readability check
  • Inbound and outbound link
  • Internal linking suggestion (premium only)
  • Internal linking blocks (premium only)
  • Content insight (premium only)
  • Redirect Manager (premium only)
  • Auto publish [around 2000+ destinations] (premium only)
  • Export focus keyword (premium only)
  • Tech support (premium only)

Now you may be eager to know the pricing of the Yoast premium tool. The premium starts from $89. Always remember, the premium version helps you in faster growth in SEO.

All-in-One SEO, Best Multipurpose SEO Plugin

WordPress All-in-One SEO is one of the most popular SEO plugins. Many people love this plugin for its performance. 

All-in-SEO or AIOSEO is best for the following. 

  • XML sitemap
  • Image XML sitemap
  • RSS sitemap
  • Schema.org markup
  • Title and meta description and
  • More

AIOSEO is also famous for rich snippet schema and woocommerce SEO also. You can generate video SEO sitemap as well. Social media integration is another big facility available here in AIOSEO. 

Let’s see some important features of AIOSEO. When other SEO plugins are freemium, AIOSEO comes with premium versions. Price starts from $49.50/year. 

Here are some important features of this plugin. 

  • Unlimited keywords
  • Local SEO
  • Woocommerce SEO
  • Google AMP SEO
  • Image, News, Video SEO with TrueSEO analysis
  • Smart schema
  • Smart support and 
  • More. 

After SEO, small business websites mostly need collecting data for their business. 

Now, I’m gonna discuss some important WordPress Contact Form Plugins that might help your small business growth. 

Do you know the importance of the WordPress Contact plugin?

WordPress contact plugins help to collect data of users. So, for your business needs you must need WordPress contact plugins. 

You know there are tons of WP contact plugins that collect user data. So, it is really tough to recommend a special one. 

I’d tried to make a possible list of top WordPress contact plugins. I hope this list will help you a lot. 

Contact Form 7, Beginners’ Choice

Many beginners and professionals like this WordPress contact form plugin. It is a simple user friendly contact form plugin in this decade. 

You can collect data of users like email id, name, and other information through this plugin. 

Contact form 7 is a freemium plugin. You can use it for multiple sites. Though it has some limitations. Let’s see some pros and cons of contact form 7.


Free version is available.

Easy to install and activate. 

Shortcode availability for integration.


Below average for basic contact form.

Support is limited.

Limited add-on extensions

Ninja Forms, High Performance

If you look for high performing interactive contact forms, Ninja forms are the best. It is a freemium plugin. 

Using very little effort, you can make your professional contact form with it. 

Now let me discuss the pros and cons of it. 


Available for free and paid version

Helpful community support.

Premium features like Salesforce, campaign monitor, SMS notification, etc with extensions.

Email support.


Extensions are available only with paid services.

WPForms, Best User friendly WordPress Plugin

From beginner to a pro, WPForms is always my pick. If you want to customize easy and user-friendly WordPress plugins as a contact form, WPForms comes first in this list. 

WPForms come with powerful drag and drop builders. So, you can build your favorite form with it. It is also a freemium plugin for WP contact form. 

Now let me disclose some pros and cons of it. 


  • Drag and drop builder
  • The free version provides basic features like custom fields with email notifications, spam protection, etc. 
  • Get the facility of file upload, geo-location, signature upload, and more. 
  • Facility of captcha
  • Multiple page form
  • Surveys


  • Simple features
  • Limitations in free version. 

There are other popular contact form plugins available for WordPress. Some of them are:

  • Formidable
  • Gravity forms
  • Contact form builder, contact widget and
  • More. 

Website Cache plugin, Speedup WordPress

Caching is a big issue today. Website loading issue comes from the caching as well. 

Before that let me clear about cache. 

Cache is a request based temporary collected data. Caching actually stores data in the temporary memory. 

Being a dynamic CMS platform, WordPress runs multiple steps fetching information from the database to send data to searchers’ browsers.  

So many visitors at a time makes the site slower dus to this. Because a lot of cache makes a website slower. So for performance enhancement, the best practice is to use a cache plugin. 

Now let me clear some important WordPress Caching plugins. 

There is a huge list. 

One thing I must say, today almost every hosting provider provides compatible cache plugins of their own. 

For example, Cloudways provide Breeze, Siteground does SG SuperCache plugin with their hosting at free of cost. 

Among the list it is tough to name a few of them. Still I am trying to name some all-purpose caching wordpress plugins. 

WP Rocket, Best Premium Cache Plugin for Small Business

As per my personal experience, I must say WP Rocket is the best WordPress Caching plugin (undoubtedly). 

Visitors dislike a slow site, so it is important to make your site faster. 

