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Have you ever heard SiteGround web hosting? If you are looking to get From blogger to business owner love quality web hosting. SiteGround web hosting is one of the best on the list.

Bulgarian University students launched the web hosting company in 2004.

SiteGround is famous for hosting over 2 million domains. SiteGround has been in the hosting business for many years now, and it is one of the oldest companies listed in the web hosting market.

Listed on all three hosting mediums – WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, Siteground is popular among the masses for uptime, efficient performance, and loading speed. The customers’ rate SiteGround with high reviews for the fantastic support staff, increased class security features, and advanced tools. 

SiteGround Web Hosting Important Features

SiteGround Web Hosting comes with various features. If you are planning to buy this budget web hosting for your business, the following information may help you a lot.

Flexible Hosting plans:

Siteground offers shared cloud web hosting and managed WordPress hosting plans for the benefit of the customers. Among all the popular web hosting, SiteGround Web Hosting tops for its variety.

The popular web hosts also offer special packages specially for resellers, WordPress users, and enterprise customers. The customized web hosting solutions of Siteground are one of the customers’ favorite features.

Most common (popular as well) SiteGround Hosting plans mainly include:

  • Shared hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Reseller hosting

All the hosting plans come with a wide range of advanced hosting features like C- panel, SSH access, Cloudflare, MySQL databases, unlimited bandwidth, and static and dynamic catching systems.

Shared hosting plans-

There are three shared hosting plans of SiteGround- 

Startup : 

SiteGround Web Hosting startup plan starts at $3.99 and is apt for the freshers- the new blog or website owners. Hosting one website with unlimited database support 10000 visitors count, the startup plan has 10 GB storage for the users. It also provides an unlimited subdomain, FTP accounts, and email accounts. 


The GrowBig SiteGround Web Hosting plan can host an unlimited number of websites. It offers the users a disk space of 20 GB, a complete database, and bandwidth. The GrowBig program, for $6.99 per month, provides unlimited FTP accounts, subdomains, and email accounts to the users.


The users can host unlimited websites with priority support through the GoGeek plan. The plan comes with disk storage of 40 GB and complete databases ( max 1000 MB). Limitless FTP accounts, subdomains, and email accounts are also part of the plan.

Many advanced features like PCI compliance, GIT staging, and hardware upgrades are some of the benefits of the GoGeek program. It allows over 100,000 visitors per month, and the goal is available at 10.99 dollars each month. 

Cloud hosting plans-

Do you know Cloud hosting is a better option for you in SiteGround Web Hosting when you have an established business working well for you. With growing business data, a lot of information, and calculations, the cloud hosting plans of SiteGround are a blessing to such business owners.

Entry-level Jump Start plan-

You can get a fantastic entry to cloud hosting with the benefits of 8Gb memory, 40GB SSD storage, 4 CPU cores, and an allowance of 5TB data transfer for only $100 monthly.

Business plan:

The business plan gives the users an optimal cloud hosting experience at $200 per month. The program offers 8 CPU cores, 12 GB memory, 80GB SSD space, and 5TB data transfer for the users. 

Business Plus plan:

The business Plus plan provides the users with an advanced cloud hosting experience. You have to pay $300/ month to experience the smooth cloud hosting solutions with 12 CPU cores, 16GB memory, 120 GB disk space, and 5TB data transfer allowance. 

SuperCloud Power-

The highest plan in SiteGround cloud hosting is the superpower plan, and it comes with premium services at $400 each month. The plan offers 16 CPU cores, 20GB memory, 160 GB SSD storage, and 5TB data transfer for the benefit of the users. 

WordPress hosting plans-

SiteGround Web Hosting is ideal for WordPress with various WordPress hosting plans. You can do whatever you want with WordPress hosting- blogging woo commerce. 

The WordPress hosting plans provide ample opportunities for the users to hold up their blogs or websites at lower prices. 

Startup WordPress plan for $3.99/ month

GrowBig WordPress plan for $6.99 monthly

GoGeek WordPress plan for $10.99 per month

Let us look at the other features of SiteGround before deciding on your take on the hosting services. 

Money-back policy:

SiteGround Web Hosting offers users a guaranteed 30-day money-back policy. If you use the SiteGround services and want to back out within 30 days of registration, the web hosting platform assures you a full refund. SiteGround makes it clear that 

Domain names, admin fees, and add-ons costs are non-refundable. Most web hosts will give you a credit amount for the hosting plan fees you paid, but SiteGround is different. A full refund amount is sent directly to your account for the money-back policy guarantee of SiteGround. However, when you cancel after 30 days, you only get a specific amount at the rate of what’s left for the term plan.


