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Are you looking for Digital marketing jobs for freshers? Do you know how to get jobs as a fresher in online marketing industry?

We are standing in the digital world today. The making or breaking of a business or brand depends on digital marketing. One of the essential things in business these days are digital marketing jobs.

There is a lot of scope for career opportunities in this field. Still, getting a good digital marketing job for freshers becomes difficult. You must have complete knowledge of your area. It may be social media, Google, or copywriting. 

 As a fresher, you can get digital marketing jobs with the right digital marketing skills. With a digital marketing internship and some practical experience, it becomes easy to land a job. It also fills you with confidence. You also get a choice to choose where to work.

Whichever skill or part of digital marketing you go for, be updated with the basics of digital marketing. It gives you a strong foundation. It will help you to succeed in your career and the digital marketing world.

List of The Popular Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers

If you are a newbie and want to excel your digital marketing career, the following section may encourage you.

Every digital marketing student wants to get a good and stable job and establish his career. Even freshers have various opportunities to start working in online marketing industry.

In this competitive market, online marketing brings huge scope of career development. Day by day it is flourishing. Freshers encourage themselves to establish their choice.

Here are some popular Digital marketing jobs for freshers. You can start even if you are digital marketing trained.

DesignationsAverage Salary
Social media marketing executiveThe average salary for this job is ₹3,00,000/ annum (it varies)
Digital marketing executiveThe average salary for this job is ₹2,60,000/annum
Web DeveloperThe average salary for this job is ₹3,00,000/annum
Email marketing executiveThe average salary for this job is ₹2,70,000/annum
SEO ExecutiveThe average salary for this job is ₹2,00,000/ annum
SEM ExecutiveThe average salary for this job is ₹3,50,000/annum
Content marketing executiveThe average salary for this job is ₹3,00,000/annum
Marketing automation executiveThe average salary for this job is ₹3,60,000/annum

Let us go through the digital marketing jobs in detail. The article also covers the responsibilities of each position. It will help the freshers to decide well and prepare themselves for the future.

Social Media Marketing Executive

Among the popular Digital marketing jobs for freshers, social media marketing stands first. Social media marketing is the best way to make a business or brand hit. With the rising popularity of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., social media marketing executive jobs are in great demand.

A social media marketing executive is wholly responsible for a business’s reputation on social media. They plan and execute marketing strategies for a brand or business on social media.

The media marketing executive’s job is to maintain and develop the company’s social media reputation. Social media marketing executives plan campaigns for the company to promote the business or brand.

They create and post quality content on the company’s social media handles. It maintains engagement and drives traffic to business websites. 

Social media executives look over the content for social media campaigns of the brand or business. They work together with the Marketing, analytics, and PR teams.

The importance of social media marketing executives speaks for the demand for the job in the industry. 

The Key responsibilities of social media marketing executives are:

  • To plan and execute social media marketing ads. It helps to increase the sales and reach of the company.
  • Take care of the social media accounts of the company.
  • Maintain engagement on the social media platforms of the company
  • Creative, post, and develop content on social media to promote the brand. It also attracts the audience toward the business or brand.
  • Make audits of social media advertising costs and returns from it.
  • Take notes on the success of the social media marketing campaigns.

It is one of the highest-paying digital marketing jobs. The freshers can surely opt for this job. You need to have some basic knowledge about the working and tools of social media. 

Social media marketing executives need a lot of patience and passion for social media. It requires a lot of hard work. They need to constantly improve marketing plans on social media for the company’s growth. 

Digital Marketing Executive

A digital marketing executive takes care of the brand’s or client’s online presence. Digital marketing means promoting the brand or business in all forms of digital media.

So digital marketing executives have to take care of a lot of aspects. Digital marketing executives must have basic knowledge of all digital marketing concepts. Leverage training brings Digital marketing jobs for freshers.

They must have the skills to use digital media to increase the growth and profits of the company. The key responsibilities of digital marketing executives are-

  • To plan and monitor the company’s online presence on all digital media.
  • To plan and execute online advertisements and content on all digital platforms. It increases the brand reach among the audience. It also helps to increase sales. 
  • To keep a measure and report of the performance of all digital marketing efforts. They use the web analytics tool for this. They determine the impact of digital marketing ads and plans.
  • Tracking the ongoing marketing trends and updating the marketing plans in the digital space
  • We are maintaining customer engagements and partnerships with agencies and other vendor partners.

SEO Executive

Every Website tries to get its SEO strategies right. It is the job of Search Engine Optimization executives. This technical job needs excellent analytical skills. SEO is one of the popular digital marketing jobs for freshers.

A search engine optimization executive’s main aim is to increase a website’s traffic. It makes the business website rank on google’s first page. It makes the business website more visible to the audience and increases sales. 

You need in-depth knowledge of keyword research, SEO copywriting, and search engines to succeed in this career. The SEO executive looks after the changing algorithms of the SEO world. You must adapt quickly and be open to learning in the continuously changing industry. 

The primary responsibilities of SEO executives are- 

  • Making on-site and off-site analyses.
  • Helping to create good quality SEO-friendly content for the websites.
  • Doing detailed keyword research. It helps to increase the website traffic and growth of the brand or business.
  • Planning and executing linking marketing strategies

The increasing demand for SEO executives makes it one of the highest-paying digital marketing jobs. You can earn pretty high in India and globally as well.

Web developer

Web development executives of web developers develop and look after the functioning of a company’s Website. It is also one of the highest-paying digital marketing jobs. 

Web design and development is ideal Digital marketing jobs for freshers as well. Web development executives need proper training in programming languages and databases.

