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Before discussing the digital marketing challenge, can you imagine a business without online today? 

97% of businesses are online now. As a result, ranking every business is challenging. 

Digital marketing helps every business to rank higher and generate the potential outcome. 

However, consistently, staying ahead of the curve of competition is a big challenge.  

Can you ignore the rapid technological change? 

Now artificial intelligence is one of them. 

The consistent evolution of technology, both strategy and execution, is important. 

In this blog post, I will disclose the effective strategies to overcome the digital marketing challenge you face almost every day. 

Algorithm Changes are first Digital Marketing Challenges

Do you know which digital marketing channel is most effective for consistency? 

Search engine optimization or SEO. Among top digital marketing channels, SEO comes top in the list. 

However, SEO is becoming more challenging. 

Tech giant Google releases nearly 3200 algorithms annually to provide real value to the audience. 

Therefore, understanding every algorithm is one of the biggest digital marketing challenges. 

However, you have to adapt the algorithm updates and make a strategy for your SEO. 

Now the question is how to cope with the challenge.

Learning is the best solution. If you gain knowledge, you’ll be ahead of the competition and generate real value. 

Setup an Achievable Goal

Most marketers make mistakes here. Setting a goal is not tough; however, setting an achievable goal delivers the best results.

Do you know what to focus on setting an achievement goal?

  • The industry (niche) whereabout. 
  • Audience whereabouts. 
  • Best serving content. 

Let’s drill down more. 

Industry (niche) whereabout

If you know your industry, you’ve done your half job. Every industry has some specific and unique features. 

Whenever the niche is, knowing it is crucial. 

How to know your niche or industry well?

I have some quick advice for you. 

Simply follow the top 50 of your industry. 

These top 50 may be either person or organization. 

Additionally, make a list of top influencers who speaks about your industry. 

It helps you to overcome digital marketing challenges. 

Audience whereabouts

An industry without people is valueless. Therefore every niche has some specific audience. 

You need to make a solid audience list to find their availability. 

Suppose your niche is digital marketing, and you are working as a digital marketing agency; you should target LinkedIn first. 


Linkedin is a place where maximum corporates are available. As a result, you’ll have a chance to raise a high ticket conversion. 

If your niche is travel, you must use Instagram and Facebook. 

In this way, you must make your audience’s whereabouts. 

Best Serving Content

Content is super important. You’ll lose your place soon if your content is not up to the mark. 

Let’s be clear, which are the most essential content types? I rank them as per priority. 

  • Video (both long and short)
  • Written (blog)
  • Infographics
  • Ebooks
  • Newsletters
  • Press Release
  • Case Study
  • Podcast
  • Whitepaper

For communication development, you can use these two types:

  • Social media content and
  • Email copy. 

Whatever content you produce, don’t forget to deliver great value. 

Creating super-important content is another digital marketing challenge, as many creators produce low-value content using AI tools like ChatGPT. 

If you search, you’ll find tons of quality content. However, the majority is low-value content. 

I have some advice for you. Whatever the form is, follow Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines. It helps you to produce value. 

Just think, will your audience rely on you if you can’t produce real value?

I have a suggestion. Create content on your own or hire a content marketing team instead. 

Remember, combining the right content and the right audience ensures your growth. 

Make an Omnichannel Strategy

If I ask you what is better between omnichannel or multichannel, 93% will answer multichannel. 

Yes, it’s true. Multichannel is the best platform to reach more audiences. 

But wait!

Why does omnichannel deliver you the best?

You can reach your audience faster using omnichannel. 

If you know your targeted audience, omnichannel delivers the best result. 


Suppose you are a digital marketer whose motto is to provide digital marketing services; which platform do you prefer?

Generally, you’ll have the best two options. Haven’t they?

  • Target social media to generate leads. 
  • Target search engine to generate leads (hybrid).

You know, targeting social media is beneficial because of plenty of audience. You must create content for various social media platforms to deliver real value. 

If you target social media, I suggest you focus on video first. 

If you target search engines, I suggest creating informative, effective, value-driven written content (blog/landing page/ebooks/case study etc.).

Why omnichannel?

(Don’t think any social media platforms like instagram or Facebook are not your own, you use them as your important platform only.)

Omnichannel marketing is like a symphony because it delivers the same value to your audience.

Only you have the right strategy and planning to execute omnichannel benefits. 

Take Advantage of Technology

You have already heard of ChatGPT, Google Bard and other AI tools. 

You know how they work!

Undoubtedly, Artificial intelligence will be a game changer in 2023 and beyond. 

If you look at digital marketing challenges before and now, you can’t ignore anything, 

Tools are becoming your employee. Advanced technology widens the scope of marketing. 

Here is a twist. 

Use artificial intelligence wisely to deliver the best value. 

I suggest not using AI tools for your content requirements, as most of them produce low value. 


Because they combine data from the internet and deliver unique. 

However, artificial intelligence helps you in many ways, from generating content ideas to doing basic research.

Use the scopes of AI but make your own. 

I suggest you not use AI content for your website/blog as it delivers low value. 

Make your Own

Are you ready to standalone competition and overcome digital marketing challenges? 

Being creative and unique is the only solution. 

You may argue whether you follow your competitors.

Yes, following your competitors are effective; however, delivering unique value is crucial. 

How to make your own?

Follow the steps. 

  • First, know your industry well. 
  • Make a list of the top 50 (check above). 
  • Know their activities. 
  • Find the gaps that they miss. 
  • Create a content calendar.
  • Produce valuable content. 
  • Understand your audience’s whereabouts. 
  • Do content marketing. 
  • Communicate your audience. 
  • Exchange your feelings with the audience and make them feel empathy. 
  • Do giveaways. 
  • Make more unique and innovative plans. 

My Final Thought

Digital marketing challenges are not new. Day by day, it becomes harder. As a result, using a quality and value-driven approach with the right strategy puts you ahead of the competition. Whatever the business need, being loyal, informative and knowledgeable is the ideal combination to overcome any online marketing challenges.