Everyone wants excellent uptime for their websites. Web hosting providers’ uptime is mainly troubled by periodic maintenance and security vulnerabilities. It reduces bot attacks. SiteGround Web Hosting is ideally good for uptime.

The routine of SiteGround to create isolated containers for each website maintains the safety of the servers against any attacks. Siteground comes with cloud containers holding thousands of files and data of the websites. They maintain total security and scalability. Our web hosting platform supports real-time monitoring.

Server problems are easily detected. This also helps in lowering downtime. So, Siteground has one of the best figures for Uptime results.

SiteGround Web Hosting host promises an uptime of 99.9% to its customers. Majorly, SiteGround shows a hundred percent uptime. SiteGround is very serious about its claim. It compensates the customers if they ever fail to maintain 99% uptime. SiteGround Web hosting web host promises an uptime of 99.9% to its customers.

Majorly, SiteGround shows a hundred per cent uptime. SiteGround is very serious about its claim. It compensates the customers if they ever fail to maintain 99% uptime.

The service money is returned to the customers in such cases. The customers receive one month of free hosting services if the uptime falls from 99.9% to 99.00%. For every 1% lost after 99.00%,

SiteGround adds another month of free hosting service for the customer’s account.

We can see how much SiteGround respects the customers’ trust and money. They try their level best to provide an efficient and fast hosting experience.

Customer Service –

SiteGround Web Hosting provides professional, fast, and friendly support services for its users.

The customers get a stress-free hosting experience. The customer support staff is available for the users 24/7 through Live Chat, Email, and phone support.

Customers receive swift responses through the live chat almost within 10 minutes max. Migration and other wordpress issues are easily solved quickly through the live chat team.

Complex technical issues are easily solved by technical support staff very quickly. SiteGround has a ticketing service. The live chat officials transfer your problems to skilled and experienced technicians.

Professionals look after the matter and get back to the customers quickly with easy solutions. The customers usually get a reply from the team within 10 to 15 minutes. SiteGround also offers tutorials and go-to guides on the official website for the benefit of the users. 


All we want for business is a fast and smooth website. Most of the hosting platforms show incredible speed typically but fail during traffic spikes; as the pressure over CPU and memory increases, the rate of the servers decreases. However, SiteGround offers excellent results during traffic surges. It has proven to show a response time of 93 ms over 110,260 requests at a specific time. 

Loading time:

The loading time determines a lot for an online business. Long waits may make the customers of a website lose interest in your site. Faster loading pages directly means longer visitor time and a successful business run. So, a fast website with less loading time is a must. The loading time test results of SiteGround speak volumes for the incredible speed it offers. 

5GT Metrix Test – the average loading time recorded is 2.5 Seconds.

5 Pingdom Test: The average loading time is 1.484 seconds.

5 PageSpeed Insight( Google) – the average loading time in SiteGround servers is 3.08 s. 

SiteGround’s advanced optimization process of the hosting architecture offers excellent performance and speed. 

SiteGround uses’ QUIC’ technology for their shared and cloud hosting plans. It increases the speed of the websites and lowers the loading time even on slow internet connections. QUIC further improves the pace, and SiteGround manages various relations and requests simultaneously and effectively at super speed. 

Client area- site tools:

SiteGround has replaced their cPanel with their in-house developed feature- the Client Area and Site Tools. The new interface makes it easier for the customers to manage their sites. SiteGround built the new Client Area using REACT as a single application. It allows the users to work efficiently while using their accounts through any device.


The cloud hosting plans of SiteGround comes with an easy scalability function. Adding CPU or RAM is easy, and it ends with a single click of your fingertips. SiteGround automatically scales the websites for a fast and secure web hosting experience. 

Super Cacher:

The Super Cacher of SiteGround keeps proper control over the automatic backup files and cache data. The users can choose between dynamic, static, and Memcached catching systems—the super cacher stores the cache and other data into the server’s RAM. The website redirects information from the RAM. It is faster to serve the page visitors from the RAM than directly from the servers. So, the load on the servers also decreases.


Siteground offers daily backups of the websites. It ensures that no data is lost in any case. SiteGround provides automatic backups to the customers with no extra charge. The backup system at SiteGround is different, and the backups can be applied within an hour. SiteGround also allows five manual backups on each website. You can quickly restore your backups for all your websites with a few clicks. 


SiteGround uses HTTP/3 technology, and it keeps the websites safer and more secure. The websites with HTTPS/2 also list your websites among the top ranks in Google search. In a way, it enhances the success rate of your small business website and blogs. SiteGround keeps a unique isolation system in place for the websites.

