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Are you eager to know what’s new in digital marketing in 2024 and beyond? If you want to establish your career in digital marketing, mainly in 2024 and beyond, you must cope with new things. 

When you are planning to start a digital marketing career in 2024 and beyond, you must have these skills. 

If you want to switch your career to digital marketing, you must know what’s new in digital marketing. 

Digital marketing is becoming challenging day by day. As a result, building a stunning career in digital marketing is challenging. 

However, if you are smart, passionate, and productive, nothing can stop you from becoming a next-level digital marketing professional. 

Are you curious about what’s new in digital marketing to adopt? Don’t worry! I am here to guide you on how to scale your digital marketing career 10x higher. 

The first one is Artificial intelligence. 

How Artificial Intelligence Change Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence is now new in digital marketing; rather, it is an integral part since long.

Have you searched anything on Google? Have you noticed Google suggests related queries against your search?

It comes from machine learning and artificial intelligence. Google uses LAMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) to provide a related query. 

However, after the launch of ChatGPT by OpenAI, the scenario changed. 

You can say ChatGPT is new in digital marketing.

With AI and natural language processing, ChatGPT provides dialogue just like a human being. 

AI tools like ChatGPT deliver results through prompts. If you want to master ChatGPT, you must know about prompt engineering. 

Google Bard, Bing AI, and other tools are just a little behind. The most important thing is AI tools help digital marketers (and common people) in many ways. 

Here are some advantages of using AI in digital marketing. 

  • AI saves time. 
  • AI can be your assistant. 
  • Through AI, you can generate content outlines. 
  • Easy to craft Social Media Content outline. 
  • Easy to generate keyword ideas. 
  • Easy to draft blog content.
  • It can be used to make scripts. 
  • More. 

Though AI is effective, you need to be careful while you use AI in digital marketing. 


You know AI is a wonderful technology. Though it has many limitations, to overcome this, you have to use AI smartly. 

  • Use AI as your staff (employee) or assistant.
  • Only rely partially on AI because AI can’t be (till now) accurate. 
  • You must cross-check data generated through AI tools. 
  • Don’t write content using AI tools for your website or blog. 
  • Don’t use ChatGPT, a leasing AI tool for creating content for blogs or social media; rather, use the same for creating content outlines and generating ideas.  

Now, should you use AI or not? 

The straightforward answer is yes, but keep AI’s limitations, inaccuracies, and similar outputs in your mind. 

Follow Google’s Algorithm Update, mainly E-E-A-T.

In search of what’s new in digital marketing, algorithm update is one of them. 

If you want to be consistent in digital marketing, you must follow Google’s Algorithm. 

Almost every year, tech giant and leading search engine Google updates almost 3200 algorithms, around 100 in a day. 

Google and other tech giants always update their algorithms to provide better user experience and accurate results. 

Among all algorithm updates, E-E-A-T is an evergreen and productive algorithm you must follow. 

I follow the E-E-A-T guidelines. 

E-E-A-T stands for

E – Experience

E – Expertise

A – Authoritativeness

T – Trustworthiness

E-E-A-T guideline is very effective in any niche. Google has proper planning behind this algorithm update. 

If you are consistent in providing value, you will be successful. 

What’s New in Digital Marketing: Quality over Quantity

Do you know both quality and quantity are effective for long-term success? Though I vote for quality always. 

While you are in search of what’s new in digital marketing, quality over quantity is very effective. 


Before going to reveal, let’s clarify both the terms. 

I am not explaining the terms because everyone knows it. But I shall share the impacts of both these. 

Quality is a combination of originality and productivity, whereas quantity means more. 

In most cases, producing quantity may lose quality. 

Quality is always a game changer. As a result, if you are consistent in producing high value, focus on quality over quantity. 

Additionally, the impact of quality over quality is huge in 2024 and beyond. 

Now, the question is how to measure quality. 

Follow this penta. 

  1. Create a unique strategy around your business. 
  2. Make a unique content calendar. 
  3. Produce highly engaging and original value-driven content. 
  4. Publish and make a strong outreach strategy. 
  5. Measure analytics and set new strategies.  

Social Media Exposure

While you are in search of what’s new in digital marketing, social media exposure is very crucial. 

Whatever your niche or business model is, having good social media exposure is effective. 


Having social media exposure is a game changer because it helps –

  1. Develop communication skills. 
  2. Outreach brand visibility. 
  3. Spread your brand’s voice. 
  4. Make your unique identity amid competitors. 
  5. Encash your goals. 

Social media is a powerful tool for branding. Therefore, you must focus on social media exposure to make your brand standalone. 

To get full benefits from social media, you must follow these. 

  1. Understand your niche and activities around social media. 
  2. Create a unique content calendar following the TOFU (Top of the Funnel) strategy. 
  3. Create the best and most engaging original content. 
  4. Use niche-specific content curation to develop trustworthiness. 

However, to increase social media exposure, people need to correct common mistakes. 

If you want to scale yourself up, don’t make the same mistakes. 

The mistakes are:

  1. Irregular activities in social media. 
  2. Inconsistency about niches. 
  3. Mostly depends on paid traffic. 

I suggest you follow these to overcome the above mistakes. 

  1. Follow your goal. 
  2. Set a strategy towards your goal. 
  3. Create a content calendar.
  4. Produce content and outreach. 
  5. Monitor analysis. 

If you are crazy about what’s new in digital marketing, I shall guide you on a unique but underrated strategy. 

What’s that? 

Relevant Followers for Social Media Channels

Have you ever tried to buy followers for your social media channels like Instagram and Facebook?

If you’ve tried to do so, you have done a blunder. 

Buying social media followers may ruin your social media channels.


Suppose you have 10K followers on Facebook. You post content, and it reaches 1000 audience, but you’ll get 5 reactions. 

Can you imagine the ratio? 

But if you have relevant followers, the action rate will be higher. 

For the same scenario, if you have relevant 10K followers, the reactions will be more (approx 1K). 

Yes, I have checked it with one of my clients. 

So, it would help if you had to create relevant social media followers. 

Do you know how to increase relevant followers?

Follow these:

  1. Be consistent first. 
  2. Maintain a combination of contents that produce value for your desired platform. 
  3. Make a strong inbound marketing strategy to pull the audience towards your goal. 
  4. Produce high-quality and value-driven content. 
  5. Interact with your real-time audience. 

If you want to learn something new in digital marketing, you must focus on relevant followers always. 

Sound Analytical Skills

In search of new digital marketing in 2024 and beyond, you may skip this valuable segment. 

According to research, if you have sound analytical skills, you can measure your success better than anyone. 

Analyzing data is super important for long-term success. 

Irrespective of niche or the size of your business, knowing your audience is super effective. 

Follow these to enhance your analytical skills. 

  1. Know your audience, including their whereabouts.
  2. Understand your industry whereabouts. 
  3. Collect data from various sources like search engines, social media, etc.
  4. Analyse and make a unique strategy on collected data. 
  5. Use Google Analytics and other analytical tools.
  6. Follow strategy and take necessary steps. 

If you want to be successful, you must follow this new in digital marketing. 

My Final Thought

While you search for what’s new in digital marketing, mainly in 2024 and beyond, the above may help you. Here in this article, I’ve discussed all relevant and important parameters on how to become successful in digital marketing in 2024 and beyond.