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Social media marketing job is the latest ongoing trend in the market. It is the best formula to hit a business. So, career on social media marketing is becoming very popular these days. 

As we stand in the age of the digital world, everything is a click away. Social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp etc., rule the digital world. 

Social media marketing drives traffic to business websites. It controls the sales of products and the growth of a business. So one must excel in social media marketing to reach new heights for the business. 

Social media marketing is the deal maker or breaker for a business. There are many social media marketing career opportunities. So social media marketing jobs are in demand with the needs of the ecommerce world. 

There are generally eight social media marketing jobs popular in the social media world. They are- 

  1. social media marketing manager
  2. Social media marketing analyst
  3. Social media Marketing Executive
  4. Social media marketing coordinator
  5. Social media marketing specialist
  6. Social media Marketing copywriter
  7. Social media marketing associate
  8. Brand manager.

Let us go through the responsibilities and roles for these social media marketing job positions- 

What are the popular Social media marketing jobs you can apply

While you are looking for the best career in social media, the following social media marketing jobs, you can try once. To excel your social media career, you need to be creative, productive and have necessary knowledge on social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Manager

A Social Media Marketing Manager communicates with the clients and customers of the company. They do that through various Social Media websites. It is a perfect job for people who like the social media world.

Social media marketing managers find new and exciting ways to connect with people. It helps them to draw customers towards their brand and increase engagement for their business. 

Social media marketing managers need excellent communication skills. It is necessary to interact daily and maintain engagement on social media. One must also be creative to pull people towards their business or brand. 

Maintaining engagement online and offline for the business is the primary responsibility of social media marketing managers. One needs organization skills and proper knowledge of social media tools to grab customers’ attention.

You must have an internship or experience in marketing, public relations or advertising to get the job quickly. Every person was a fresher at some point. You can still become a Social Media marketing manager with a good understanding of Social Media. 

If you are creative and attract people to join the business’s online platforms, you are good to go for the job. 

A Social Media Marketing Manager may work with one or more companies. One manages and promotes the company through Social media websites.

A social media marketing manager reviews, analyzes, and does promotional activities. They do that on the company’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Google plus, Pinterest, and Instagram handles. It is the daily job of the social media marketing manager.

Social media marketing managers have to update the company’s social media sites daily. Checking the mentions and customer feedback is a vital part of the job. The social media marketing managers also create strategies for increasing followers or likes on the company’s social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Social Media Marketing Executive

A social media marketing executive looks after the whole structure of the company’s social media footprint. They monitor and create social media campaigns for the brand or business. 

They also take an active part on social media handles like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

A social media marketing executive develops and maintains the company’s online profile. You must fulfil the following duties as a Social Media Marketing Executive- 

  • Making plans to increase the company’s reach on various Social Media platforms.
  • Preparing reports on the analysis of competitors’ offers, marketing strategies and trends.
  • The Social Media Marketing Executive creates, edits, publishes and shares the content daily. It helps in maintaining engagement on social media for the company. 
  • Planning and executing strategies to win over the target audience of a brand or company.
  • Creating and optimizing the social media pages of the company. It increases the reach and engagement of the business on Social Media.
  • Connecting with other departments of the company to help grow the business. They create exciting content and maintain the company’s reputation on social media.
  • The social media marketing executive must make editorial calendars. They must make schedules for the social media marketing campaigns of the company.

The Social Media Marketing Executive position needs a lot of patience and hard work. It is continuous work. They have to keep improving their marketing strategies. They have to execute social media marketing plans for the company’s growth. 

Social Media Marketing Analyst

A Social Media Marketing Analyst must understand current and future trends in Social Media. They analyze the marketing campaigns and develop marketing plans accordingly. 

Social media marketing analytics are critical. They can help you to stand out in the crowd. It is a game and game-changing job role for the company. 

It is one of the critical jobs in the Social Media Marketing career roles. A Social Media Marketing Analyst does the qualitative and quantitative measurement of the client’s performance on Social Media. They make reports on the analysis and help in planning the marketing plans. 

They analyze emails, search engine marketing, videos, display, brand performance and website growth. A social media marketing analyst works with the content, digital marketing and analysis team to make social media analytics.

Here are a few duties and responsibilities of a Social Media Marketing Analysts:

  • They take notes and analyze brand performance on social media.
  • They analyze the content on social media handles. They recommend ways to improve the content and the ongoing marketing trends based on the analysis. 
  • Setting up targets for social media campaigns. It helps the social media marketing team in execution.
  • They discuss the advanced social media tools to improve performance.
  • They work together with the digital analytics team to get the best possible ways of reporting and analysis.

The primary skill of a successful Social Media Marketing Analyst is to be spontaneous. They have to think outside the box. They must have a vision and creativity. 

