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Do you think the content writing career is dead in the AI era? Still, you can nail a stunning content writing career in 2024 and beyond.

If you have the zeal and passion for writing, a career in content writing is for you.

Artificial Intelligence tool like ChatGPT is not your competitor if you know how to produce valuable content and generate the right outcome.

Just keep this in mind, every industry needs content writers because content is the ultimate game changer.

Are you looking for a prosperous career opportunity for yourself? Do you look upon yourself as a creative person?

How much are you interested in doing something that you like to do? And guess what! You are going to get paid for doing something that you would love to do. Have you ever thought about a content writing career?

Let me hatch the egg and come to the point now. Here in this article, I am going to share with you some important aspects of the content writing career. Apart from these, I will also provide you with some basic tips to evolve as a successful content writer. If you are a person who loves to read and write and write and read then this article will benefit you at large.

I have tried to cover the most crucial areas of the Content writing career by touching on the following points:

  • The concept of content writing
  • Eligibility criteria to enter in this industry
  • Scopes of content writing
  • Income and prestige
  • Comparative study of freelancing and full-time job

To begin with, a career in content writing is stuffed with numerous opportunities. Along with the opportunities, of course, come challenges and an efficient content writer is also ready to accept the challenges bravely.

With the manifold increase to internet access worldwide, the demand for efficient and effective content writers is also increasing at speed.

Once you understand the nuances of content writing, no one can stop you from growing enormously in the field and make a lot of money. You must be knowing that in the current era lakhs of people are making money impressively as freelance content writers.

To be honest, in this modern world of instant gratification, the career as a content writer faces high competition. But if you can attain a considerable height of excellence in the quality of your writing, you can easily earn any amount between INR 50,000 to INR 3,00,000 per month.

Believe me, there is an astonishing number of instances where efficient content writers have made a golden fortune out of their careers.

What content writing is?

As the name suggests, Content Writing means writing the content matter for almost anything or perhaps writing on almost any topic.

Say for example, as a content writer you may write content for websites, research papers, marketing collaterals (like newsletters, emails, brochures, advertisements, etc.), press releases, etc. So, you can understand that the content writing career is priceless.

Have you heard the term Copywriting before?

This term is generally used for writing uniquely creative content, take advertisements for example. Copywriting’ is written to influence the behaviour of your readers. It is also written to convince your readers to take any particular course of action or make a purchase.

Academic writing is also gaining popularity as a satisfying profession. Let me give a pithy introduction to this concept. In this kind of writing, you have to implement your professional expertise and knowledge and write academic answers or tasks or assignments of students.

True it is that moral and ethical concerns are related to writing assignments for others. But in academic writing, the writer and the student happily engage in something which is supposed to be mutually advantageous and worthy for them.

What are the eligibility criteria to become a content writer?

If you want to build your content writing career, here comes the most valuable question, the answer to which is sure to make you smile. Surprisingly enough, you don’t need to have any particular educational qualification or degree to develop a sound content writing career. So, entry to the content writing field is not restricted by any strict or enormous constraint.

Now if you wish to work as a full-time content writer then you have to be a graduate in any field as most employers prefer graduates or postgraduates. Also, having a college or university degree in English literature or Mass communication will serve to be a plus point in a content writer’s career. The more efficient your language skills the more perfection is expected of you.

However, irrespective of one’s educational background, any person who has a good grip in language can seek to develop his/ her own, independent career in content development and make a decent amount of money.

You can write content in any language as people of all language groups, all over the world search for various content on the internet. Say you are good in Bengali then you can write in Bengali. The same goes for other languages like Hindi, Gujarati, English, German, French, etc. If you are multilingual then you can also become a translator. The modern world is getting inextricably attached to the internet. This is resulting in a continuous increase in the demand for writers and translators.

What are the Scopes of Content Writing?

Content writing as a career has a huge scope. The scope is so enormous in itself that it will be way too long to note the whole of it in a single article.

Here I have discussed some of the broad genres of content that are frequently looked for and highly on demand.

Please keep it in mind that there is no strict rule to categorize the pieces of content under a specific genre. Most of these terms are often used for each other.

For example, writing a business blog is an inevitable part of business communication and creative writing is another name that is often used in the place of copywriting.

Considering the types of jobs available in the market, the following types of content are widely known:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Content Writing:

In SEO content writing you have to write quality content for article directories and guest posts. In SEO articles, the keyword density takes on an essential role. It is probably the simplest kind of content writing.

Lion’s share of clients will give you just two constraints- the keywords must be aptly inserted and the content must be 100% plagiarism free and unique.

So, you can’t ignore the keyword research.

The SEO articles are rarely read by users. These are mainly designed for search engines. The rate of SEO writing is cheaper for this very reason. It usually comes at 20-30 paise per word.

