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Have you ever heard the term topical relevance in SEO? Do you know every successful SEO professional uses topical relevance in SEO to scale their growth? 

You know, in 2024 and beyond, getting organic traffic is challenging. Sometimes it becomes harder as well. 

You can’t ignore that content is a major part of SEO. So creating the right content and outreach properly to the targeted audience is the primary goal. 

While you want to create content in this era, you can find lots of AI tools around you. 

I have used some powerful AI tools like ChatGPT, Google Bard AI, Jasper AI and some other freemium AI writing tools. 

In most cases the value of AI-generated content is very average and below the average. 

Mostly, AI collects all existing information makes and mixes all the information and produces a newer version. 

AI tools help you, not only to create content but to generate content outlines and some other activities. 

While you are looking for consistent organic traffic, leveraging SEO is a must. 

Topical relevance is the primary key in SEO. 

Whatever the niche is, maintaining topical relevance properly. It is the ultimate game changer. 

The topical relevance empowers the detailed and value-driven content that helps in consistent growth. 

Why Topical Relevance in SEO is Important

Topical relevance in SEO helps align your goal to deliver the most accurate, relevant and genuine information through content. 

On the other hand, topical relevance boosts trust and empowers branding. 

If you think ‘content is king’, it is not correct right now, rather valuable content is the king. 

While you are looking to provide valuable content in any form, be it written, video, podcast or image/infographics, you need to provide value. 

Do you know why valuable content is always in high demand?

Valuable content meets users’ intent and guides them to take the right action.

In a word, valuable content helps in boosting conversion. 

Valuable content comes from topical relevance. 

Let’s see what valuable content covers and how it aligns with topical relevance. 

Generally valuable content contains: 

  • Accurate information. 
  • Sufficient data. 
  • Educational element to the audience. 
  • 100% human emotion. 

Topical relevance covers all of the above. 

What is Topical Relevance

Topical relevance simply means the relevancy of your content around your topic. 

While you create content around a topic, you must cover all relevant information that defines your goal.

In a word, topical relevance inherits

the power of in-depth statistics into content that delivers the best outcome. 

In 2023 and beyond, creating content is super easy. 

Anyone can create content around any topic easily. 

However, only 5%-10% of contents are valuable because they cover the topical relevance. 

According to recent research, around 7 million blogs are published every day. However, all of the content does not rank. 


Around 200+ factors are there to rank in SERPs. 

Topical relevance is one of the major factors that help rank higher in SERPs. 

If you maintain topical relevance in SEO, you can outrank your competitors even without creating backlinks. 

If you make topical authority properly, topical relevance is just a child’s play. 

What is Topical Authority

In a simple word topical authority is the quality of content that delivers the necessary value to audiences. 

You know Google’s algorithm E-E-A-T. 

E-E-A-T stands for 

E- Experience

E- Expertise

A – Authoritativeness

T- Trustworthiness. 

Topical authority meets Google’s above guidelines. 

Every copywriter produces the best content following the above. 

Suppose you are a content strategist and creator. If you have no experience and expertise, what value would you provide?

Do you think both topical relevance and topical authority are the same?

Let’s see the difference between both of the above. 

Serial NoTopical AuthorityTopical Relevance
1.Topical authority is just like a baby. You need to nurture properly with proper medication, education, food, culture etc. Topical relevance is the instant connection between the website or business and audience regarding a topic.  
2.Credibility of a website on a specific topic around a specific sub-niche.Topical relevance is the instant connection between the website or business and the audience regarding a topic.  
3.Develop strong branding. Increase domain authority
Topical authority vs relevance

Benefits of Topical Relevance in SEO

Topical relevance in SEO benefits you in many ways. From branding to developing content growth, you can blindly depend on it. 

Here are major 3 benefits of topical relevance in SEO. 


Do you know why branding is important in every business?

Suppose you are going to buy headphones online. Which platform do you prefer?

Definitely, the known and popular marketplaces come to your mind first. 

Then comes the manufacturer’s websites. 

Even, you do a ‘Google search’ for the above. 

In most cases, you type your desired ‘brand name’ and your product at your favourite marketplace like Amazon. 

