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Any company owner or business needs to have a connection with the role of content writing agency. Now you may ask why it is necessary. Or if it is mandatory or not? It is significant to have any agency’s support as they follow trends upgrades and have department-wise specialists. 

They always help clients to get high-quality, plagiarised-free, and informative content. The expert creators of their team ensure you get content full of information in an interactive way. You may get everything from us; we do our best as an agency. 

Before dealing with or contacting us, you should know what type of production we have and what service we provide.

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Assuring Growth using the Role of Content Writing Agency

Clients get offer of any type of content, including SEO Content Writing, Technical Writing, Email copywriting, Social media writing, Amazon product review, Flipkart product review, e-commerce product review and writing. press release etc as per their need. Finally, we are ready to provide guest posting services. Now let’s have a brief description of each one. 

Technical Writing

Do you know about Technical writing? As a business or web owner, one must learn about it. Let’s see a bit. Suppose you are a producer and create so many products for months. However, it’s only possible to promise your product or business with images. It would help if you got technical writers to outline the product you want to launch. 

We have a team of technical writers who have been working in the field so the past decades. They can help clients to produce content on installation guides, using processes, software applications, or any medical procedures. The product will get a new identity with technical content. 

Take your time and hire our technical writers to promote your business instantly. 

Technical writing comes under content writing services and is a massive part of it. No matter what your product niche is, the professionals will focus on your needs, and thus the business will succeed. 

Email Copywriting

Not only technical writing, but agencies also offer email content. It’s significant, just like the other content writing services. Though email is an old platform, it still works effectively even these days. Email is one of the most helpful communication channels that helps to increase sales. 

An ordinary writer may not be able to handle email content; it’s only possible for agencies as they have professionals with years of experience. You can call us directly if you need any email content for your business or services. We will figure this out instantly. 

Social media content writing

Social media significantly increases brand awareness or lets people know about your services or products. 

Besides making your brand or services popular, it derives enormous traffic to your homepage or land page from social media platforms. Social media content means creating posts or quotes and uploading them to various channels on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. 

People love to spend time on social media; thus, scrolling usually finds content about new brands and tries to understand their benefits and features. Social media helps businesses to get more popular. 

If you understand its value, you must hire a team to create social media content. To hire them, communicate with us now; we have professionals to handle social media accounts and provide blogs about your business or services. 

Press release writing

Advertising the brand is necessary to let every people know about your business, product, or service. Another major part of a content writing agency is the press release content that we offer you as a client. 

It’s a document that tells about your business. If the media finds the writing or business attractive, they might cover it on the news channel. 

Interested people may step forward to the press release content through us. 

Guest posting services

We offer a Guest posting service. But the question is, who needs this and why? Let us explain. Suppose you need more experienced writers, or your content writer cannot provide quality content. You may hire a guest writer to create content without compromising quality. 

Sometimes guest posting means something different. Are you keen to know what it is? Let us tell you. 

When you are not benefited from your Content Writer, you may make a contract with someone else. This way, they will post your content on their site and offer you 50% sharing. 

Through guest posting services, agencies create websites based on the client’s niche and massive traffic reach to your content. 

SEO Content Writing

No matter what type of business you have, the challenge everyone faces is to place their site or content on the top of google searches. The only way to rank any content or website on google’s top search is to write SEO-based content. Only SEO can help them; this type of content is known as SEO content Writing. We hope you got the point. 

High-quality content that uses audience targetted keywords that got searched most gets ranked faster. SEO keywords are a significant way to get your site top at SERP. It might be videos, Web content, blogs, or more – everything comes under SEO writing. 

If you want such content, we are always here to help you increase business and make your brand popular with audiences.

Role of Content Writing Agency
Role of Content Writing Agency

What are the significant roles and responsibilities of a content writing agency?

We suggest any website holder or businessman hire a content writing agency to grow their business. There is not only one person in any agency; several professional people are a part of any team. They have different responsibilities. 

As they work as a team, we should see them as one with multiple purposes and responsibilities. How will it be for you to take note of their key roles and responsibilities? Will it be better? 

It’s precious. However, knowing their roles, you will understand why agencies are becoming more popular than a single content writer. Let’s show you a few of their fundamental functions. 

Carry google updates to keep your site always up-to-date

The best thing to do in life is to go with the flow, and the same thing happens here. We always need to update ourselves and our business to achieve our goals. The key to ranking any site or growing any business is to always go with google updates. 

