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Before entering the battle between human written content vs AI content, we must admit that content is the most valuable element.

Content is everything in the world of marketing. Content is important in conveying our messages or reaching the audience with our product or service.

With the advancement of technology, Artificial Intelligence ( AI) brought a revolution in digital marketing. AI took over the world of content creation with various artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT. There are other AI writing tools available in the market as well.

Though AI is not new in online marketing. Even though you’ve noticed while searching for something in Google, it gives you suggestions. That is also AI.

Still, there are many questions in all our minds. Whether AI Contents are specific, right? Is AI Content better for marketing strategies?

Well, we all have these questions and many more. Now come to a controversial topic: which is the best between human written content and AI content, and why?

However, as a content marketing expert, I always claim with proof that human written content is better than AI content. Aren’t you agree? You’ll get your answer here.

Remember, ranking higher on Google needs E-E-A-T (Experience Expertise Authoritative and Trustworthiness) friendly content.

What is AI Content? 

Artificial intelligence (AI) can create content with advanced machine learning technology. They are called AI generated content. It can be of any type, like text, images, audio, or video formats. 

The AI-written content includes articles, product reviews, ad scripts, news reports, posts etc. Artificial Intelligence uses technology like natural language processing (NLP). It analyzes human languages to create grammatically correct text.

AI can also make various visual content. They can create new images and videos according to requirements and criteria. It may also improve the existing content. 

AI-written content can be more efficient. It is also more cost-effective than human written content. It also does not require manually typing, writing and publishing the text. AI-written content is getting more and more popular with ChatGPT. 

How Powerful is ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT and ChatGPT 4 is an excellent AI writing tools. The deep learning algorithm of ChatGPT helps it to generate responses like a human. OpenAI developed it. ChatGPT is the main reason between human written content vs AI content.

It is full of a dataset of text from the internet. AI writing tools, including ChatGPT, help users to create high-quality content quickly in a short span of time.

You can use ChatGPT across many industries and sectors. You can use it in chatbots. It generates natural responses to all customer inquiries and support requests. One can also use ChatGPT in virtual assistants. It creates appointments and helps with online purchases.

The educational sector can also use ChatGPT. It can give students personal feedback for educational support. 

What Better Between Human Written Content vs AI Content

Almost everyone is (still) confused about which is better, human written content vs AI content. AI is also a thread as well mainly for content writers. This could be a big challenge even if you plan to start a content writing career.

You may have these questions: Can AI-written content take over human jobs, mainly content writing? Or is human written content better?

However, the questions remain (almost endless). What to follow human written content vs AI content? In comparison between human written content vs AI content, I think human written contents are far ahead.


Lacking Authenticity and creativity in AI content 

You can call Artificial Intelligence (AI) super-intelligent or intelligent. Still, they can not go beyond the intelligence of their creators- the human brain. AI imitates the human intellect, and the battle stops between human written content vs AI content.

Artificial intelligence technology has its share of limitations. Though ChatGPT produces high-quality AI content, its knowledge depends on the information on the internet. It puts together all pieces of information from various sites and existing data.

AI cannot be creative by itself. It needs some human input as data to present its content. An article on building a car from scratch will say about the parts at the right places. The AI content can not give you anything new. It can not be funny or add humour like human written content.

The AI rearranges the words or phrases in another way to avoid plagiarism. There is nothing authentic or creative in the AI content. Apart from previous data, the AI creates its content based on keywords. 

It helps the content gain a higher rank in search engine results. It may work for some time but does not last long. Human expressions, feelings, intellect, and common sense lack AI content. 

The contents are for humans. Humans understand and speak the language. Human written content comes with human emotions and sensibilities. 

Humans can create content on a topic without seeing it merely with their imagination. Human written content works better as we connect more with it rather than with some machine algorithms. 

Some Plagiarism and quality issues with AI content

Without any comparison between human written content vs AI content, anyone can say AI has limitations.

AI can create limited informative content. It relies mainly on the existing data. A human can write something new or unique beyond imagination. 

An AI system can not. It requires information available on the internet or other sources. There is nothing unique about AI that cannot. 