They must have in-depth knowledge of HTML and CSS. They must have excellent communication skills to work better with clients. 

There are various responsibilities of web developers. Let us know the primary roles of a web developer-

  • Creating a website using standard programming languages.
  • Combining data from back-end services and databases.
  • Maintaining and keeping the Website running.
  • Collecting data and improving specific technical needs to update the Website.
  • Building and supporting software documents.
  • Developing APIs 

Web developers update and improve the company’s Website to attract an audience. It helps to gain engagement and increase sales for the business. Web developers have the most valuable skills in the digital world. 

SEM Executive

A search engine marketing executive takes responsibility for paid ads. It looks after all search engines and digital network marketing. You must be good with numbers.

One must also have excellent analytical skills for the post of SEM executive. You should have technical skills with a basic understanding of code and website design. The demand and salary of SEM specialists are pretty high.

You can look out for SEM executive jobs in the digital marketing world. Google PPC skill broaden the opportunity of digital marketing jobs for freshers

The primary responsibilities of SEM executives are- 

  • Creating search engine campaigns. They do this to get maximum ROI
  • Measuring and analyzing the website analytics reports. It helps them to understand campaign performances.
  • Managing marketing campaign budgets. They also determine monthly costs for the marketing plans on digital media.
  • Optimizing landing pages for paid search marketing campaigns. 

These are all the leading job roles for search engine marketing executives. 

Content marketing executive

Content marketing executives create rich and exciting content for the company’s growth. They improve and maintain the company’s content across all media platforms.

It grabs the attention of the audience and increases brand awareness. 

One must have creative writing skills to apply for this job. You must have good communication skills to talk freely about the demands of the clients. 

You have to update, create and post new content on the company’s social media handles daily. It needs quick delivery and a lot of hard work. You must be able to perform well under deadlines. 

Content marketing executives are in high demand and need to maintain discipline. So it is one of the highest-paying digital marketing jobs for freshers also. You can have a successful career in this job with the magic of words and business sense.

The primary responsibilities of content marketing executives are as follows- 

  • They have to make on-site and off-site analyses. 
  • They must create rich and attractive quality content. The content marketing executives make sure that the content is SEO-friendly. 
  • They do keyword research in detail. It helps to attract traffic to the company’s Website. 
  • The content marketing executives also plan and execute link-building marketing strategies.

Email Marketing Executive

Skillful email marketing excels opportunity in getting digital marketing jobs for freshers. A galaxy of opportunity comes through your email marketing excellence.

An email marketing executive’s principal aim is to connect with customers through email campaigns to inform them about a company’s new products or events.

This role requires hands-on experience in HTML and marketing automation software. In addition to this, you need excellent writing and communication skills.

It is one of the highest-paying digital marketing jobs in India and globally.

An Email marketing executive has various responsibilities. Some of the leading job roles for email marketing executives are-

  • Identifying the target audience for your business or brand. 
  • Maintaining a proper database.
  • Planning and executing end-to-end email marketing for the brand or business. They help to promote the brand through emails and increase brand awareness.
  • Creating newsletters. They make newsletters with all the updates of the company. 
  • Analyzing previous email marketing campaigns. It helps to understand the flaws. The email marketing executives improve the email marketing campaigns for better promotions of the brand or business.
  • Creating reports on the revenue or profits of the company. They make these profit reports based on email marketing. 

Marketing automation executive

Automation is the most dominant aspect of today’s world. Automation is only sometimes about knowing all the specialized software or coding languages. It also means having analytical capabilities even working on Google sheets. 

Many companies hire young talents. They train them on automation. The key responsibilities of a marketing automation executive are- 

  • Making automation for various l departments of the company.
  • Researching about automation needs of the brand products.

You can apply for these high-salary digital marketing jobs as a fresher. You still need some knowledge and digital marketing skills. It gives you an advantage over other freshers in the competition 

Learn the Digital Skills

It is wise to have a degree or diploma in digital marketing. You must know the digital industry skills. 

It becomes easy to land a digital marketing job with real-life experience. The experience of a digital marketing internship gives you all the confidence and knowledge to get a good digital marketing job.

Understand your passion and go for the specific digital marketing job

Digital marketing jobs are of several types. As a fresher, you must research and look for the job that suits you best. This article also mentions various job roles for the many digital marketing jobs. I hope it helps you to decide.

A proper resume 

A resume is an essential thing for freshers. It must be clear, informative, to the point, and short ( Within one page).

You must point out your capabilities and creativity. The resume must always show your digital marketing internships and other digital marketing skills. It helps you to get the job.


You can start as a freelancer in the digital marketing industry. Freelancing allows you to work with multiple clients and have real job experience. It also helps you to understand which digital marketing job suits you best.

It also helps you to build contacts for your future career. The freelancing experience also gives you an advantage in getting better digital marketing jobs. Your chances of landing a high-earning digital marketing job increase. 

Keep Applying For Jobs

You can search for online digital marketing jobs for freshers. There are several jobs in the digital marketing world. You can find work-from-home and part-time digital marketing jobs as well. 

All you have to do is keep searching and applying for digital marketing jobs.

Have a strong LinkedIn presence

LinkedIn is a vast networking platform. You can post CVs, create profiles and connect with people. Build a strong profile on LinkedIn.  

It helps in creating better visibility. It also makes a lot of connections for you to improve your search ranking. 


This article covers everything from high-paying digital marketing jobs to salaries. It also mentions the critical roles of each digital marketing job. You can learn from here and do your research to understand what suits you better. The article helps you to get the best digital marketing jobs for freshers.