Content writing agencies always search for new updates to improve and update content. As a forward person or Writer, their role is to know the changes relevant to the industry. The importance of updating is like a newspaper. Just like a backdated newspaper is worthless, a website without an update is like that. 

Create 100% unique content

The first and most significant role of any team member of an agency is to create 0% plagiarised content so that it ranks faster.

Create Websites with web copy 

How can someone forget the key role of a content writing agency? Here is a reminder. We live in 20’s century where the internets are necessary. Whether it’s education-related queries, services, shopping, etc., we always go for it online. 

The first stage is to create a website on google to grow any business. Once you finalize dealing with an agency, leave everything upto them. They will do everything, including creating a website with a homepage, landing page, blogs, or service page, till they maintain the site. They used to design a website with authentic themes and web copies. 

Before any writer starts creating content for the client, they used to research every keyword related to the industry. Once they gather enough information and topics to cover any article, they start their writing. They combine the data from different online sources that rank on google SEO. Thus they complete the article or blog. 

Submit the work to the editors to make it ideal

Once the Writer completes the article, it goes to the content editors. Editors are a significant part of any content writing agency. They used to go through every line of the article and input more information to make it more precious. After editing the article, they approve it or blog for the final submission. 

Promoting the article on medial social platforms

It’s only easy to attract traffic from social media with a source. Content marketing agencies are used to handle social media accounts with broad followers. They promote clients’ content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and Instagram. 

To grow any business, one must attract traffic to their business portal. It’s another key job role and responsibility of any content writing team. 

Increasing Brand Awareness

No matter how much you invest in your business, it can only grow once people get information about it. With the help of the agencies, people will get to know about your business and increase brand awareness. 

Attract Organic Traffic

Content writing agencies are responsible for making high-quality interactive content. The more the content is high quality and interactive, the more it will rank on SERP’s first page. Once the website or your content ranks on google’s first page, organic traffics will visit your page and learn about your business. All the credit goes to the agency member for their hard work. 

Make a friendly relationship with readers or press members.

Content writing agencies hold so many responsibilities that it is not ending. One of the most vital staff is to make friendly relationships with the press members to promote any new business or services. Hence, clients need the agencies most. 

As a content writing member, one must build a strong relationship with press members or youtubers. It’s another immense responsibility of an agency member. 

Write lengthy content/ blogs.

Freshers need to be able to create lengthy content holding its average readability score and quality. Most clients these days search for long content on topics that are very rare to find on google. But the team members of content writing are masters at creating lengthy content on uncommon issues. 

Their job role is to create such content and publish them so that it can derive more organic traffic to the site. 

Arrange press conference

A content writing agency will help you promote the new products to be launched through a press conference so that the news and content reach the audience as much as possible. 

Contents maintaining 60-80% readability score and plagiarised free

Content can be high-quality content with approx readability and 0% plagiarism. Clients can clear it out to the agencies, as they are already familiar with it.

One of an agency member’s most usual and wondrous responsibilities is to produce content that matches the readability score within 60-70 without having any copy (Not even a single line). 

Prepare Drafts using CMS (Content Management System)

Content writers of the agencies used to make well-finished and structured drafts. They do so using Content Management System; their role can only be completed by making well-structured drafts. 

Managing the organizational Email marketing strategy

Managing Email marketing is one of the significant roles of any agency. They used to make a chart, and following them, they used to schedule articles. For a content marketing agency member, one must know Email strategy. 

Manage the company’s social media channel or profile

When you hire an agency, they will try everything to provide you best result. Getting traffics from social media platforms is the most extensive staff to promote your business or let more people know about your business. 

But it takes a lot of work to respond to the follower’s comment for you. However, the Agency will look over the client’s social media channel or profile so that they can respond as much as possible. Thus the audience will love to get more updates from you. Hence also, the Agency proves to be priceless. 

Make new strategies for stalking competitors.

The Agency will never let you be a fool to be overconfident. Overconfidence is worthless. The content writing agency follows the competitors that are relevant to the industry. They used to explore the strategy of competitor’s content marketing strategy and then try to end with a completely new approach so that they could beat competitors. 

Support Content by creating images and videos

Images and videos matter a lot to ranking any content. The content writing members create various photos and videos to support the written content. In this way, they help their clients achieve success. 

