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Do you want a promising career in digital marketing? Do you have any dreams to get a secure job quickly? Digital marketing helps everybody to build a lucrative career. 

If you are familiar with digital marketing, that’s great! However, if you have no knowledge and want to establish your career in digital marketing, this article is for you. 

Do you know why digital marketing is so popular?

There are many reasons for the above. According to me, the two most significant reasons are – performance and multi-channels. 

Every industry (almost) targets internet marketing. So the employment opportunities are growing as well. 

As a result, the career in internet marketing is also growing. 

There are some pros and cons of a career in digital marketing. We’ll cover it all in this article. 

Here in this article, I will disclose how you can develop your career in digital marketing. Whoever you are, maybe an experienced or newbie, this article may help you a lot. 

Evaluation of Marketing

Before discussing career opportunities in online marketing, let me honestly confess one thing. In the early to late 80s-2000, there were several advertisement channels. 

There were popular two types of advertisements – printed ads and audio-visual ads. 

The most popular channels for advertisement were newspaper ads, television (TV) ads, ads on the radio, banners, posters hoardings, etc. 

As per my marketing knowledge, most of the ads in the 80s to 2000 were aware people.

Undoubtedly these advertisements were costly too. As a result, all industries (mainly small scale) could not afford it (then). 

Even so, it was very challenging to communicate with prospects properly. As research, all ads were not inspiring, too, due to their relevance. 

Now, I have a question.

Were all the ads relevant? 

Probably not. (I may be wrong, correct me by commenting).

Later, people shifted to personal computers and mobile phones from television. Along with the importance of the internet makes digital marketing is game-changing today. 

With digital marketing, you can target the ideal people easily. 

If any business targets the ideal people, the business will reach another height. 

How Digital Marketing Brings Opportunity

Before establishing a career in digital marketing, you must understand what digital marketing is!

On the internet, you can find lots of definitions of digital marketing. 

So, I won’t elaborate on the definition of digital marketing here. Rather I would like to let you understand the truth behind the popularity of digital marketing. 

Digital marketing is internet-based. So you can communicate with your targeted audience easily. 

There are multiple channels of digital marketing that help to perform well. 

The unavoidable part, digital marketing is a cost-saving marketing method. 

Comparison between Digital marketing and Traditional Marketing

Generally, the marketing channels are limited in traditional marketing, but the marketing channels are huge in digital marketing. 

Traditional marketing is costly. However, digital marketing is cost-effective. 

Traditional marketing doesn’t encourage every industry (mainly small and medium); on the other hand, digital marketing encourages every industry. 

Important Skills for Career in Digital Marketing

Let’s admit the truth. Digital marketing is versatile. It is creative too. So there are lots of career opportunities with digital marketing training.

Before that, let’s meet the most important digital marketing channels. 

The most significant channels of digital marketing are:

  • Business Strategy.
  • Content Management, Development, and Curation.
  • Content marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Search Engine Marketing(SEM).
  • Social Media Optimization(SMO).
  • Social Media Marketing(SMM).
  • Email Marketing.
  • Video Marketing.
  • Copywriting and Editing. 
  • Web Design Development.
  • Business Analysis.
  • E-Commerce. 
  • Mobile Marketing and 
  • More. 

Remember, most of the above are becoming billion-dollar industries today. It’s growing too.

Freshers with one of the above knowledge can establish their career in digital marketing easily. 

For getting a digital marketing manager job, you must know most of the above. 

Top Digital Marketing Career Opportunities

There are various career opportunities with digital marketing. You can become a digital marketing manager, executive, strategist, etc. 

The earning scopes are various. I’m trying to cover all important aspects of digital marketing career opportunities. 

Digital Marketing Manager

One of the most popular job roles in the digital marketing industry is digital marketing manager. From making strategies to implementing, the digital marketing manager has to maintain everything. 

The primary objective of a digital marketing manager is to promote a business’ service or product to the right people. Not only promoting but also setting a key goal to increase conversion or sales. 

So, every digital marketing manager must have experience in multiple channels. Some of them are lead generation, engagement, follow up and conversion. Strategically promoting a brand to the right audience is another crucial role of a digital marketing manager. 

Apart from the above, making performance-based campaign strategies that insist on business growth. 

The digital marketing manager has to lead digital marketing teams for various projects. 

Let’s come to the salary of this post. The salary is not the same for every country. Even it varies according to the strength of the organization as well. 

In India, the digital marketing manager’s salary is up to ten lakhs per annum. So if you’re looking for a digital marketing manager job, our digital marketing training helps you a lot. 

SEO Manager

Do you know how important SEO is! For the steady growth of any business, it is the key. So SEO manager jobs are growing in this era. 

