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Are you ready to get potential leads from Google? Do you want to fill your pipeline with potential leads?

Whatever your business is, getting leads is super important.

If you’re a new business owner and want to enlist your business on Google, you’re at the right place. 

Google is important for any business. Whatever the niche or industry is, Google produces the best result. 

From finding the right audience to selling any product or service is easy if you’re in Google. 

With Google, you can bring both organic and paid traffic to your business. 


I’ll show you how to generate leads from Google.

To generate organic, paid or even hybrid leads, you need a proper strategy.

Definitely, you’ll find many options.

Google Business Profile (former Google My Business) is a fantastic tool to bring potential customers to your business. 

Not only Google Business Profile (former Google My Business), but there are also other platforms that help to generate potential leads for your business.

Here in this article, I’ll discuss how to generate potential leads from Google. 

Organic vs Paid Leads from Google

Whatever the business is, both organic and paid lead is equally important. If you’re an experienced digital marketer, you definitely know the difference between organic and paid leads. 

Even almost newbie business owners know the importance of leads. It may be either organic or paid. 

But before organic or paid leads, do you know what lead is?

Leads or business leads are the processes to identify and cultivate the ideal people to your product or service. 

Do you understand why leads are important?

Now I come to organic vs paid leads. 

First of all, all of the above are equally important. 

Though both are not the same. There is a huge difference between organic leads and the paid ones. 

Organic leads come through SEO and paid ones come with SEM. 

SEO or search engine optimization helps to optimize business around the important keywords and produce valuable content without any platform charge. 

On the other hand, SEM or search engine marketing is a paid process that targets a particular type of audience (demographic). 

Any Confusion?

Let me clear it up easily.

SEO does not need any platform charge. However, SEM needs some platform charge. 

Here platform charge means you need to pay Google to show your Ads before your audience. 

Here are some pros and cons of organic and paid leads. 

Do you know the pros and cons of Organic Leads?

Organic Leads Pros
  • No platform charge. 

  • Consistent growth. 

  • Unlimited traffic.

  • Generate more business. 

Organic Leads Cons
  • Time taking.

Paid Leads pros and Cons: Choose wisely.

Paid Leads Pros
  • Fast traffic.

  • Targeted traffic till the campaign tenure. 

  • Less Branding. 

Paid Leads Cons
  • Platform Charge is applicable. 

  • Traffic till the tenure of advertisement. 

leads from Google

How to Enlist Your Business on Google

Do you know how to extract leads from Google?

If you want to get organic and paid Google leads, you need to enlist your business on Google. 

If you’re experienced, that’s great! 

If you’re a newbie and want to enlist your business on Google, don’t worry, I’ll guide you through everything in detail. 

Register Business with Google Business Profile (former Google My Business)

Every digital marketer’s first choice is Google Business Profile (former Google My Business). Google Business Profile (former Google My Business) is a very popular business directory. 

These days, almost every business irrespective of industry enlists their business on Google Business Profile (former Google My Business). 

Therefore, I personally prefer Google Business Profile (former Google My Business) more. 

Let’s see how to enlist your business on Google Business Profile (former Google My Business). 

  • Search in Google for Google Business Profile (former Google My Business).
  • Click on Start Now to create your GMB Account.
  • Login using your Gmail Account.
  • Put your business name.
  • Confirm if you want to add your location
  • Carefully fill in your address.
  • Add a Phone Number, Website URL, etc. (Not mandatory)
  • Finish and verify your business.
  • Login Dashboard to optimize for better results.
Google Business Profile (former Google My Business)

After enlisting your business on Google, sometimes you may wait up to 15 working days to get verified. 

For your kind information, you can enlist your business using Google Business Profile (former Google My Business) apps (Android and iOS). 

Make Website of your Own

Don’t underestimate the power of a website. Websites are the most important digital assets.

Create your own website by purchasing domain and hosting from a reliable source. 

There are plenty of platforms available for domain and hosting. 

If you run any small business and want to generate more revenue, you can afford a little bit. Simply buy the best affordable web hosting

Let’s have a look at the benefits of having your own website. 

  1. Branding
  2. Strategy making
  3. Produce best content. 
  4. Target your own audience. 
  5. Rapport building with prospect. 

If you’re a newbie and want to bring traffic to your website from Google, you first need to create your own website. 

Steps to create your own website

  1. Book domain and hosting. 
  2. Install WordPress (leading CMS)
  3. Integrate business related theme (template)
  4. Create important pages (home, about, contact etc.)
  5. Write and publish blog posts (recommended)
  6. Do Onpage and Technical SEO with an SEO plugin. 
  7. Bring traffic from Google. 

You can make your own website without any coding knowledge. If you can’t, I’ll guide you on how to create your own website. 

I’ll show you how to bring potential Google leads through your website. With your website, you can bring both organic and paid leads. 

Remember, to get leads from Google, your website must be optimised well. 

For organic leads, you need to work on:

  1. Keyword research
  2. Keyword mapping
  3. On page SEO
  4. Technical SEO
  5. Off page SEO
  6. Local SEO
  7. Content Marketing
  8. Email marketing

If you only focus on paid leads through your website, simply concentrate on:

  1. Keyword research
  2. Landing page optimization. 
  3. Competitor analysis
  4. Advertisement budget
  5. Target audience. 

Now it is your choice. 

Create a free website using Google site

Google site is a beautiful platform you can use. Today many marketers use Google site for creating landing pages. 

Not only the landing page, but the free Google site also functions almost the same as your own website. 

You can create a site simply using drag and drop methods. With Google site, you can create a stunning design within a couple of minutes even if you are a layman in coding. 

Google site is completely free. Just to start creating a Google site, you need a Gmail account only. 

With Google site, you can get both organic and paid leads from Google. 

Though for branding and long term growth, a professional website with a registered domain name is always preferable. 

However, the Google site is popular because of:

  1. Free platform. 
  2. Drag and drop. 
  3. Multiple templates. 
  4. Faster to create landing pages.
  5. Fast loading.  
  6. Easy to share.

Enlist Business with Google Forms

Google form is a superb tool for Google. Today almost 80% of small businesses use Google form to generate leads from Google. 

If you want to collect data, Google form is one of the best. 

You can embed Google form to your own website or Google site as well. 

If you’re a newbie, I’ll guide you on how to generate leads from Google using Google forms. 

Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Search for Google forms. 
  2. Create your forms (you can use template).
  3. Share your form’s link (shareable) 

As a digital marketer, I prefer Google forms instead of contact form 7 for my website. 

YouTube bring Leads from Google

YouTube is a vastly growing platform. You know YouTube is Google’s property. 

Video content is the most popular content form in this era. Even for branding, video content is the best. 

YouTube is simply the best video content platform. 

You can generate leads from Google using YouTube. 

If you know YouTube SEO well, you can generate potential organic leads from Google. 

Through video ads, you can generate paid leads from Google as well using YouTube. 

Remember, your content must provide value to your audience. 

Here are the top 3 benefits of YouTube for lead generation. 

  1. YouTube is a free platform. 
  2. Anybody can create a YouTube channel. 
  3. Easy to create channels in every language. 

You can find other platforms that give you leads for your business. Along with the above, you need to focus on the following platforms for getting potential leads. 

  1. Bing Places (a powerful but underrated Google Business Profile alternatives)
  2. Popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit,
  3. Quora
  4. Apple Maps (if possible)
  5. Other leading local business directories like IndiaMart


If you’re interested in generating leads from Google, you can use the above methods. Here I’ll disclose some essential tips and tricks that help you to bring potential leads for your business. In comparison with other platforms, Google provides the best leads. Now it’s your turn.