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Have you ever done your niche analysis and taken the necessary steps?

If you are a successful blogger, you can feel how your journey was! 

Every successful blogger and affiliate marketer felt how difficult their journey was! 

When you are looking around to get the motivation to start a blogging career and make money passively, you must focus on your niche. 

Niche research is fundamental to blogging and affiliate marketing. 

If you want to earn 7 figures passive, you have to focus on your niche. 

You may think, why am I focusing on one niche instead of others?

As a digital marketer, I have seen many of my students stuck before because of choosing the wrong niche. 

After my special guide to them, most of them are fully successful. 

If you want to make money blogging and affiliate marketing, this article is for you. 

Before entering in depth, I have a question for you. 

How many of you get inspired by YouTube content creators?

Once I was inspired by the same. 

However, I want to clarify one thing. YouTube is a fantastic platform, but not all videos are worthy. 

According to research, 30% of the content of any niche is valuable and the rest 70% is promotional (never think this is bad content). 

YouTube is one of the most popular digital marketing channels for promoting content. 

You may be puzzled, why do I ask this?

Mostly newbie bloggers make blunders in choosing niches due to overthrust on YouTube videos. 

Only 1% of newbies can choose the perfect niche consuming YouTube videos.

Today in this article I am here to guide you on niche analysis and how to scale and make money passively. 

What is Niche Analysis

In general, niche analysis simply means to understand the niche and its potentiality. 

You may think you understand your targeted niche’s potentiality. 

You are right. Here is a twist. 

However, I have noticed, that most people pick those niches without judging all parameters. 

I want to focus your attention on these crucial factors while you do niche analysis. 

If you analyse your niche well, your job is half done. 

Do you know what factors help you with niche analysis?

Here are the factors. 

Niche SWOT Analysis 

SWOT analysis is crucial in every step. If you want to make money passive, a SWOT analysis is mandatory. 

I am not telling a simple SWOT analysis, rather I am here to let you know how to analyse your niche’s SWOT. 

Do you know what SWOT is?

SWOT stands for – 

S – Strength

W – Weakness

O – Opportunity

T – Threatening. 

Now incorporate your niche analysis with SWOT. 


Don’t worry! I am here to guide you completely. 

Let’s go with an example. 

Suppose the niche you pick is ‘Travel’. 

Now, ask yourself one question. 

Why do you pick the travel niche?

If you have a travel agency or are planning to start a travel agency business, that’s fine. 

But, if you do not belong to the above but want to make money online on ‘travel niche’, ask these 5 questions yourself. 

  1. Why do you pick the ‘travel niche’ without having a travel agency?
  2. What is your plan for content?
  3. Where do you publish your content?
  4. How to monetize your niche?
  5. How to scale 7 futures from this niche?

If you find all the answers satisfactory, then make your niche analysis with the following. 

  1. What is the best platform for your niche?
  2. What is the average competition around your niche?
  3. Which country is leading in your niche?
  4. Who are the top 50 influencers you must follow?
  5. Which platform is your competitors’ primary focus?
  6. How frequently do your competitors provide content?
  7. What is the average traffic and dwell time to your competitors’ platforms?
  8. Who are the target audiences with demographics?
  9. How to manage content gap analysis?
  10. How to maintain an effective content calendar?
  11. How to create effective content for your niche?
  12. How frequently do you need to create/craft/design and update your content?
  13. Which social media to focus on and be active maximum time?
  14. How do you reach content to the right audience?
  15. How to monetize niche?
  16. What is the cost of maintaining your business?
  17. How to make a handsome income and run a healthy lifestyle with your niche?

Let’s discuss this in detail. 

Best Niche Platform

The first part of niche analysis is picking the best platform. Generally online platforms are your digital assets. 

These could be your – 

  1. Website
  2. Social media profile
  3. Email lists
  4. Landing page and more

Here is a big question. How to pick the best platform for your niche?

If you understand the best platform quickly, your niche analysis is successful. 

To pick the best platform, follow these parameters.

  • Search in Google about your niche. 
  • Gather a list of suggested keywords around your niche. 
  • Analyse SERPs properly. 
  • Understand the platform share well. 
  • Create your digital asset. 

I am here to suggest you follow the ‘old school’ theory of picking the best platform. 

If you have the budget, you can start your journey with your own website.

If you have a tight budget, you can start using social media, mainly YouTube. 

Whatever your platform is, you must be visible in both search engines and social media.


Every day billions of people post trillions of content on various platforms, so the audience is everywhere. 

I shall suggest you focus your platform according to priority.

Average Competition

Competition is a parameter that you must value while you plan for niche analysis. 

If your niche is highly competitive, go for a micro niche. 

Here is an example of a micro niche from a broad niche. 

If the broad niche is ‘Travel’, the micro niche might be ‘Travel Gears’. 

‘Travel gears’ is a narrow niche, so the competition is less in comparison to ‘Travel’. 