No new ideas mean there are chances of plagiarism in the content. Search engines can flag AI content. It results in the degradation of content quality and readability. 

The AI tools rearrange and rephrase words and combine the content from various existing information. It becomes the main reason for plagiarism and low readability.

Human touch

AI technology analyzes lots of text and finds meaning from it. The tools are at the developing stage. The AI mechanism can not think and feel like humans. This is the point where Google’s recommended E-E-A-T is missing.

It is usual for artificial intelligence to not understand the core meaning of words. They may get the total opposite meaning of the written content (its true).

It may seem right on the part. The reader may interpret according to their own experiences. 

It may lead to a different version. So it is better to get humans to supervise before publishing content. On the other hand, humans can get the meaning behind the words between human written content vs AI content.

They understand the tone, context, and sentiment of content writing better and more apt content. 

Humans speak and understand the language they write in. So, human written content has no cases of misinterpretation. The quality of the AI content is also a problem. AI content depends on humans for proper quality checks. 

Thus, Human written content is better than AI ones in this matter. Humans can think and process information, unlike AI tools. AI algorithms can not specify opinions. The AI content is a mirror of facts without proper understanding. 

Humans can feel and understand topics and issues. They better understand words and things that can create laughter or sadness. 

Maintaining personal connections with an audience

Personal connections are essential for the marketing and business world. The machines run on programming, lacking feelings and a mind. So, AI contents fall behind in making personal connections with audiences. 

Though Artificial Intelligence helps you create content quicker, it can not guarantee better business. Humans can establish better connections on a personal level with the target audience. 

The human written content comes with a default human touch. Humans write content with their style in a distinct voice. They add their personal touches and emotions to any content.

Human written content has the advantage of personalization and Authenticity on its own. It plays an integral part in creating a connection with the article’s readers. Human writers include personal experiences and new ideas. 

You can not get personal insights online or in any AI content. The audience can relate more to human written content.

The personal touch and human elements make human written content trustworthy and unique. Building a solid brand or making an outstanding online presence is essential. Between human written content vs AI content, the personal touch connects.

The AI content can get boring

Interactions make interesting. In between human written content vs AI content, the AI content has a lack of interaction.

AI content mainly depends on algorithms and data on the internet. AI content is usually full of keywords. Thus, the content gets boring.

Readers may lose interest in all facts and have no proper emotions. Readers connect more to local languages and humour. The lack of both of these things can also lose the interest of your audience. 

The particular neutral tone of AI content falls flat. All these factors make human written content better than AI content. It is wise to use AI but at the right places strategically for benefits.

Biasedness with AI content  

The AI content may have some bias. It depends on the algorithms of the data. Analyzing biased data or sources may make AI content full of bias.

The business houses need to check the content before publishing. Good content must be accurate without any discrimination of a group.

Human written content comes with some responsibility on the part of the writer. They have a mind to check and analyze data to check biasedness. 

According to a research, in between human written content vs AI content, the AI content sometime produces inaccurate data.


Before comparising between human written content vs AI content, one thing I can say!

The advancing technology and changing times indeed support AI writing. It will surely be a part of the future. The future of content writing can be a mix of human editors with AI technology.

Still, human written contents are safe and effective. AI can not get the glory of its creators’ intellect. Humans possess strong expertise and understanding of language. 

Human writers have a voice of their own. They can change the tone of their writing in specific areas of marketing and copywriting for respective industries. It is the correct time to establish the strength of human written content.

AI-powered writing tools like ChatGPT are gaining popularity. Though they have speed and efficiency, the human touch remains missing in AI content writing. 

Human written content comes with emotions, personal experiences, and empathy. 

AI content lacks all of those things. Human writers better understand what hits human senses and tricks their minds. The human written content becomes more relatable and unique. 

Unlike AI content stitching from various sources, human writers can create something new from scratch. So, the quality of the AI content can not match the creativity of human writers. All of these factors answer Why Human Written Content is better than AI Content.

It is better to say a combination of human writing and AI writing tools will work well. It will become the best solution for content creation in future. One can benefit from the strengths of human writers and AI tools and do better business. Now it’s your turn to pick yours between human written content vs AI content.