The isolation containers protect your websites from hacking even if someone else’s site on your server is hacked. The web hosts provide a Hack Alert for the users. It is an early warning system developed by GlobalSign to help customers. Hack Alert informs about hidden malware present on the website before the malware activates. 

The data centers of SiteGround have unique security features, including the following:

Constant electrical supply via UPS multiple power points and power generators.

24/7 human monitoring of servers for detecting any threats.

Biometric access points

 All-round video surveillance

SiteGround even replaces components for all server parts, and it even provides replacement servers on hand to make sure performance is never stopped for too long.

Special plugins: 

Siteground comes with optimization plugins for wordpress sites. They automatically optimize images and Google font files and load them faster. It also optimizes your website’s code (JS HTML ) and even minimizes CSS. 

Free SSL certificates- 

SiteGround Web Hosting comes with free SSL certificates. What are SSL certificates? Well, they are essential for your websites. The word SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is generally a security feature with encryption. It becomes necessary to protect our data from alien parties and frauds during these hacking times.

SSL makes sure that data is not entered, accepted, or read by any unknown person. The rules or instructions (SSL) bind your server and user browser while sending or receiving any data. SSL certificate identifies the organization or party with the domain name, server, and hostname.

It ensures the originality of the person or organization with whom you share files. It is a necessity to make your site secure. SSL certificates mark a website as HTTPS or not. HTTPS ensures extra security to a site. Thus you win over the trust of your customers with the SSL certificates free of cost with SiteGround. 

Free CDN services: 

SiteGround Web Hosting platform offers advanced CDN services free of cost. 

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) services reduce the loading time by upto 50%. It also takes off the load from the servers. It delivers content from the nearest possible locations to the target audience: shorter the distance, faster the download of website content.

Thus, The CDN services help run the websites smoothly even during traffic spikes. The Cloudflare CDN heightens the SiteGround network.

Other Benefits of SiteGround Web Hosting 

SiteGround Web Hosting allows unlimited data transfer on all its hosting plans.

Other hosting providers may charge fees for email accounts and restrict them to numbers. SiteGround, on the other hand, offers an unlimited number of email accounts to the customers free of cost.

The web hosting platform comes with unlimited subdomains and parked domains. 

There is an accessible staging area for the websites at SiteGround

you can have a stress-free experience with SiteGround. Automatic WordPress updates are available for you, and you can even manually handle them through the client area free site migrations and migrator plugins are also available.

The migration plugin helps to quickly move WordPress sites. Only the startup does not allow this feature.  

One-click installation feature. You may install various apps, softwares, updates, and plugins with a single click at SiteGround. 

Developer features such as GIT integration and WP-CLI integration are a bonus.

SiteGround uses the PHP ultrafast version. It uses fewer power resources and RAM, which lessens the website’s loading time. This feature is only available for cloud hosting customers and the GoGreek plan of SiteGround.

PHP 8: 

PHP is a server scripting language, and it is generally used to create dynamic website content. The latest version of PHP is used at SiteGround to boost speed.

SiteGround’s GoGeek and cloud hosting plans have ultrafast PHP enabled for better and faster hosting service.

The NGINX Web server technology at SiteGround boosts site loading time.


Cost effective: 

We can get the same services at a lower price from other hosting providers. Undoubtedly, Siteground provides reliable, efficient, and fast hosting services; still, it may be too much for new business owners or bloggers. Freshers at web hosting may opt for cheaper web hosts available in the market if money is a concern. 

Increased renewal prices-

SiteGround Web Hosting offers excellent deals and discounts to attract users. No doubt, it provides a fast, secure, stress-free hosting service. It works well for the customers too. The website owners with a budget at hand may face problems renewing their hosting plan. All the hosting plans have high renewable prices, and customers often switch to other web hosting platforms for the pricing. You should look at your options and budgets.  

SiteGround only serves Linux-based servers. People with a Windows option can not avail of the services of the web hosting giants.

Most web hosts provide users with advertising credits, whereas SiteGround lacks behind here.


SiteGSiteGround Web Hosting is not cheap. It offers fast and secure hosting services and takes due charges for that. The advanced technology, reliable uptime, smooth service during traffic surges, and add-on benefits of SiteGround are incomparable. The trained customer support staff is always available for users. As a fresher website owner, SiteGround will come across as costly. As an entrepreneur with a growing a business, SiteGround’s fast, professional, and secured services are what you are searching for. SiteGround uses Google cloud technology for all its data centers. Google uses 50% less energy than other data centers. It is a nod to environment-friendly ways. It all comes to your needs. So choose well!