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As per the latest report, the app stores have more than 6 million apps, and exploring your apps among them is tricky. If you want people to discover your app over them, you must focus on app store optimization. 

One of the biggest issues all app owners face these days is how to rank their apps or make users notice their applications over 6 million. The solution may be getting the best app store optimization services from the top app store optimization company. 

But the question is how to find them or what is the major role of app store optimization agencies. We hope your eye is getting keen to learn about them. As an ASO expert, we can offer you the best services with the help of the best app store optimization tools. 

We have covered the post with everything (almost) regarding ASO. This article will assist you in learning the major role of app store optimization agencies, why you need to hire an agency to get the best ASO result, how to ASO or why doing it has become one of the significant tasks for app publishers, and more. 

Interested ones must be till the end to grow or develop their business. 

Top role of app store optimization agencies

You know how digital marketing services help business growth in this era. As a result, people love to hire performance-based digital marketing companies to fulfil their dream of branding and business growth.

The role of app store optimization agencies is crucial for doing ASO perfectly. They play a massive role. So if you are passionate about getting the best app store optimization service, then hiring an ASO agency is the solution. Hiring them conveys several benefits.

You may wonder why they are chosen or have doubts about the role of app store optimization agencies. You may also get interested to learn the benefits of app store optimization. 

This section will discuss the top benefits of getting ASO services from an ASO agency. Find them out to succeed as an app publisher. 

ASO agencies help with app ranking

Everyone loves organic ranking and traffic to their business. We know SEO or search engine optimization helps to rank websites organically.

Like SEO the ASO or App Store Optimization helps to rank your App in the Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS/Mac OS). Organic visibility helps more downloads and generate more revenue.

The key role of app store optimization agencies is to increase the chances of showing your app on top of the Apple app store or google play store. The agency doesn’t get recognition in one day.

ASO teams work year after year, provide their dedication, work hard, gather knowledge, become experts, and make an entire team. So we may not increase the app’s visibility as much as they can. Here lies their essential role. 

Research keywords accurately

The second primary role of app store optimization agencies is to find the perfect keyword for you. They use premium keyword research tools to satisfy clients and do their best job. Even provide tips on what type of keyword you should target or what keyword may rank fast. 

Besides researching the keyword, ASO teams know the exact use of the keywords. They are conscious of where the keyword should be used or how often. 

Add a unique app description.

When you hire an Agency to work for you, you don’t need to worry about what to do or how to do it. The role of app store optimization agencies is to do everything an app needs to have and rank globally. So once you invest money and engage them for your task, you can relax and have regular updates from them; that’s all you can do. 

Besides researching keywords, they enter your app’s subtitles and short and long descriptions. ASO experts learn how to highlight the app’s key features in the description, and thus, people shortly notice the reasons for downloading your app more than others. 

Creates exclusive graphic design for the app store

Graphics in an app is mandatory to attract traffic. So hiring an agency will provide you with an attractive app icon. So another role of app store optimization agencies is to create app icons and add screenshots of customer reviews and others to provide users with a reason to get into the app and install it. 

Save both your time and energy.

Once you deal with an ASO agency, they will take all the necessary steps and set you free. Thus hiring them will save not only your energy but time. If you don’t hire ASO strategists, you will lose a lot of time doing ASO activities and don’t have enough time to handle other business motives. 

Roles of App Store Optimization Agencies
Roles of App Store Optimization Agencies

We hope you can now understand how significant the role of app store optimization agencies plays. 

Why should you hire an ASO agency?

In the earlier section, we briefly discussed the role of app store optimization agencies. You can already guess how significant they are by learning about their roles. Now anyone of you may ask why you should hire app store optimization agencies. We want you to know the reasons. So interested ones can go through the following notable points. 

Once you develop your app, you can do ASO, but hiring an agency is required. It’s because they used to do ASO continuously. However, it might not be possible for you. That’s one of the prior reasons for hiring them. 

The ASO agencies always introduce clients with updated strategies. The strategy will help you rank the app on the app store, attracting huge traffic. 

Hiring an ASO agency will let the most relevant people discover your app, and the app’s visibility also increases. 

Are you busy and do not have enough time to maintain your app? Hence the role of app store optimization agencies is huge. You are required to hire an ASO agency. They will invest enough time using the best app store optimization tools. 

What is ASO (app store optimization)?

Only a few people are aware of app store optimization. Are you one of them? Or do you have an interest in knowing about it? The post is all about the necessary role of app store optimization agencies. But before all, one must know what ASO is. 

App store optimization, formerly known as ASO. It’s a method to make their app visible on the play store. Optimizing the app requires taking necessary steps, such as searching and including significant keywords and adding them in the ideal place. 

Also, to let people or users find your app on the play store faster, you have to look after its graphics. You have improved the graphic design, and attractively adding the correct description is also necessary. 

You can understand what is ASO and its key roles. The app store optimization agencies have a dedicated team of professionals, as one person cannot do ASO. It requires a team of experts who can work together and give the best outcome. 

Why is ASO important?

Are you looking for the importance of ASO? Google has informed us that only 40% of apps from the app store can be found by the user by search. So the rest are not getting much response or traffic as they are unaware of ASO and don’t do it perfectly. 

If you are not getting more people to discover or subscribe to your channel, you are missing ASO. You need to hire the ASO agency as the role of App Store optimization agencies is broad. 