A lot and expert graphic designers work with the Agency by teaming up. Your content will glow more with the stunning images and videos created by experts. 

Checks the existing contents repeatedly.

It’s imperative to check the performance of the content published on the site. In this way, the agencies try to find out which strategy works and which is workless. Once they understand which approach works more, they create content with that strategy. 


Only proper SEO will help the content to rank up. Content writing agencies have SEO specialists who research every keyword before making an article. They will extract a few keywords that have been searched most by the organic traffic. Including keywords through SEO is one of the leading job roles of any content writing team. 

From where to hire a content writing agency?

We hope you got your decision on whether to hire an agency to produce your content or not. Deciding on hiring the Agency is the best solution ever. It will bring your business a new turn. So are you interested in hiring an agency? We want to introduce you to how you can hire one of them or from where you can communicate with them. 

Biva Technologies is a leading content writing company in India and have 5+ experience in handling various types of clients as well. If you want to get valuable and rankable content, you can hire them.

Key benefits of hiring a content writing agency

Most clients these days hire content writing agencies. Content writing agencies have a massive role in growing any business. What benefits can we have by hiring them? Let us show you ten benefits that you will win. These are also proven as their job role. 

Consistency with Guarantee

Consistency is so much important in case you want to get the best result from content marketing. It takes a lot of work to maintain the schedule of your marketing team. It is because they have a lot of responsibility to look after other things.

Hiring a content writing agency can make it easy. They will work hard and dedicatedly to meet the client’s needs within the dateline. It’s a reason why the demand for content writing agencies is increasing day by day. 

Usually, a content writing agency must have multiple writers. So even if someone gets sick or takes off a leave, it doesn’t change the schedule. They will deliver your content within the time. No matter what topic you want any content, they will be able to satisfy you as they are trained in multiple types of content writing. 

You can talk with them if you need more significant content within some days. Completing larger orders within a few days might get difficult for them, but it’s guaranteed that you can use them for the long runway.

Having an agency will profit you by not recruiting a vast team of writers. The team member of the Agency will not get bored writing on the same topic each day as they have a lot of writers. 

A trusted relationship with the Agency

You are ready to build a trusted relationship with the Agency when the payment is made on time. However, you should communicate with the Agency as much as possible so that they understand whether you are satisfied with their work. It would be best if you conversed with them regularly. 

That’s how you can make them realize what things should be changed or updated in the content. It can save their time and yours too, without any trouble. It will enable the two of you to build a strong business relationship. Why not create a good relationship when you can save time and money and get quality Content just as you want? 

To get a high-quality relationship, you need to behave and chat appropriately with them. The manager of the Agency might help you grow your business more. It can profit both of you. You can grow your business, and they can get more projects from you. 

High-Quality Content

One of the essential facts about hiring a content writing agency is to get high-quality, readable content on a pocket-friendly budget. Your content writers need to be more expert in writing in the individual niche. However, Content writing agencies work with every kind of business partner. So their team knows what type of content ranks fast and attracts more traffic. 

You can provide them with any project, and they will meet your requirement. This is because the agencies always keep professional Writers who can produce quality and lengthy content. 

Cost Effectiveness

The second best part of hiring a content writing agency is that they cost less than your content team. Go through the marketplace and examine each content writing agency. Then hire one that costs lower than others. 

Once you finalize the deal with the Agency, you need to calculate the cost. Either you need to pay them per word or per project. The Agency will decide it. One fact is inevitable you can save more profit working with the Agency than working with your content writing team. 

You will have no headache once you deal with a content writing agency. They will handle everything and deliver you the content on time accurately. You must upload them for your business purpose and pay them on time. Once you work with an agency, you will realize how less expensive it is. 

Rank higher in Search Engine

There are a vast number of businessmen who need to learn how to rank a website or content. What they have is money, and we know money can do anything. Use your money to get success in your business. 

Content marketing and SEO matter to grow any business or recognize them. SEO is a complex topic that everyone might need help understanding. We suggest you hire an agency rather than trying to work on the two facts. You can get quality content that will rank on Search Engine by providing the project. 

Agency members must have the experience to work on SEO-ready content. Even though many agencies have SEO specialists, you can hire them to ensure the content will be ranked. 

Working with the agencies, you can check whether you are getting each piece of content unique and plagiarism-free. However, to rank each piece of content, your seo specialist might suggest to you what exceptional keyword you might add to the content or what tags you should add to the article. 