WP Rocket is a premium plugin in this list. It is user-friendly, and it’s automation helps to recommend settings like:

  • Gzip compression
  • Page cache
  • Database cache
  • Lazy load images
  • CDN support
  • Minification of HTML, JS, CSS etc and
  • More. 

WP Rocket is best because of its one click customization. It’s automation helps even a beginner to customize his or her WP cache plugin. 

WP Total Cache, Better for Small Business

WP Total Cache is a freemium WordPress cache plugin. Rather it is a comprehensive one. 

To configure this plugin, you definitely need some little bit knowledge of customization. 

Like WP Rocket, it also offers the following. 

  • Gzip compression
  • Minification (limited)
  • CDN support and 
  • More. 

Let’s come to a friendly suggestion. If you are a beginner, WP Total Cache may be harder to customize. 

Remember, your lack of knowledge may hurt your website. So, I always recommend you to read every customization suggestion carefully before activate it. 

WP Super Cache, Good in Small Business

WP Super Cache is very similar to WP Total Cache. Even top WordPress hosting providers recommend this plugin for its amazing features. 

Like WP Rocket, WP Total Cache, it also offers the following (not the same). Some features are really interesting. 

  • Gzip compression
  • Page cache with advanced cache preloaded
  • CDN support and 
  • More.

Don’t forget to read important instructions before activating that po plugin. 

Remember, these plugins above are not all, there are huge. You can suggest to me your favourite WordPress Cache Plugin. 

Email Marketing Plugin, Ultimate Business Outreach

Email outreach is most essential in every business. Mostly the affiliate marketer generates sales through email marketing. 

When you are talking about the best Email marketing plugin for WordPress, you can’t simply stop searching. 

There are dozens of WordPress Email marketing plugins. I am trying to make a little list with my experiences. 

MailChimp WordPress Plugin, Best for Beginners

MailChimp is an email marketing tool. It is one of the best email marketing platforms for beginners. 

Being one of the most popular email marketing platforms, MailChimp comes with the WordPress plugin. 

MailChimp WordPress plugin connects your website to the MailChimp platform. Though can collect user emails and use email automation using it. 

Many medium and small business owners use MailChimp for email marketing. 

Now let’s see why people love it.  

  • Custom sign-up forms
  • Available with Woocommerce plugin.
  • Automatic notifications for new user sign-up. 

This is a freemium WordPress plugin. The free section allows upto 2000 subscribers along with 12000 mails in a month. 

It is definitely a good email marketing plugin for beginners and freshers. 

Email Subscribers and Newsletters, Good for CTA

Email subscribers and newsletters is another top rated WordPress email marketing plugin.

Email subscribers and newsletters are also best because you can send the newsletter with a managed list. 

Look at some beautiful features. 

  • Subscription box option (best CTA for blogs)
  • Both manual and automatic triggers. 
  • Send automated welcome mail for every new subscriber. 
  • Cost effective. 

There are other features that may be missed.  

MailPoet, Better for Customization

MailPoet is another important email marketing leading WordPress plugin. 

Mailpoet is a premium WordPress email marketing plugin that powers many features for better customization. 

Let’s see some key features. 

  • Create and embed a subscription form anywhere in your site. 
  • Use attractive templates to build emails
  • Multi subscriber within the (same) WordPress.
  • Manage and automate welcome mail with signup. 

Another all in one email marketing tool is Hubspot, the leading all in one tool for digital marketing.

Other important email marketing plugins are:

  • Hubspot
  • SendinBlue
  • Newsletter
  • Mailster
  • Constant contact
  • OptinMonster
  • Bloom and
  • More.

After email marketing the most important segment is the WordPress social share plugin. 

WordPress Social Share Plugin, Social Traffic

Like other WP Plugins, there are almost tons of WordPress Social Share plugins available. So, it is tough to name the best one among the long list. 

I’m trying to make a list of my personal favourite social share plugins. Don’t think this is the ultimate, it is huge. 

I have a request for you. Please suggest some good wordpress social share plugins which I don’t mention here. 

Sassy Social Share, Best Social Traffic for Small Business

From the day of my digital marketing career, I’ve been using many social share plugins. Among them, Sassy Social Share is at the top of the list. 

If you wanna get support from many social media websites, this plugin is simply the best one. People love this plugin because of its sticky floating social menu. 

You can get a content share count. The social share buttons come with rounded, square, and rectangle shapes as well. It is a freemium plugin. 

AddtoAny, Count Social Traffic for Small Business

AddtoAny is a famous WordPress social share plugin. Like Sassy share, it also has a floating social share count. 

Google analytics integration is another important feature that comes with this plugin. It is a little bit slow, but definitely one of the beginners’ choices. 

WordPress to Buffer

Social media automation is the best practice for social traffic generation. Buffer is definitely the best one in social automation. 