A content writing career is a kind of blessing. almost every SEO perspective, content writing is next to important. Not only the writing but also the way to put them in proper order is a part of that content.

A few grammatical errors are also overlooked and accepted in SEO articles (though you should always give your best).

So as a beginner, you can think of starting your content writing career with SEO writing and gradually boost your writing skills. Once you attain mastery in the field, you can take up other types of articles and charge a higher price from your clients.

how to become a successful content writer in AI era
how to become a successful content writing in AI era

Blogging/ Blog writing:

As per the statistics of marketing professionals, more than 2 million blog posts are created each day. It is expected that this number will rapidly grow in the future. The gulf between the demand and supply of quality content writers is widening. The demand is much higher than the actual supply of content writers available in the industry.

It is high time to take up a career in this field and contribute to the ever-growing economy of content. The more quality content you create, the more will you be able to quench the queries of your readers.

As a blogger or blog writer, you have to write useful blogs or articles for the company’s website. Depending on your experience, creativity and language command, you can earn anything between 50 paise to INR 3 per word as a freelance blog writer.

The earning of a full-time blog writer depends largely on his experience and personal skills. Usually, a fresher earns INR 10,000- 20,000 per month and an experienced writer earns INR 40,000- 1,00,000 or more.

Content Writing for Social Media

You may have an idea that billions of pieces of articles are posted on social media daily. Almost all private organizations these days use social media as a platform to promote their business and attract visitors to their websites. To get hold of considerable traffic consistently, they need to keep uploading excellent quality content on their sites regularly.

To meet this purpose, they hire professional writers who have the skills to write exquisite content that generates more and more visitors to their site.

Apart from this, the social media content also covers status updates. Writing for images and infographics is also included in its scope. This is a challenging task. The earnings of social media content writers depend totally on their professional expertise and creativity.

These articles are posted on the official social media accounts or blogs of the companies. That’s why social media content should be free from grammatical errors. You must be very careful about the selection of words, punctuation, and grammar while writing such content.

Generally, as a freelance writer, you can charge anything between 50 paise to 3 rupees per word. It depends on your level of experience, skill and of course creativity at large.

A content writing career is also dependent on the way you make content for social media. Here is a huge scope.

As a beginner, you can expect anything between INR 15,000- and 60,000 per month. It will also depend on your compatibility with the given task.

Let me make something very clear, there is no upper limit for the efficiency and experience of a writer. In this field, your intention to grow and develop and your hard work decide your level of success. If you are ready to give your best then you can have the opportunity to work with the most reputed organizations and earn in lakhs.


 I have already made a point or two about copywriting earlier in this article. You must know by now that it is a type of writing the purpose of which is to convince the reader to follow a particular action- buy a product, click on a link, etc.

Copywriting is generally embedded with the following characteristics- brief, pithy, direct, short and simple.

Content like blogs and articles are used to impart the reader knowledge of something or rather to educate the reader, but in copywriting, you have to convince your reader to take a particular course of action.

You must have a sound knowledge of consumer behaviour to write a remarkable copy.

To write a compelling copy you have got to spend a lot of time and effort. So, your remuneration depends on the strategy of the organization you are working with and your expertise in the field.

You must have come across many catchy taglines that are used in different advertisements, banners, and posters. Have you ever wondered about the creator of those crispy tags? They are none but the copywriters. Content writer

Some of the most heard and seen taglines in India are:

  • Apna Desh Badal Raha hai
  • Janta maaf nahi karegi
  • Bajate raho
  • Ek idea jo badal de apki duniya
  • Kyunki daag achche hain

I am sure that some such catchy lines are hitting your memory too. Isn’t it?

The area of coverage of copywriting is not limited to taglines. Any form of content in which you have to convince the audience of something falls under copywriting- landing pages, technical manuals, marketing collaterals, etc.

Academic Writing:

I have already made you a bit familiar with the term. As I have stated above, academic writing is concerned with writing a student’s theses, assignments, dissertations, etc. You will find a lot of students who are either not much confident about writing or are lacking time. In such cases they often opt for outsourcing their writing assignments, thus making ground for a shining career for the writers.

To become an academic writer, first, you must get well acquainted with all the referencing styles like IEEE, MLA, Harvard, etc. Processing a sound knowledge of in-text citations and referencing styles will aid you in attracting more referral clients and prestigious projects as well.

General and Business Content

Primarily, business content is used in Business communication. Here are some examples of business content- website content, case studies, white papers, training modules transactional email, coursework, etc.

Anything apart from this is a part of the general content. Some good examples of general content are- resumes, welcome messages, legal applications, news, songs, fiction, personal profiles, etc. Different writers can be specialized in their specific areas of interest and grab.

As a full-time general or business content writer, you can expect to earn around IMR 20,000 – 80,000. Your salary will solely depend on your degree of experience and skill. Highly skilled writers can even earn lakhs.