For example:

‘AirPod’ in Amazon 

Here ‘AirPod’ is the keyword and ‘Amazon’ is the brand (Everybody knows what ‘Amazon’ is). 

Why do you include ‘Amazon’ with your keyword?

You trust Amazon and you type directly Amazon with your targeted keyword. 

This is the power of branding. 

Topical relevance helps in developing both branding and helping your audience to use more navigational search to reach your website. 

Increase DA

In SEO DA or domain authority is super important. Higher DA means a good amount of traffic to your website. 

DA increases by some factors such as quality of backlink, consistency and more. 

Topical relevance helps in increasing your DA and helps you rank higher in SERPs. 

Have you observed, that when you search for something in Google, almost 95% times Wikipedia comes up?


Because of the DA of Wikipedia. 

Above 90. 

Wikipedia provides information that people trust (though not all information is correct, you can edit the information if you know the correct one). 

Topical relevance helps domain authority even without creating a single backlink. 

Potential Traffic and Leads

Traffic and leads are integral parts of every business. If you have a website and do not have any traffic, does it have any value?

If you have a website and get traffic using paid marketing but the bounce rate is higher (around 90%), it does not deliver the proper outcome that you are looking for. 

So,  topical relevance in SEO increases quality and consistent traffic and leads to your business organically. Additionally, it helps you to maintain your bounce rate and boost consistent growth.

I hope you can understand how important topical relevance in SEO is!

How to maintain Topical Relevance in SEO

Maintaining topical relevance in SEO is not easy. But it is possible. 

I prefer topical relevance in SEO because it helps my business grow. 

I have a guideline for all to maintain topical relevance in SEO. 

Create SILO Website

SILO architecture is a game changer. Whatever your niche is, creating a SILO website helps you in developing topical relevance. 

SILO architecture is a well-researched category page that guides your audience to get the right information in the right place. 

To create SILO website architecture, you must follow these: 

  • In-depth niche research
  • Choose only a micro niche.
  • Make pillar pages. 
  • Create a TREE structure with sub-content (under pillar pages)
  • Make internal links properly.
  • Update frequently

Keyword Gap Analysis

Keyword gap analysis is super important because it helps you to find high-performing keywords for your website. 

Finding a keyword is easy. You can use any AI tool for that. However, to maintain keyword gap analysis, you must understand your niche, and your competitors and align with your goal. 

You can use various freemium tools such as SEMRush, and Ahrefs to do keyword gap analysis. 

Keyword gap analysis is time-consuming, but it delivers real value. 

Here are some steps to do a keyword gap analysis. 

  • First, pick a head keyword. 
  • Use Google and find related keywords. 
  • Make a list and go to any freemium SEO tools like SEMRush. 
  • Enter your keyword and collect gap keywords. 
  • Collect metrics of the above-collected keywords. 
  • Make a detailed content calendar around your keywords. 
  • Create content and publish. 
  • Update old content, and landing pages frequently. 
Topical Relevance in SEO

Make Content Calendar

A content calendar is super important in any SEO strategy. You have to make your monthly content calendar that helps you to align your content with your goal. 

While you make a content calendar, you must make platform-independent content. Only a variety of content is the ultimate powerhouse of your whole content marketing strategy. 

Create a content calendar keeping these in mind. 

  • Your target audience and their demographic. 
  • Create content that meets the audience’s persona. 
  • Best time to post for every social media channel. 
  • Outreach content properly to reach your target audience. 

Collect Analytical Data

Topical relevance in SEO is valuable if you don’t check your performance. Integrate Google Analytics, one of the most efficient analytics tools. 

Check your performance regularly with any analytical tools. Make your next step accordingly. 

I suggest you integrate these two tools with your website. 

  1. Google search console
  2. Google Analytics

You can use any analytical tool like Microsoft Power BI or Adobe Analysis, but Google Analytics is preferable. 

Integrate Google Looker Studio to generate SEO reports and analyse your performance. 

My Final Thought

Topical relevance in SEO is most powerful because it delivers value to your business. Irrespective of any niche, or size of business, topical relevance is a true game changer. Every SEO professional uses topical relevance in SEO to figure out their success. In 2024 and beyond, getting success in SEO, follow the above.