The SEO manager’s job is to rank a business, website, or web page in the search engine (SERPs). 

SEO managers have a major role in finding the most promising keywords for the business. Understanding user intent is one of the key roles in SEO strategy.

There are various techniques in SEO. The majors are –

The objective behind ranking in search engines is to bring organic traffic. The SEO Manager has to optimize, analyze, review businesses or websites for the above. 

The main challenge of this job is to understand the search engine algorithms and proceed accordingly. According to research, the giant search engine Google updates 3200+ algorithms in a year. 

So it is always challenging to rank your website without violating the algorithms. 

The SEO Manager in India gets up to seven lakhs per annum. Though it completely depends on the organization. 

Today an SEO specialist has to focus on voice assistants like Google Assistant, Cortana, Alexa, Bixby etc., to encourage voice search ranking for the business. 

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Social Media Specialist

If your business is not visible on social media, you may lose 45% of your business. 

Yes, it’s true. 

Social media is one of the most essential and engaging channels to grow any business. As a result, candidates are hired as social media experts to maintain the social media strategies of every organization. 

The primary goal of social media specialists is to make the organization’s presence in every social media platform like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, and more. 

Not only presence, but the social media specialist also makes key strategies, including creating and curating content accordingly. 

Additionally, the most important segment of social media specialization is to conduct paid advertisements to bring ideal leads. Remember, the ideal prospects become your customer with the right communication. 

Today a social media specialist gets upto seven lakhs per annum in countries like India. 

So, don’t delay learning Social Media Maestro to become a masterpiece in social media.  

Content Marketer

Content marketing is one of the most important and growing billion-dollar industries today. A content marketing professional gets up to eight lakhs in India per annum. 

Content is everything. So, creating valuable content and distributing it to the right audience is the major role of content marketing professionals. 

Creating and distributing content is the major role here. So, the content marketer plans and outlines the content that helps their business grow. 

Even the content marketing specialist curates brand stories uniquely and appealingly.

The major areas where content marketing works are blogging, guest blogging, copywriting, social media content, PR, Video content, and more. 

The content marketing professional focuses on various channel contents with the most powerful formats per the demand.  

So, making and maintaining a content calendar is one of the most important content marketing job roles. 

Email Marketer

Email marketing is one of the most essential and conversion-oriented marketing channels. Today almost every industry targets email marketing to develop their business steadily. 

In India, an email marketer earns around seven lakhs per annum. 

Let’s come to the job role of the above. Generally, an email marketer develops a communication strategy through email. Along with the above, the above professional needs to create a newsletter, email copies, and set email automation to make communication stronger. 

Email marketing plays the most significant role because of its conversion rate. Almost more than 300% is the conversion rate. Today email marketing is one of the most valuable weapons in affiliate marketing. 

The digital marketing manager has to take responsibility for email marketing as well. 

Content Creator and Developer

Whatever the industry is, content is always key. Today creating, curating and developing content is one of the major roles in the industry. 

There are various types of content available in the market. Some of them are:

  • Article
  • Blog
  • Social media 
  • Email content
  • Guest blogging 
  • Infographics 
  • Video content and 
  • More. 

A content writer and developer earns around 7lakhs (up to). The demand of the content creation industry is huge right now. 

One of the most significant parts of content development is, it is a billion-dollar industry itself today. A content writing career is growing big in this era.

Hence, content writer and development career is very promising today. Don’t forget the content creator must follow augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in their contents irrespective of forms. 

Web Designer and Developer

One of the most promising careers in digital marketing is web development.

Web development is always a big industry because almost every industry targets web development to develop their business website. 

Web development helps to create landing pages also. The digital marketing industry, one of the most important segments in web development. 

Graphic design is one of the major roles of web designers. That is equally important in business enlargement. 

In India. Generally, a web developer earns up to nine lakhs per annum on average. It has also become a billion-dollar industry today.

SEM Specialist 

SEM or search engine marketing specialists create, manage and optimize paid advertising to generate leads. 

One SEM specialist makes strong strategies for Ad campaigns, budget maintenance, and retargeting the right people. 

Writing compelling ad copies is one of the most significant job responsibilities mainly performed to attract visitors. 

Google ads are the most popular search engine marketing, though other search engines like Bing encourage ads to bring the right opportunity. 

Generally, in India, the average salary of an SEM specialist is around 8.5 lakhs annually. 

Other Paid Media Specialist

You know, paid media specialists have to manage various paid media to bring potential business through paid advertisement. 

Apart from Google, there are major paid media platforms that also help to grow business faster. Some of them are Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter ads, Quora ads, Pinterest ads, and more. 

Generally, the salary is the same as SEM here. According to research, more than 58% of the total marketing budget is spent on paid advertisements in multi-channels. Even it is growing too. 