There is nothing more important than ASO to an app owner or publisher. ASO works as a secret weapon that can help you rank the app in both the play app store and the apple app store. 

How to do ASO?

Are you willing to start your App Store optimization and learn how to do ASO by the following steps? 

Start with the app title.

Let’s start with the app’s title. The title is a great option to focus on doing ASO. You need to optimize the title of the app and also the subtitle. The subscriber will search by the app’s title, so the title should be catchy. 

Remember, the app title should be within 30 characters. Please don’t use more than 30 words; writing shorter characters is better than 30.

Add an attractive app description.

An attractive app description is the second step of Google app store optimization. The app description is the only way to inform users about your app and its aim. It’ll either attract users or distract them. 

Google play store provides two app description types. The first or short description should be within 80 characters, whereas the second or long description should be within 4k characters. You can use both to increase your app’s ranking status. 

The app description should clarify its purpose, problems, and solutions; it will assure users that it can fulfil their needs. 

Do not ignore ratings and reviews.

Rating and reviews are the next steps as to how you can do google app store optimization or Apple. Looking at the ratings and reviews, the users will guess how popular your app is or if it is quality. 

Fewer or no ratings are a significant reason your app will not be shown on the top list. One of the best parts of app store optimization or the role of app store optimization agencies is encouraging users to leave comments or ratings. 

Update regularly

The ranking fact of ASO depends on its freshness or upgradation. It is one of the major roles of app store optimization agencies. Both Google and Apple Play stores want regular updates from the app owner because users want to check the updates. 

Suppose you are observing an app that was updated 4 years ago. Would you like it? The answer for you is very obvious. You need to update your app so that you can add some improvements. You are responding to customer feedback and trying to resolve the negative parts. 

What are the Best Tools for ASO?

While working on App Store Optimization, you will search for the best ASO tools. We are at 2023, and currently, there are 40 ASO tools available. Now 40 is not a tiny number. There is lots of confusion in choosing the best ones. 

Clear all your doubts, but before that, learn the types of ASO tools. We are pointing out 5 tool types which are as follows:

  1. ASO Tools – search ads optimization
  2. App keyword optimization ASO Tools.
  3. ASO Tools -A/ B testing.
  4. Comprehensive app intelligence suits ASO Tools.
  5. ASO Tools – user review analysis.

Now we will turn over the best ASO Tools. So let’s check them out instantly.


AppTweak is one of the best ASO tools used by more than 1500 people. Over 1500 have used the tool and shown their faith in it. The tool mainly aims at the keyword ranking organically, improving the app’s visibility. 

It helps the user to explore the relevant keywords considerably easily. The task of the tool doesn’t end here; you can even check the keyword’s difficulty score from here. Thus you can choose the perfect keyword, giving you more chances to get ranked. 

App developers got attracted to the app for its trial period. It offers larger plans for you with a 7-day free trial. Use the tool for free for the first 7 days and explore its benefits. Get its premium package if you find benefits or think it could help you with App Store Optimization. 


Another best tool that made the role of app store optimization agencies easier is named ASOTools. 

Are you looking for a tool to analyze the competitor’s data and simultaneously help keyword research? Then don’t go for any other tools but for ASOTools. It clears whether anyone has previously used the keyword you are using. 

If you can’t find the best keyword, you can have a suggestion and choose one from the suggestion list. It can even analyze the data perfectly with the revenue and download estimates. So we can use the tools as one of the best tools for App Store Optimization. 

App Radar

Do you have ASO strategists and want to fulfil the role of app store optimization agencies? Then using App Radar will be a perfect choice. You can make more worthy apps and increase organic downloads through the tool. 

The features included on App Radar impress marketers. Are you keen to learn what they are? 

Well, it makes communication easier. Now the question is how? Suppose you have customer reviews and want to add a reply impressively, then choose it. It offers templates for replying. 

It has Ads intelligence features that help you derive paid or organic traffic. App Radar offers users personal suggestions or tips for improving their app besides showing the optimization score. 

Sensor Tower

After AppTweak, ASOTools, and App Radar, Sensor Tower is another best platform for APP store optimization. Sensor Tower never disappoints marketers when making the best decision regarding ASO. It collects lakhs of data and shows it to its users; users then explore a conclusion.

Besides optimizing keyword strategies and analyzing competitors, it helps you discover the exoteric apps and top app owners on the google play store and apple app store.

Another essential fact about the tools is that it shows how many publishers compete on the same keywords and how many positive chances there are for the keyword to rank organically. 

Additionally, Sensor Tower offers daily reports, keyword translation, keyword research and suggestion, Top charts, and more. Interested publishers can learn more by using the tools on their own. This particular tool is significant in managing the role of app store optimization agencies. 

My Final Thought

Google has updated that 40% of apps get ranked or downloaded by users from organic searches, which means the key to the app’s ranking depends on ASO. The post has clarified what is the role of app store optimization agencies to rank and maintain ranking in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. So you better make decisions as soon as possible. 

What are the roles of the ASO agency?

The major role of app store optimization agencies is to increase the app’s visibility on app stores. And also inform users about the app’s motive in an attractive way. By researching proper keywords, they perfectly do their job. 

How much does a publisher earn from an app?

Earning from an app depends on you. It depends on the app’s ranking, feedback, how many people use your app, its quality, graphics, and so on.