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Have you ever searched the word “near me”? Have you any idea how Google My Business produces the result? If you are an industry expert, then you must have knowledge of it. But if you are new in this segment, or if you are going to start up your own business, then this article is duly designed for you. Remember, this blog is mainly designed for those who want to grow their online business. Today I am going to discuss one of the most important tricks on How Google My Business Grows your Local SEO.

Google My Business has announced two major updates that are simply best for local business growth. Do you know what are they?

The first one is

“Discontinuing toll-free numbers” – Primarily it may dishearten you, but for the long term, that one is probably a good step. They redirect you to another website where you will get more detail about Google My Business and can get instant help without getting delayed.

and the other one is

“Job types of services” – It helps the customers to find their must required services through the GMB, even if that service is not included.

Remember Google My Business is commonly known as GMB too.

Hi! I am Shovan Ghoshal, a digital marketer, blogger, entrepreneur from India. I am a Digital Marketing Trainer too. Now I am going to describe the most important digital marketing tips for your local SEO.

Before entering the main article, I would like to ask a simple question? Is your business listed on Google? Comment YES, if your business is on Google, else, simply reply NO.

Let’s come to the topic –

How Google Local Business Listing helps your Local SEO

Do you know what is a local business?

According to Yext.com,

“A company that provides goods or services to a local population is considered as a Local Business.”

According to me, a local business is based on particular places for it’s nearest customers.

Suppose you serve a Digital Marketing Services locally; you will definitely target those people who stay near to you. You may ask me why?

According to Google, almost 75% mobile search is based on local if, and among them, almost 28% converts to customers.

So, what are the top 3 benefits of a local business listing?

  • The local search produces more conversion.
  • Build a strong customer relationship.
  • Increase brand awareness.

What is Google Business Listing

Google my business is one of the leading business directories which actually helps the local marketing.

According to the Hubspot,

Google My Business is one of the leading industry oriented location specific directories.

If you have done business listing on Google, you just rock. Just keep updated regularly using Google my business sign in and keep posts, offers, photos, videos, etc to attract your customer.

Let’s see how How Google My Business helps to grow your Local SEO.

Create Business Account on Google to boost your Business

If you are looking for the benefits of Google, there are lots of ways. Among them the best way to create a business account on Google. Do you know how to make Google business listing? If you already know, just skip the steps.

Before showing a few steps, remember that you can create Google Business Listing Free. So anybody having any budget can get benefit from google business listing.

Ensure Google for Business Login First

If you’re already registered in Google My Business, you can skip this step. If you are new in this, follow every step carefully. Just keep one thing in your mind that, Google My Business listing is the best local business listings, and it is completely free. So, let’s have a look.

Google My Business sign-in easy steps

How Google My Business Grows your Local SEO and Increase Business
GMB Login – Biva Technologies
  • Search in Google for Google My Business
  • Click on Start Now to create your GMB Account.
  • Login using your Gmail Account.
  • Put your business name.
  • Confirm if you want to add your location
  • Carefully fill your address.
  • Add a Phone Number, Website URL, etc. (Not mandatory)
  • Finish and verify your business.
  • Login Dashboard to optimize for better results.
 Google My Business sign in
GMB sign in complete

Google generally takes 10-12 business days to verify your location. They send you a code to Google My Business verify either via courier services or email. This process depends on the place you choose. For most of the cases, it comes via courier.

As soon as you get that, verify your Google My Business account with that code embedded with the letter or mail.

Optimize your Google Local Business Listing

Now your account is verified. Let’s come to Google My Business Dashboard to optimize for your target customer. Always remember, a proper optimization can only bring the ideal customer.

Let’s have a look at the Google My Business Dashboard.

Google My Business home screen
Google My Business – Biva Technologies

The window is divided into two major parts. The menus are on the left-hand side and the right-hand side is laid with the details of the menus. Before entering into detail Google My Business Dashboard demonstration, I share a valuable fact that Google Business Listing or Google Business Page is the cream of Local SEO.

Google My Business Menu and its Use

Google My Business - Biva Technologies

Here is the detail for you. If you still have any question which I have not covered, please ask me in the comment below.

At the top left corner, you see the name of my business – Biva Technologies with Google My Business Locations.

Dashboard Home option

Come to the Home option. Here in the home option, you will find three important parts – ‘Create Post’, ‘Add Photo’ and ‘Create Ad’.

Google My Business - upload image
google my business add update

Just below it, you will find the snippet of your location if you want to create your business promotion.

On the right-hand side, you see the performance segment, which covers views, searches, and activities.

After the performance segment, you will find your latest post on Google My Business. You can create a stunning post to attract your audience.

Post Option in Dashboard

If your target is to rank high in Google, you have to focus on this option. According to my knowledge and experience, as digital marketing is concerned, most of your local business comes via this part of Google My Business. Let’s get the detail.

When you click on Google My Business Posts, soon you will get surprised by the dish Google offers you. Now, have a look in detail.

The options tell you why this segment is the most important for you.