Business Analysis

One of the major roles in every business is to analyze the activity overall and make the next steps accordingly. 

Business analysis helps you to collect data and analyze the performance. 

It ensures you are on the right path with your business. 

Through the business analysis, any organization can understand the audience, including their demographics and more. It is always the best part of digital marketing career development with organizations’ growth. 

Salary for the above is approx close up to 8 lakhs annually (in India). 

Business Automation Expert

As days pass, there are various tools and techniques available on the internet that help business automation.

Almost every renowned organization depends on ORM, CRM, etc., to provide better services to their customers. 

Even email marketing p, social media marketing, paid advertisement, along blogging are also automated using various tools and techniques. 

Today the industry needs business automation specialists who can handle various tools for various purposes like CRM, ORM, etc.

The salary of the above field is up to around seven lakhs today. This job role is growing faster in this era. If my prediction is not wrong, in the future, many organizations will hire business automation experts. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a revenue-sharing business model and one of the most effective and upcoming careers in digital marketing. Every industry wants this business model to take its earnings next level.

Affiliate marketing helps every industry to grow and scale business growth next level.

To scale affiliate marketing and build a successful career, you must go through some productive stages.

These are:

  • In-depth niche analysis.
  • Advanced keyword research
  • Create an effective content calendar
  • Produce content that meets the buyer’s persona
  • Right outreach strategy and implementation
  • Decent analytical skills to understand the performance

If you want to make consistent growth, make sure you use the benefits of technology.

AI in Digital Marketing

Skills to Build a Career in Digital Marketing

In this era, digital marketing is an integral part of every business. So various skills are important accordingly. 

As you know, most of the activities start from search engines. According to research, almost 92% of all online activities take place in search engines. 

So writing SEO-friendly content is the primary goal in digital marketing. Even if any business sells any product online, it starts from search engines mainly. 

Apart from search engines, other important channels also promote business to their targeted audience. 

So content marketing, social media, paid advertisement, email marketing and other important digital marketing business channels encourage all digital marketing activities. 

Let’s come to the skills that are important to build a promising career in digital marketing. The most important skill is content marketing, and SEO, SEM, email marketing, social media and others are equally important for developing your career in digital marketing. 

Who is fittest for Digital Marketing Career

Everyone who has the interest to develop a challenging career is the fittest in a digital marketing career. 

Remember, there is no hard and fast rule for a digital marketing career. Therefore, it is open to everyone. 

However, if you want to excel in your online marketing career, you must have some SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Social Media, and more skills.

Remember, your dynamic skills make you more suitable for building a career in internet marketing. 

Why Career in Digital Marketing is so Demanding (Today)

Every career has some advantages and disadvantages. Digital marketing careers have the same. If you understand the advantages and disadvantages of an online marketing career, you can easily choose your career path. 

Advantages of Career in Digital Marketing

Career in digital marketing

Various skill development

Do you know how soft skills are becoming crucial today! A career in digital marketing brings various opportunities to develop your skills. 

Some of the most crucial skills are SEO, Content Marketing, SEM, Social Media, Email Marketing and more. 

If you’re interested in developing various skills, digital marketing training may help you a lot. Proper knowledge of digital marketing brings creativity too. 

The opportunity of Industry Flexibility

Digital Marketing is not fixed within a couple of industries. Almost every industry uses online marketing for its business growth.  

Earning is Easy

Internet marketing brings various opportunities to earn a handsome salary. Generally, in internet marketing, the salary varies for various reasons. A professional digital marketing head earns up to 30 lakhs (in India) per annum. 

Even a newbie can earn two lakhs at least through digital marketing. Remember, the salary depends on various factors such as positions, job roles, industry, etc. 

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing Career

It brings an opportunity to be flexible with all the industries. You can understand the career opportunities behind it!

There are a couple of disadvantages in the career of digital marketing. Let’s see the most common disadvantages of an online marketing career. 

Learning is every day’s Job

Digital Marketing is very similar to a few professions in terms of learning. A doctor, lawyer, and digital marketer has to learn almost every day. 

So learning allows a bright career in digital marketing. Ongoing learning is a big challenge. 

A digital marketing career is not for you if you won’t be a part of ongoing learning. Every day a digital marketer has to face new challenges, which is only solved through learning. 

Growing Competition

Today’s career in digital marketing is competitive. Though this is a creative field in nature, the competition is increasing too. 

The most competitive part is always to keep business ranking higher. It is one of the most important challenges that determine a candidate’s potential. 


Whatever the advantages and disadvantages are, the career of digital marketing is ever-growing. The main reason behind this is its capability for all industries or niches. In 2021 a career in digital marketing is a good opportunity for all. So if you want to develop your career in online marketing, this article may help you a lot.