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Hey, do you think a website is just a URL? if you think so, don’t skip this article. In this article, I am going to discuss the next big thing in website design and development.

Before entering the topic, I have a question for you.

Do you have a website?

Let’s come to the topic. The website is next to important for every type of business today mainly after COVID-19 pandemic. 

You may ask “WHY”?

Every growing business needs at least a web property. And among all web properties, the best one is undoubtedly the Website.

Websites are important for every niche business as well. Whatever the size of the business, the website matters the most. 

Webpages cater the information in the form of content to the audience or user (who searches). So, to provide information, you need to have a web-property at least. It makes sure about website design and development growth.

Why Website is Important

The website is a collection of (various) web pages that share information. There are various types of websites available in the market. Some of them provide information about products and some of them do the same with services.

Website design and development is a multi-billion dollar industry and it is growing.

Apart from the above there are certain facts that satisfy the need of website development mainly today.

Look once:

  1. Establish and promote your brand
  2. Generate business with potential customers.
  3. Increase conversion with productivity. And more

After the coronavirus outbreak in the world, the business faces many challenges. Even due to lockdown, many businesses face hardship to open their physical office, store, organization or outlet. But if you’ve website, you can run your business easily.

The website design was important for every serious business owner. Now it is one of the main parts of business development.

Types of Website Design and Development

Before starting website design trends, generally there are two types of websites. Static and Dynamic.

Static Website Design

Static websites are basic level websites with static or fix content. Basically this type of website is coded by HTML and CSS. There are basic types of webpage. Small businesses mainly use this type of site. 

To change any content in the static site, you need to contact the webmaster or the coder. However, still some people like this type of site.

Dynamic Website Development

Dynamic websites are more flexible. Mainly this type of websites have dynamic contents. Dynamic websites are also good for conversion. You can trigger important pages like add to card, purchase and more in this page.

Dynamic websites also have dynamic templates, scripts and more. CMS platforms like WordPress are the best example of a dynamic site platform.

Here you need to know some additional tips like:

The best part of a dynamic website is to focus on the content more than everything. As a result this type of site basically serves the user’s intention and makes more engagement. CMS is the burning example of any dynamic site.

Now I’m coming to its technicality which is also impressive as well. Server, Client-side, and Combination scripting are the major features of any dynamic website development. 

Due to usability, technicality and flexibility, only WordPress (CMS) sites have 61% (almost) market share among CMS platforms. 

Now it’s your turn!

Never skip the article here. Read again.

Popular Web Development Trend

Today’s website is not only for showcasing the existence, rather it is beyond it. So there are some important web development trends that indicate productivity and useability. These are the popular elements in every dynamic website (almost).

Website Design with Modular Design Technique with UI and UX

If you think for the best, you have to focus on the modular design techniques. It is far ahead of any restrictive template. Basically developers use and reuse modules for multipurpose from creating content blocks to presenting information in a powerful way. 

The beauty of this design concept is to present the essential segment to the user according to need. Even it is cost effective as well and faster to load.

Here is some good news. A clean UI and better UX always increase the conversion rate as well. 

Mobile-First Website Design and Development

In 2020 and later, mobile devices are growing unbelievably. As a result, every developer must concentrate on web design with mobile responsiveness. Apart from it, the mobile-first loading design is next to important mainly after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The lucrative and attractive mobile friendly design and development, helps to increase the CTO (call to open) rate. Along with it, it helps mobile first index to bring crawlers to your website.

If you think about Google, you’ll see, Google itself prefers the mobile-first index to leverage mobile traffic. For both organic and paid mobile device traffic, the web design must come with mobile optimized.

Hope you have got it.

Fast Loading Website Development

Nobody likes slow sites. It is true that many potential traffic converts due to slow loading websites. Remember, there are lots of competitors with your niche business. So while developing a site, you must care about loading issues. 

On average your site must be loaded in less than 3 seconds (and less)  for both desktop and mobile. If it takes more time, try to consult your developer.

There is another reason for a slow site and that is Hosting. Try to take a good hosting (I prefer cloud hosting personally) within your budget.

If you use any shared hosting, make sure the hosting is good enough as speed, up time and more. 

Professional and Industry-specific look

Look definitely matters a lot and if it is a website, then, look takes the primary attention. Now, here is a trick. Focus more on professionalism with the combination of creativity. Always make a professional look at your site. 

Every niche specific business definitely has some common factors. So, you’ve to trigger those common factors with your own. Here is the creativity of developers. 

Apart from the look, the industry specific functions are important. A professional site definitely has well functioned features. Professional looks definitely bring a good amount of visitors which may convert to your business. Finally you have to remember that your professional niche-specific functioning website design should stand out among others. 

Make a Strong Brand Value

Every business is priceless if it becomes a brand. Remember business size doesn’t matter. Focus on branding first.

If you decide to make your own website, make sure you make a logo for it. Remember, a logo is the identity of your brand. 

You may urgue, logo design is not a part of web design. Partially it is right. But, to make a strong flow of color, shades and more, the logo plays a beautiful part.

Placement of logo, size and color shades throughout the site is next to important for branding. Along with the above, every professional website designer is well aware of the importance of logo and its color to make that website using the same color shade.

Self Manageable Features on Web Design and Development

There is a battle over static vs dynamic websites. If you think about usability of the both, 

As per my personal experience, I’ve seen people dislike static websites. Rather they prefer custom websites (mainly hosted on CMS platform) which they can easily handle. 

You know every dynamic website always focuses on content. So, it is next to important to develop a website with manageable features like login credentials, content upload and modification and more.

Behind every dynamic website development the primary focus is profit making. Every niche business site must follow the profit making and customise design to attract the customers. 

Chatbots Integration for Rapid Communication

If you look around you’ll see the business perspectives on communications with the prospects. Today every business needs potential engagement of their customers. Thus the chatbot is becoming popular. 

Chatbots actually simplify the process of communication. Even it significantly engages real-time. Every dynamic website owner wants to get a chatbot for their business communication for real-time truly engaging traffic. 

Content Should Be Dynamic

Though it is not a part of web design and development, yet, every good website must have quality and dynamic content. Dynamic contents helps a user to understand how important the content is for him.

Do you know people have an intention to skip the ad results. So, dynamic content is definitely important for organic results. Organic traffic is the key to every business. 

For organic traffic, the content is very essential. Make your content On-page SEO optimized first with your true website design and development strategy.

Integrate augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)

In 2020 and nature the argumentative reality and the virtual reality are two important components for business Development.

The virtual reality helps web designers to showcase at 360 degree video of the sites. On the other hand augmented reality depends on user experience. It helps to understand the target audience. 

Augmented reality is the best engagement tool which helps users with empathy. Even the web design for product and business development the augmented reality is growing. 

website design and development trends
website design and development trends


Website design and development is growing because of the need and demand of the market. After COVID-19 the customer preference on online business signifies the demand for it. Today every business is coming or trying to come online due to many facilities. A website can easily attract demographic traffic and generate potential business. Web design and development is not an expense, it is a solid investment in this period of time. 

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