Reader-focused article

One of the most important parts of content marketing is to create reader or audience base content. We learn how to create Content focusing audience over time. It requires nothing but time. If you hire freshers to grow your business with the article, they might not produce audience-based articles. 

However, when you hire a content writing agency to produce content for your business, they will help you update articles focused on the audience. They can guarantee you provide that type of content as they have gained knowledge about content writing for several years. It’s in their hand. 

Getting content as per your requirement

 Let’s introduce you to another key benefit of working with an agency. Sometimes it gets tough to check and edit the content every day. You might not handle the content writers that you recruit. It will be best for you when you hire an agency. 

They will help you in getting any content you want. They will surely satisfy you as we all know that any agency has a team of professional writers. They work for several years, and only after then the head of the Agency let them work under an agency. 

Freshers might have yet to learn of the individual niche, but the team of an agency must have this. You will receive the entire project checked and errorless. So you need to take worries and extra time to check on them. You can acquire the content you need and directly post it on your website. 

Which professional works under an established and trustworthy content writing agency?

As a businessman or client, you may hire someone other than individual specialists to look after your website. You are unable to the high cost. But how will it be to have them together without paying them separately?

You can have all of those specialists together working for you only when you will hire a content writing agency. If you want to know who the Agency’s members are, you must head down. 


We need to have technical specialists or technical skills to complete our jobs in the field of Digital Marketing. We want to let you know their importance. Would you like to take a glance at their role on the field? 

A technologist or specialist is the only professional who can help us when wordpress goes down. Only they will be able to read it out; they are the only ones who can solve the technical issues. Every content writing agency used to have technical specialists. 

They help clients on running any website, software, or desktop smoothly. So, have you understood how important they are for any businessman? 

Most popular companies used to have a depth of technical specialists. Their key responsibility is to provide technical support to the authorization. Only some companies can indeed afford a technical supporter’s team; therefore, smaller companies try to have the help of web developers. 

Do you have any technical specialists? No need to take worries even if you do not have such a team member. As a content writing agency, we can help you with anything, including technical issues. Our specialists will lead you in solving any technical issue. Besides the content, you can have our support. Just let us know your problem as soon as possible. 

Content Marketing Strategies

Developing content marketing strategies over time to go with the flow is necessary. The activities such as content formation and data analysis are known as content strategist. They play a massive role in the SEO procedure. They try to find out scopes through which they can rank any content of the Search Engine Result Pages. 

Foremost they keep direct communication with the team’s writers so that they would make changes to the strategies of any content to make them ranked. They mainly focus on specific SEO keywords that attract people to the client’s business or brand. It creates awareness of the brand. 

The data that any content marketing strategist should analyze is included below:

  1. Present Performance: They explain to writers why the current strategies are working; not only that, they even explain where their strategy should be changed as it isn’t working. 
  2. Marketing Data: Content strategists collect information from private and public resources and try to confess it to the writers so that they understand what they are missing in the landscape. 
  3. Audience Data: Finding answers to what type of content people are looking for is one of the critical responsibilities of strategists. 
  4. Competitive Data: To leave them behind, understanding the competitor’s strategy matters greatly. They find out what makes the competitor better or less suitable than us. 

Marketing Manager

Every Agency or company has a content marketing manager. As a client, you must know the responsibility of a content marketing manager. Just like managing the newspaper edition, marketing managers have a lot of crucial roles in the industry. 

They oversee everything, including the daily operations done by the employees, direct with the writers, and other things. Ultimately, they use the input strategies and make outlines. Through the given list, you will know a few vital responsibilities of them. 

  1. First of all, they distribute projects to every team member. 
  2. They provide goals for every content production.
  3. One of their key roles is to let the project handler know the datelines. 
  4. They decide which employee will handle which task. 

Outreach Specialist

Having an outreach specialist is significant these days. They are professional promotors who used to promote any business working directly with the community. Do not all content for publishing on your website? We are not joking at all. It’s a professional way to promote the business. 

Rather than publishing every content of the website, try to publish it on someone else’s site as a guest post. We ask you not only to post them on anyone else’s site; post them on an online magazine if possible. It will help you promote your business and benefit more frequently. 

A severe and concerned person in a business can earn backlinks by doing so. If you are serious about SEO, you must work like this and have an Outreach Specialist. 

