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93% of content writers question will AI replace content writers!


You can find lots of AI writing tools that produces contents fast.

Therefore, why content writers will not be scared about career?

What do you think?

Will AI replace content writers in near future?

You can’t get the direct answer to this question. Rather, different opinions confuse the writers. 

Whatever your experience as a content writer, artificial intelligence is a big challenge to you. 

Am I wrong?

Mainly after chatGPT, content writing has been channelling. 

Artificial intelligence is not new. However, it is super trending now because of ChatGPT, Google Bard and some leading tools.

Content writers’ biggest challenge is to satisfy audience.

Do you know where written content is needed?

Almost everywhere. 

From creating blog posts to making video scripts, written content has no replacement. 

Don’t think AI content doesn’t rank.

Do you think will AI replace content writers as AI content ranks?

No. According to a research, 79% of ranking AI contents dethroned.

Ranking is hard, but holding top position is hardest.

If you know SEO, you can’t ignore importance of content.

According to a recent trend, for ranking in SERPs (search engine result pages) content matters 60% and backlink matters 30% and rest is 10%.

So, you can understand importance of content. Only if your content produce real value, you are a successful content writer.

Let’s come to the controvercy again.

May content writers use AI?

Yes, undoubtedly, AI writing tools are thread to content writers.

But, wait! 

Artificial intelligence tools can help you, but they can’t replace you. 


While you are asked to choose between human content and AI content, what will you choose and why?

97% of people choose human-written content instead of AI written. 

There are lots of reasons behind it. 

But before everything, let me share how artificial intelligence impacts content writing!

What Challenge Will AI Replace Content Writers?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is rapidly changing the world,

Even the field of content writing has no exception. Lots of AI-powered writing tools are available. 

Many believe that AI writing tools could eventually replace human content writers.

If you use any AI writing tool, you will understand how quickly they produce content. 

Undoubtedly, AI tools produce content 1000 times faster than human writers. 

Here is a twist!

While you produce content using any AI tools, you may miss – 

  • Uniqueness.
  • Productivity.
  • Usefulness.

So, why do people use AI writing tools?

AI writing tools have three advantages as well. 

  • Save time. 
  • Produce content faster than human
  • Quality is averagely good. 

Do you think will AI replace content writers for its advatages?

I have no direct answer for that. But I assure you onething.

Don’t be confused. 

I always ask you to be smarter. 


Use tools like Google Bard and CharGPT for creating outlines only. 

While planning to produce content for people, you must understand their persona. 

According to research, creating content using AI has less persona.  

Even the content might be outdated as well. 

To get rid of the above, take smart movement.

But before that, let’s see advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence in content writing.  

Advantages of AI in Content Writing

Do you know AI in writing is uncertain because of many reasons? Still, AI in content writing has lots of advantages. 

AI is crucial for marketers for producing different content. 


Use AI tools as your employee. Prompt them about what you want. Your right prompt will generate significant results. Let’s see how AI helps content writers. 

First, AI tools help in general keyword research (data mining) based on a prompt. You can use various keyword research tools to generate keyword ideas. 

However, AI tools are your staff here to bring generalized keywords for your content. 

Though finding keywords needs many steps and understanding various factors. 

Second, the AI tool helps you in generating content outlines. Using artificial intelligence tools for content outline saves you time. 

Content writers can summarize existing content and understand the gap. Through content gap analysis, you can generate the ideal result. 

Finally, AI tools can measure the performance of your content. You can easily measure performance. According to your performance, you can modify/update your content. 

After reading advantages of AI, do you think will AI replace content writers?

Let’s have a look at disadvantages first!

Disadvantages of AI in Writing

If you are confused about will AI replace content writers, this part will motivate you.

AI tools in content writing have many disadvantages. In most cases, AI tools give you insufficient and inaccurate data or information. 

Inaccurate data is dangerous. 

Let’s see an example. 

Suppose you are writing for a digital marketing agency on why B2B business decentralizes human resources. 

You need accurate data to make the content meaningful. 

Artificial writing tools can’t give you accurate and complete data. 

Here are three major disadvantages of AI in content writing:

  • Lack of accurate information. 
  • Lack of personalized tone. 
  • Less valuable. 

 If you want to produce high-quality content, 

You can understand both the pros and cons of AI writing tools. You may have question whether you may use AI tools.

May Content Writers use AI tools?

If you are looking solution on will AI replace content writers, you must use AI tools first.


According to war strategy, knowing enemy is super important.

In digital marketing, you need to know the SWOT of your competitors.

And it is artificial intelligence which is evolving everyday.

I’ll suggest every content writer must use AI tools as their staff.


Underestimating AI tools is dangerous.

If you don’t know SWOT of your competitor, you may vanish.

Yes, vanish.

So, as a content writer, you need to know how they produce content and their gaps and limitations!

Here is a twist.

Use AI tools as your staff only, not for creating content.


Various AI tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard give you many ideas and content outlines.

Whatever your niche, AI writing tools may help you in many ways. From generating a content idea to creating an outline using content gap analysis

You can use AI tools for research as well. Your creativity and productivity matter the most. 

Are you still confuse on will AI replace content writers?

Use AI tools as your content writitng staff.


How AI Tools Help Content Writers

Experts say that people with AI will replace you if you are not using AI. 

I agree.  

Will AI replace content writers?

Let’s face a fact first.

Artificial intelligence is a technological revolution. 

If you ignore technological development, you will be ignored by the industry. 

This is not a joke. Its reality. 

Looking back at the Kodak camera, you can understand what I mean to say. 

If you are a content writer, you must use AI tools. 


Be careful. 

Have you found a contradiction?


First, try to understand what I’ve tried to say. 

Tools with artificial intelligence are not good for creating content, but they are good in other fields like:

  • Generating content idea
  • Create a content calendar using AI automation
  • Performance tracking and developing content. 

You can use AI tools to scale your content writing. As a digital marketing professional, I have seen people using AI tools like ChatGPT or Google Bard can increase their productivity 10X. 

You will reach the next level if you can use AI tools to assist your content, not generate content. 

AI Tools and Productivity

Still believe will AI replace content writers?

Let’s understand a bitter fact.

On the internet, around 64% of the content is not productive. 

Content quality and productivity matter over content quantity. 

Either they are written as industry trends, or they are written without any goal. 

However, the right content gives you 100 times the benefits. 

Only right and productive content generates outcomes. 

Will the content be effective if you can’t meet the audience persona and your audience doesn’t generate value?

Let me share an example. 

Suppose your industry is coaching, and you are targeting students after the 12th for admission.

As a content writer, your content must have the following: 

  • Right personalized tone. 
  • Benefits of admission.
  • Benefits from your organizations. 

You can use useful statistics, metrics and others in your content. Only human-written content can fulfil the above need. 

AI tools like ChatGPT or Google Bard may create useful content using the above requirement. However, my personal experience says a different thing. You may face, 

  • Generalized tone. 
  • Gross benefits of admission.
  • Less information about your organization. 

When it comes to productivity, 92% of marketers prefer human-written content. 

If your content is not productive, what benefits will you bring?

Final Thought

AI is a new technology, and almost every sector uses artificial intelligence. So why content writers will not? Remember, producing content using AI tools is not a good attempt. Rather using AI tools to assist your writing is a remarkable step.  

Do you still have questions, will AI replace content writers? If you have, don’t worry! I am here to help you. Feel free to contact me.