SEO  Best Practices

SEO  Best Practices

Focus on Goal with SEO KPI

Understand the SEO KPI or search engine optimization key performance indicators well. 

CLV or Customer Lifetime Value

CLV is essential for every business growth. Through this, you can measure the revenue you generate through your customer.

Understand User Intent Well

User intent is the key to getting ideal traffic to your business.

Advance Keyword Research

Finding keywords is not challenging. But segmenting them according to requirements is the biggest challenge.

Focus Type of Keyword Search Intent oriented Content

Understand and Use strategically the following user intent contents - Informational, Navigational and Commercial

Optimize your content with a Compelling Title

The title is essential for every content because it increases clickability. The title itself helps provide insight into a topic (content).

Write Compelling Meta Description

The meta description is essential to rank your website on any search engine like the title.

Optimize Images with Image Alternative Tag

create a proper image, you need to optimize your photo with the ideal ‘img alt tags.’

Optimize Website Loading Time

Make your website loading faster to ensure more traffic and growth

Develop an Internal Linking Strategy

An internal link is essential for two significant reasons. One is to maintain the website’s hierarchy and understand the pages, including the content.

Make URL Short and Sweet

SEO best practices include URL optimization. URL must be short and embedded with targeted keyword.

Develop UI and UX

SEO best practice includes UI and UX are two important triggers that every website must follow.

Authoritative Backlink is Must

Till 2022, the backlink is essential to rank higher. However, Google’s algorithm focuses more on authority first.