Let’s have seen via a list:

  • Add update is for simply a post. It helps to bring real traffic to your website and boost your organic traffic.
  • Add event is important to create an event to attract your audience. Suppose you are a digital marketing trainer, you can create an event on Digital Marketing Career Course and bring your targeted audience.
  • People love offers. This offer segment can increase your conversion.
  • Last but not least, the product option helps to create a sellable product, which you can sell directly through your Google My Business account. Remember, it may be a physical or a digital product like a tool, software, etc.

Here is the detail for you. If you still have any question which I have not covered, please ask me in the comment below.

At the top left corner, you see the name of my business – Biva Technologies with the physical address.

Info Section of GMB

The name suggests that this section of Google My Business Account is for updating and deleting information.

Let’s see what options these sections cover.

  • Business name and type of business.
  • Location of Business Account which actually is your business address.
  • Service area
  • Business hours including special hours (if any).
  • Contact number.
  • Website and appointment URL (very important for lead generation)
  • Services, Keywords (levels) and Photos.

Google Local Listing Insights, Reviews, and Messaging

These three sections are important to check the status of your account. Let’s see in brief:

Insights show the total views, customer actions, phone calls, photo quantity, etc.

Reviews show how many reviews have you got. Remember it is the most important part of reputation management. The review can bring your User experience which is really good for SEO.

Messages are mainly a welcome message. It helps to grow communication between you and your customer or prospect.

Photo Option in GMB Dashboard

If you want to attract your customer and want to get more conversion, post the stunning photos. As a digital marketing professional, I can ensure you that more relevant photos bring more conversion.

GMB Website Section

If you want to attract your customer and want to get more conversion, post the stunning photos. As a digital marketing professional, I can ensure you that more relevant photos bring more conversion.

Like a regular website, you can upload photos, change themes, text, etc. So, according to all SEO parameter, it will help you a lot in your both Local SEO and Global SEO too. I shall discuss in detail with you including the benefits, purpose and how to use if you need more detail.

Importance of User Segment

You know it very well that your business is live on Google for 24 hours a day. Increase your google my business support using adding more users as site manager, owner or manager to optimize your business to the next level.

Google My Business deals with lots of additional options like add a new location, create an ad and custom Gmail.

How to Manage Google My Business Location

This is one of the important parts for you to add more business in your existing Google My Business Account. Even if you want to remove any business from Google local listing, you can use it easily via manage location option of my Google Business Account. You can link another account too.

Already I have discussed the important parts of the dashboard of Google My Business. You can operate your Google Business via Google My Business Apps. You can avail this app for both Android and iOS.

How Google My Business Help in Ranking Higher

Before explaining the importance of Google My Business for ranking, I ask you a question.

How will you produce your web traffic?

I am waiting for your comment.

According to Moz, the Google local business listing brings 25% of organic traffic which is superb.

You know that SEO or search engine optimization is an ongoing process to gain organic traffic. According to the process, practice and methodology, I divide SEO into six important segments. These are:

  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • eCommerce SEO and
  • Multilingual SEO

Most of the cases major business listing directories help you in two major segments I have already mentioned – Off-page SEO, Local SEO. Now let’s see how does Google local listing help your SEO parameter.

I am gonna discuss why the local listing is very important for off-page SEO.

According to Moz, Google local listing brings 25% of organic traffic which is superb.

I am gonna discuss why the local listing is very important for off-page SEO.

Before that, I just share some important facts about Google My Business.

How to get more business from Local Business Listing

Before that, I just share some important facts about local business listing. What are convenient ways to use it!

Find a suitable place from the Google Map. Simply search in Google with your keyword. I have an example for you. Suppose you are searching for a keyword “digital marketing services near me”. When you search, you will find some results below your search bar.

If you think about how it helps SEO, then check the following points:

To rank high in Google, you have to know the ranking signals of the local listing business. These are:

5 Major Factors of Business Listing helps bringing Traffic

Focus Keyword: We know the keyword is the main component for any ranking factor. Optimize your Google My Business Account with your ideal keyword in the business title. It helps to grow more traffic.

User Experience: Most of the Local Listed organizations are serving either service or sell any product. So, review plays an important role here to grow your user experience. Remember, a good review is your key to success. It is a part of reputation management too.

Increase CTR: CTR stands for Click Through Rate. Google My Business helps to grow your CTR and also increase dwell time too. Even using Google My Business App, you can easily make calls directly.

Healthy Competition: Healthy competition is always good for any growth. Google My Business makes produce healthy competition with your nearest competitors. So, you have an eye on your competitors’ activities to bring your business rank higher.

Brand Awareness: This is the most important factor for any business. Grow your business to the next level with Branding. Google My Business helps your branding. You know how branding is important, so brand awareness increases the site authority because it gathers lots of visitors. You know we do SEO for gaining the authority of a website, so branding helps a lot in SEO.

Expert’s Confession

First of all, I bade thanks all my readers who spend their valuable time to read this article. Hope you can understand How Google My Business Grows your Local SEO. In this article, I have tried to cover the most important parts of Google My Business. If you still have any suggestion or question, comment below. I appreciate your choice of choosing us.

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