Social Media Marketing Copywriter

A social media marketing copywriter writes content for social media marketing. Interesting and informative content for the company helps to attract customers. It helps to increase engagement on social media. 

A Social Media Marketing Copywriter must do the following tasks- 

  • Write content for the company.
  • Proofread the content before publishing.
  • Create attractive ads and phrases to grab the attention of the audience. It increases the reach of the company.
  • Social Media Marketing Associate

Social media marketing associates must be ready to grab any opportunity fruitful for the company. They must find ways to increase the growth and revenues of the business. The primary duties and responsibilities of a Social Media Marketing Associate are- 

  • Creating workshops, meetings and webinars. It is a way to market the company well on Social Media platforms.
  • Executing social media marketing campaigns. They must also come with accurate reports of the project. 
  • The social media marketing associates support social media marketing plans. They create and manage company websites. They also look after social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Social Media Marketing Coordinator

The social marketing coordinator looks after all the daily social media needs ( posts, tweets etc.). They manage social media marketing plans and promotions. The Social Media Marketing Coordinator manages multiple projects and coordinates with the sales team to meet targets. 

The coordinators also keep in touch with the clients. They work with the branch administration to increase the company’s Social Media presence.

Social Media Marketing Specialist

With experience and specialization in Social Media Marketing, you can go for Social Media Marketing Specialist jobs. As a social media marketing specialist, you have to do the following tasks- 

  • create, manage and optimize social media content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram etc.
  • You must have leadership experience, creativity and excellent communication skills.
  • It would help if you met deadlines. One has to maintain engagement on social media with attractive advertisements.

A Social Media Marketing specialist must use their experience for the company’s growth and benefit. 

Brand manager:

A Brand Manager maintains the overall image of the brand or company. He must have a vision and skills to meet the company’s target goals. He has to analyze market trends and keep his company on top. He works to maintain the reputation of the company on social media as well as offline.  

How can you get social media marketing jobs?

With the high social media marketing demands, there is a lot of competition in the field. You must have specific qualifications and skills to get the social media marketing job. 


  • First and foremost, you need a Bachelor’s degree in marketing or business. 
  • The companies want the candidates to have a working experience of a minimum of 1 year. If you have yet to gain experience, it is better to have an internship in social media and content creation. 


Apart from qualifications, social media marketing jobs need some special skills. Let us go through them.


Copyrighting means writing content for a brand. One should be creative and engage in copywriting to attract the audience. It is an essential skill for social media marketing jobs.

Data Analytics

It would help if you had a sense of data analytics. You must analyze data across all social media platforms for marketing. It helps in creating strategies for promotion and growth.

Visual native

It means creative imagery. The main thing one needs is visual creativity and a sense of imagination.

 Communication skills 

good communication skills are a must for social media marketing jobs. The job’s main aim is to increase company engagement and sales.

To do this, you must have good communication skills to maintain and attract customers. You daily have to speak with people and engage them with the business sites and your company.

Time management and organizational skills

Social media marketing is a fast-paced world. Daily changes and updates are part of the job. You always have to be ready for new developments. 

You may often work for different companies at the same time. You have to look after various areas in the minimum time. So time management and organization skills are the most valuable skills for social media marketing jobs. 

You must pay attention to details. One must be able to do teamwork in social media marketing. 

It is wise to keep these skills as keywords in your cover letter or CV, or resume. It is essential to have all these skills to land social media marketing jobs. You can quickly grab the attention of recruiters with a good CV and resume with a mention of your qualifications and skills. 


If you want an excellent social media marketing career, you need some experience and training. The best way to get this is through a social media marketing internship. An internship in social media helps you to get an advantage in getting a job. 

An internship is a direct way to gain valuable fieldwork experience. One gets to train under marketing experts and get real work experience running marketing campaigns. This experience of the internship adds value to your CV and your career in social media marketing. 

Social Media Creator

You must have accounts on various social media accounts. If you love social media, it is an excellent job for you. You can create content and run successful social media to get the experience.

It helps you to gain followers, which will help you in Networking in your social media marketing job. Running a social media account helps you to develop content on different platforms. It helps you to learn about graphic design or video editing. 

Be creative and experiment with your content on social media accounts. It gets you experience and you learn to deliver your ideas. 

Volunteer as a university ambassador

Most universities have social media channels these days. Being a university ambassador and running your university’s social media is a great opportunity. You can learn more about content creation.

It helps you to get comfortable speaking in front of the camera and the audience. This experience helps you to get valuable communication and management skills for social media marketing jobs.

Some universities even pay their students for this. It is a bonus. 

My Final Thought

We are standing in the era of social media. There are a lot of career opportunities in social media marketing. If you know about the working of social media, go for the social media marketing jobs. 

You can quickly grab social media marketing jobs with your creative mind. What are you waiting for? Do some training, and get a diploma or degree in social media marketing. You will shine with a promising career in social media marketing.