Content Writing Career has steady growth if a content writer can produce quality business content. Remember, a business content writer plays a very important role.

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If you have gained profound experience in writing and if you have excellent command over language (mainly English), then you can consider yourself worthy of the job of an efficient editor.

A person with not enough experience in writing won’t be a promising candidate for the editing job. Besides, to be an editor, you must have plenty of understanding and knowledge of your industry. As an editor, you have to be the proofreader of the content and judge their standard and quality. It will be your task to take care of the quality standards of the content according to your organization’s requirements.

An editor is always expected to be a well-paid person. The amount of remuneration, of course, depends upon your productivity and experience.

I hope that by now you have acquired some ideas about the broad scopes of content writing.

Now, the question is likely to poke your mind how do Freelance writing and a full-time career in content writing differ?

Being a writer gives you the freedom to choose the time and place for working. Here lies the flexibility of your job. It’s not at all mandatory for you to be physically present in a particular place to do your job. It is a common psychology of most of writers to prefer isolation over random office distractions. Peace of mind and attention help to produce a perfect piece of content.

Thus, as a content writer, if you want to grow your content writing career, you will have the option to either work as a freelancer or pursue a career in the corporate sector.

I have listed the advantages and disadvantages associated with both the available options:

Advantages of working as a Full-time content writer

  • Scope of career growth
  • Gradually you will acquire leadership skills
  • You will have a consistent flow of income
  • You need not be worried about generating clients or getting projects
  • You will learn new skills and techniques from your colleagues in the office
  • You will have the opportunity to be associated with big brands

Disadvantages of working as a full-time content writer

  • Your income will be rigid
  • You can enjoy very less or no flexibility
  • Your work-life balance may get hampered
  • You might have to go through organizational politics

Advantages of working as a Freelance writer

  • Complete freedom- you will have the freedom to choose the place and time for working. This ensures higher flexibility. You will have the opportunity to be selective about the type of content that you would love to develop.
  • It will be easier for you to assume responsibilities other than professional ones without compromising your earnings.
  • You will be free from undue pressure to work for a stipulated number of hours a day.
  • Most importantly, your work-life balance won’t be at stake

Disadvantages of working as a Freelance writer

  • It will be difficult to find clients who are willing to pay sufficiently for good quality content
  • You can have a consistent inflow of tasks- at times you will be excessively burdened with lots of projects and at times there may not be any project at all.
  • You can’t expect a consistent flow of income
  • There will be no opportunities to work with highly challenging projects- the ones that are generally pocketed by the big organizations
  • You won’t have the scope to interact much with the outside world. It may (or may not) hamper your interpersonal skills
  • At times you may find it difficult to simultaneously deal with your personal and professional commitment

I hope you can understand how a content writing career is becoming a booming career option in these days.

How Content Writing Career is Growing?

The content writing industry is inherently potent and promising. It is a skill-intensive desk job where you can use your creativity, knowledge, and experience to the fullest.

If you love to write then imagine a life where all you have to do is to creatively engage in writing and getting sufficiently (if not lavishly) paid for that. As a content writer, you can fulfil this dream of yours.

Instances are many where the writers solely run after meeting the word count. They completely ignore the quality factor of the content and care only about the number of words. It is the worst thing that a content developer can do. Such an approach will not allow the writer to attain new heights of expertise.

A huge piece of article with the least of information is as fragile as a huge body without properly functioning organs. A balance between the quality and quantity of content is desired by an efficient writer. This is probably the most important step to build a successful content writing career.

Remember that shortcuts are only good for short-lived success. This is the same for a content writing career. But your target is to be the horse of a long race. For that, you have to stop relying on shortcuts and start working for long-term success.

Never copy-paste from any other content as by doing so you will get caught during a plagiarism check. This may even lead to the termination of your career. You can always get ideas from other content. You are free to acquire ideas from your research, but writing employs your creativity, your vocabulary and your labour. Work on yourself and keep updating yourself every day.

Following these dos and don’ts will surely help you in the long run. Your honesty and hard work will pay back in the form of a bright career in your dreams.

Summing Up

It is my earnest advice that if you want to become an efficient content writer then work on your language skills, brush it up and get started with the job. The content writing career demands a lot of dedication, positivity, and creativity too and none of these are readymade products, they are all achieved bit by bit, step by step in the form of an eternal and ever-evolving practice.

The content writing career is so vast and versatile in scope that it is practically impossible to encapsulate all the minute details in a single article.  But the points that I have mentioned here will give you an all-encompassing idea about this field. Thus it is certain that a professional content writing career is the most important career opportunity if you can write.

If you have any more queries, opinions or advice for us then please feel free to leave a message below in the comment section and we get back to you with pleasure. Our sole aim is to serve you with the most authentic information and your appreciation or criticism will help us to take our service to yet another level.