WordPress to Buffer allows you to add contents for multiple platforms automatically. Even you can share on schedule. Remember, Buffer is a freemium platform. 

Shared Counts, Make Content Viral Socially

If you look at faster and easier wordpress social media plugins, the Shared Counts come first. You can share your content in multiple channels like facebook, twitter, pinterest and more. 

Apart from the above, you can avail multiple button styles. It allows the custom post types. Even you can get social share counts platform wise. It is also a freemium plugin. 

Besides this above list, there are huge social share wordpress plugins available. Among them some popular plugins are:

  • Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed
  • Simple Social Icons
  • Social Icon Widgets by WPZoom
  • WordPress Social Login
  • Revive old Posts and 
  • More

SMTP, Best Communication for Email

For small business growth, after social share, the SMTP is important for build-in email configuration. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. 

SMTP is mostly important for ecommerce business. Mainly for communication and transaction the WordPress SMTP plugins work fantastic. 

Even using SMTP, you can easily build communication with your prospects. 

Here I’m trying to name some important WordPress SMTP plugins that help you a lot. Remember, SMTP increases better deliverability. In WordPress, there are lots of plugins available for smart SMTP configuration. One thing you need the most and is your knowledge of configuring SMTP. If you don’t have that knowledge, don’t worry, you can hire Biva Technologies

WP Mail SMTP by WPForms, Best SMTP for Small Business

As a digital marketing professional, I personally prefer the WordPress WP Mail SMTP plugin by WPForms. I’ve written a case study on SMTP Configuration: Step by Step Accurate Guide with this WP Mail SMTP plugin. You can use some basic settings to configure it properly. 

Easy WP SMTP, Easy for Configuration

If you look at 100% free SMTP plugin for WordPress, Easy WP SMTP comes first. You can configure it with some basic settings. It asks the basic credentials to confire from the scratch.

Gmail SMTP , Best for Gmail SMTP for Small Business   

The name suggests that it is mainly made for Gmail or Google Workspace (former GSuite).

To configure your business mail you have to fill some basic data as credentials. But remember Gmail SMTP provides OAuth (2.0) authentication because of security. 

It’s definitely impossible to name all SMTP plugins in an article. There are (many) other popular SMTP plugins available in the market. Some of them are:

  • SMTP Mailer
  • WP Mail Bank
  • Post SMTP and 
  • More

Website Backup, Must in Small Business

Website backup is very essential in every stage of your business. When you need to update any theme or plugin, you need to take website backup (recommended) before any shorts of change. 

WordPress is best because you can find tons of website backup plugins. All are definitely good and performing fantastic. 

I’ll try to name some among them. 

Updraftplus, Most Sophisticated

If you run any small business, you definitely love this free WordPress plugin for taking backup of your website. 

It allows you a complete backup of your website including content (article), image, database, theme or templates, and more. 

Even you can easily download your backup to Google Drive, Dropbox, SEFT, Rackspace, S3 along with your local computer. 

BoldGrid Backup, Combo and Automated

After Updraftplus my personal favorite is BoldGrid Backup. It is actually a website builder by WordPress. 

If you want simplicity, it definitely performs well. It allows both automatic and manual backup. Along with it, BoldGrid comes with a feature of fault protection (before every update).

It is a premium plugin. 

BlogVault, Best for Offsite Backup

Some of my customers use Blogvault WordPress backup plugins. If you look for an off-site backup independently, you can definitely use it. 

You can get your backup daily basis. Even incrementational backup is also possible and that helps optimal performance of your website. Even for migration, it works excellent. It is a premium plugin. 

There are dozens of backup plugins available in the market. Some other popular WordPress Backup plugins are:

  • BackWPup
  • Duplicator
  • VaultPress
  • BackupBuddy and
  • More

Let’s see some popular independent WP plugins that help small business growth. 

Google Sitekit, Complete Solution for Small Business

Google is a giant in the search engine market share. Google is the world’s number #1 company also. Google Sitekit is a quality WordPress plugin to connect Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Google Page Speed insight, Google optimize, etc.  

Within the same umbrella you can manage and monitor your website’s performance, issues (if any), and more. According to my experience I always prefer it for any small scale ecommerce business for search funnel.

Even installing Google SiteKit is very easy. You can simply click and follow the directions to install it easily. 

When you configure it, simply put the credentials to connect all Google’s services

My Final Thought

WordPress Plugins are tools that help WordPress CMS platforms to perform hazardously. On the other side, many plugins make your site slower to load and perform. So, you have to use only the needed (must) WordPress plugins for your WP website. In this article, I’ve tried to cover all important WordPress Plugins that almost every small business requires. If you have any suggestions, opinions, recommendations, don’t forget to comment below.