If you want to dig more, you can find many profitable and micro niches under your primary industry. 

Do you know how to find micro niches?

Simply, use Google. 

Search your head niche i.e. ‘Travel’ and give a space. 

Google gives you ideas. 

You can use Google’s autocomplete feature, using alphabetical search.

Whatever your niche is, use the same strategy. 

Here, I have some examples of micro niches among some popular niche ideas. 

Broad NicheMicro Niche
TravelTour Itinerary
Hotel Bookings
Holiday Package
Laptop and PC
Mobile Accessories
Smart Home Devices
Home and GardeningHome Interior
Office Interior
Roof Interior
Gardening Gears
AppaerlMen Footwear
Women Footwear
Girls’ Fashion
School Bags
Office Bags
Digital MarketingSEO
Paid Advertisement
Social Media
Content Marketing

These are some examples to let you understand what I would suggest. 

Do you know why average competition is an integral part of niche analysis?

Here are some reasons why less competition is preferable. 

  1. Easy to rank. 
  2. Good for Branding.
  3. Easy to make a targeted audience.
  4. The fastest way to find affiliate products. 
  5. High chance of getting organic traffic. 
  6. Scale your business growth faster. 

Additionally, a narrow niche helps you to make you an authority. 

Google prefers bloggers maintain E-E-A-T guidelines

Leading Country

Many bloggers miss this opportunity to judge the leading countries around their niche. Do you know how leading countries help niche analysis?

While you create content for your niche, you must know your audience first. If your audience is from the USA, the writing tone will be different from India. 

I have an example for you. 

As a content writer, I have experienced this. 

Here are two sentences. The first one is written in the Indian language and the second one is in US English. 

  1. I shall be back before sunset. 
  2. I’ll be back before sundown. 

While you analyse your niche, you must understand the importance of your target audience and their language. 

Now how to identify the leading country around your niche?

Very simple. Follow the steps. 

  • Use Google first. 
  • Go to Google and search your niche. 
  • Read top contents and understand the tone they target. 
  • Make a list of the top 30 websites. 

Do the same on YouTube and other social media platforms. 

If you analyse the existing content well, you can easily analyse your niche. 

Do you know, in niche analysis, why ‘leading country’ is crucial?

I have 5 reasons for you. 

  1. Understand your target audience. 
  2. Meet audience persona quickly. 
  3. Can produce valuable content. 
  4. Easy to brand visibility. 
  5. Increase dwelltime. 

Every platform loves dwell time, therefore, if your content is fully targeted and meets the audience persona, you have a high chance of ranking. 

Niche Analysis for Stunning Blogging Career

Follow the top 50 Influencers

In your niche analysis journey, you need to follow the top 50 influencers. 

If you want to know your niche updates or do content gap analysis, following the top 50 (or more) is an ideal option. 

Now the question is, where to follow them?

Simply, use search engines and social media. 

Understand their activities and adopt (don’t copy) in your content calendar. 

You must understand these:

  • How frequently does your influencer post?
  • What type of content do they mostly focus on?
  • What is the average engagement rate?

Most bloggers skip following influencers and as a result, they stuck. 

I suggest you add the following top influencers to your niche analysis bucket list. 

You can easily judge these 3 major factors. 

  • Average traffic. 
  • Content type. 
  • Frequency of posts. 

No, you can easily make your strategy and plan and maintain that. 

Know Your Audience

Knowing the audience is one of the vital parameters of niche analysis. Whether you are, a beginner or a professional, audience analysis is one of the major factors to be successful. 

Do you know what parameters of your audience to check?

  • Age group.
  • Location.
  • Interest
  • Habit.
  • Social media channel
  • More

There are endless parameters you must follow while you do niche analysis. 

Do you know what benefits will you get from this?

You can get these 3 major benefits. 

  • Easy to meet audience persona. 
  • Produce valuable content. 
  • Effective outreach strategy. 

If the above 3 work together, you’ll generate 10X more revenue. 

Content Gap Analysis

Amid the vital niche analysis parameters, content gap analysis is the most effective. If you want to scale your business higher, you need to focus on quality and valuable content always. 

Do you know what is a content gap analysis and how it helps?

In brief, content gap analysis is a practice to find the gap between competitors and produce the best and most valuable content. 

For content gap analysis you need to make a combination of these three. 

  1. In-depth keyword research. 
  2. SERP analysis. 
  3. Understand ranking metrics. 

You can only rank and improve our credibility if you cover as much gap as possible with your valuable and original content. 

This is time-consuming, but 100% effective. 

Whatever your niche is, understanding the content gap is one of the integral parts of niche analysis. 

My Final Thought

While you are planning to pick a perfect niche for your blogging and affiliate marketing, you must follow all vital parameters of niche analysis. In every business growth, the right niche is always effective. Undoubtedly niche analysis helps in generating content to produce value for your business, Have you ever practised niche analysis before? Comment your answer.