Let’s offer you a great deal besides providing content team members. With delivering as much content as you need, we will introduce you to the Outreach Specialists we have. You need to do nothing; they are responsible for finding an opportunity to outside publishing content as a guest post. 

The professionals will deal with everything and communicate with the publishers repeatedly on your behalf. Isn’t it great to have an Outreach specialist with the content? 


Are you known for the job role of a publisher? Publishers work for the clients and make the content visible to the public or viewers. Once you edit the content properly and it gets approved for finalization by stakeholders, the person (Publisher) uploads the content to wordpress or youtube and any other platform. 

They are responsible for uploading the Content on CMS, which stands for Content Management System. They get the content, including the meta description, and make the title catchy so that the viewers and search engines understand the content. 

Their responsibility doesn’t end here. While finally uploading the content, they include both internal and external links and change the alt text of every image added to the article. These activities are essential to let the search engine get the point of the article’s topic. 

The clients can get publishers to help them do the necessary activities through us. 

Chief Content Officer

A chief Content Officer or CCO is someone in the vice president’s position or senior-level digital marketer. Every company has a principal officer who used to handle all of the company’s activities. 

They see all the activities. Everything is under his control, whether content editing, strategizing, publication, budgeting, or planning. They are key professionals for any digital creation or production. They identify the company’s particular goal by. They use all their talents or money to reach the goal, even parts of the project on a small or large scale. 

Generally, CCO doesn’t communicate with any content creator or videographer; they deal with the manager who oversees content production. 

Content or Blog Creator 

It is said that content writer or creator is the backbone of content marketing. Content creators must have communicative skills, creativity, analytical thinking, and technical talent. They work as a marketer to assist any brand or company in social media communications. 

They used to write content on different topics or niches, shoot videos, and draw images. Whether to hire an in-house content writer or work with any outside dealers depends on the client. As a content writing agency, we have a team of expert content writers who can assist you in writing content for your websites. 

As per your requirement, you hire any producer, including:

  1. Blogger,
  2. Videographer, 
  3. Photographer, 
  4. Graphic Designer, 
  5. Web Designer, 
  6. Web copy Writer,
  7. Podcaster,
  8. Content Writer, etc. 


Every Agency has someone special known as the content editor. They used to check every article after the Writer completed it. Their role is to go through the entire article before its final delivery or upload. 

Going through the article, they finalize if it meets the standard quality per the company’s rules, makes the content plagiarism-free, and increases the readability percentage. 

Editors are responsible for finding any grammatical errors and making them perfect grammatically. Some more activities are structural changes to provide the article with a better flow and used to make structural changes and replace ordinary words with catchy and search engine-proofed words. It lets the Content rack more easily and quickly. 

No matter what type of content editors they are, all of their key aims are showcasing the brand through the content. They accept every possible way to clarify the brand’s goal to the audience. 

Suppose you have a podcast channel; what will be the podcast content editor’s responsibility is the question? In that case, we can let you know their responsibility. Joining every small recording together, removing the sound of dead air, and including engineering audios will go under their concern. 


It’s tough to manage a business alone; therefore, business owners must need the support of a content writing agency like Biva Technologies.

We hope you understand the benefit and roles of agencies. They proofread articles, create brand awareness, generate new content writing strategies, and handle social media platforms to derive traffic. To know more about their activities, get in touch with the Agency, and we will ensure customer satisfaction. 


Which Agency is best for hiring any content writing service? 

There is no doubt that Biva Technologies is the best content writing agency in India. They have SEO experts, Editors, an Experienced content writer team, and many more. Only one Agency will work under a low budget, compromising the writing quality as Biva Technologies do. 

Why should I hire a content writing agency? 

Not only one or two, but multiple benefits are also there in hiring a content writing agency. , they provide the old content a new life by including SEO keywords and helps your website or business get massive traffic. 

What does a content writing agency do?

They produce content per the client’s requirement using in-house content writers or freelancers. With proper guidance, they offer quality content without any plagiarism. They even provide SEO specialists to include keywords that the audience searches most. In this way, they help clients create brand awareness and let their webpage come top of the SERPs. 

How much does the agency charge? 

Agencies might offer content writing services individually. Based on the requirement and niche, they charge between 15ppw- 40ppw. However, the rate depends on various other factors, including tier 1/2/3 countries, quality of the content, and more.