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Which is the best social media platform for small businesses? In this era, social media platforms dominate every business. The advent of social media has truly changed the way we do corporate marketing and associated tasks. Their birth has simplified the custom targeting of prospective customers. It has improved our capacity to communicate directly with individuals we are attempting to reach.

However, are all social media platforms suitable for commercial use? We’ve included some of the greatest platforms for your company below. Here’s the list.

Here I’ve tried to cover types of social media platforms that you may require.

(*This list is not a ranking list.)

Local Social Media Sites

Users – 2.5 Billion active users
Usage –
Facebook marketing activities cut the cost by a huge margin than any other channel.
You can share basic information about your business without any costs.
You can share pictures and videos from your business through different pages and channels.
You can talk to existing and potential customers very easily.
Customer support can be provided easily without any cost.
You can raise brand awareness and promote your business through your customers’ likes, shares and comments along with their reviews.
Facebook can steer traffic to your website if you put the link along with a few attractive products and deals.

Social Media Platforms for Small Business Twitter

Users – 386 Million monthly users
Create a following. On Twitter, you may connect with your present consumers, potential followers, and dedicated brand supporters.
Bring your product releases to Twitter. Whether you’re introducing a new product or making a new sale, Twitter is the place to go to spread the word.
Give prompt client assistance. Keep an eye out for @ and # mentions of your company, set up a dedicated customer care account, and give quick service or tailored assistance via DMs.
Keep tabs on your competitors. Make Twitter Lists to track certain accounts, industries, and groups.
Make use of the advertising power. Twitter is free, however, Twitter Ads allow you to double your efforts and influence. Improve your audience, generate traffic to your website, increase app downloads, and more.

Why Instagram is leading Social Media Platforms for Small Business?

Users – 1.386 Billion active users
If your company is on Instagram, the items will be shown. These services and goods will draw a large number of individuals to your profile.
The majority of Instagram users enjoy experimenting with new trends. Hashtags are the trendsetters on social media platforms that keep users up to date on what’s fresh.
Did you know that you may link one social media account to another? If so, your Instagram brand might have a direct link to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. It may appear to be a simple trick, yet it is quite useful.
Instagram is quite simple to use. All you need to do is create short films, submit photographs, and keep things simple.
Instagram has a significant influence on new firms because people can readily perceive graphics. This software is designed to capture the attention of a large number of people.

How to Use LinkedIn for Small Business

Users – 800 Million active users
LinkedIn is an excellent venue for expanding your internet profile. With more than two professionals joining LinkedIn every second, the organisation may network with a growing number of fascinating contacts.
Several LinkedIn features enable you to promote yourself as a domain leader. From creating high-quality content to boosting your personal profile and engaging in LinkedIn communities, to answering inquiries, the network is a rich environment for thought and practice leaders seeking to become trusted advisers.
LinkedIn is most likely the finest network for generating leads. LinkedIn offers extremely personal means of discovering new leads, engaging them, and converting them into customers, in addition to classic approaches such as noting intriguing information that potential customers may download or directing traffic to relevant sources.
LinkedIn is useful in a social CRM setting since it helps us to obtain a deeper understanding of potential customers and other relationships.
One of LinkedIn’s lesser-known benefits is its ability to drive traffic and develop links.

Do you Know Why YouTube is the Best Small Business Social Media tool

Users – 2 Billion active users
People Will Find You on Google If You Post on YouTube – YouTube is owned by Google. When you regularly utilise YouTube for business, you increase your chances of appearing in search results and enhance your Google rankings.
YouTube Will Make You Open to a Massive Audience – And We Mean Massive. Here are a few key YouTube statistics to think about:
More than 30 million people visit YouTube to watch five billion videos approx.
More than half of all views come from mobile users with an average of 40 minutes of watch time.
Obtain Qualified Traffic – This is critical. You don’t want any possible traffic because not everyone will buy from you. You want qualified traffic, which means those who potentially become leads or customers.

Never underrate Pinterest as a Strong Social Media Platform

Users – 442 million active users
Finding a way to engage with your customers is a vital aspect of any social media marketing campaign. It’s simple to locate and communicate with potential consumers thanks to Pinterest. You can leave comments on their pins or establish boards to repost other people’s pins.
Increase Website Traffic- If you want to increase website traffic, Pinterest is the way to go, especially if your business sells real goods. You can drive viewers to a specific landing page by using pins that link straight to your website.

Google My Business Best Small Business Platform

Users – 78% of Business owners
Google my business is used by such a wide portion of the population so your profile will be seen by a great number of people. The more genuine you are — or the more frequently your business will appear in search results — the more likely you are to attract attention.
Customer reviews, particularly when it comes to search rankings, should never be underestimated. Online reviews are considered to account for about 10% of how search engines rank results, according to a few studies.

Tumblr Social Media Platform for Small Business

User – 16.74 Million active users
Tumblr has social media sharing features and is indexed by search engines. It has the ability to drive a lot of traffic to a company’s website.
Organizations can use Tumblr to microblog. This means that a company can easily and swiftly share content on social media.
When a company uses Tumblr, they may upload photographs, videos, links, and much more straight to the platform, eliminating the need for additional material.

Reddit, Best Social Media Platform mainly for 1st Tier Countries

User – 48 Million Monthly users
Placing advertising in feeds to get your brand noticed. Because the phrase “sponsored” displays above your message, users will see that you’re advertising. This in-feed ad has the advantage of appearing to be a regular post and isn’t overly obtrusive. Users will see it as they scroll, with the option to click through to learn more or ignore it. In this part, you may also include images and videos.
Funny content would get you more upvotes and put your content in front of more potential purchasers while also creating an emotional bond with your brand.

Snapchat: Why to Use

User – 293 Million Active Daily Users

No Stale Profiles – When businesses first started, it was recommended that they update their profiles on a regular basis. If you don’t post on a regular basis, a visitor who comes across a profile that hasn’t been updated in weeks, months, or years (if at all) is more likely to leave without doing anything useful.
Better Reach – While there is undoubtedly some sort of workplace ranking system, a company’s Snaps will be seen by individuals who choose to follow or seek them out (Snaps can be public). Compared to Facebook, where business posts are moved down in the News Feed or not visible at all, these “younger” social media networks offer actual organic reach.

WhatsApp: Fastest Social Media Platform for Communication

Users – 2 Billion Monthly Active Users
Data misuse is no longer just a worry with a private and secure platform. Customers are clamouring for reliable platforms. They’re fed up with bots and uninspired, generic ads. WhatsApp is a safe bet because it has built a reputation as a secure platform that encrypts messages and does not share data with third parties. It is free of advertisements, unlike other applications, so customers see it as a secure and private location to connect on a regular basis.
Customer service and assistance in real-time- It’s never been more critical for businesses to make themselves open and accessible to customers in a friendly and familiar manner. WhatsApp Business messaging fulfils all of the requirements. It provides universal communications that is quick, efficient, and dependable on a platform that is widely utilised.
Businesses can use WhatsApp Business messaging to gather and analyse valuable consumer data. Its characteristics enable organisations to:
Ask direct inquiries to their customers and determine their preferences
Send out simple surveys and polls to learn more about customer demand for products, commodities, service levels, and more.
Individual questions should be responded to in a more personal manner.

Messenger: Important for Facebook Communiction

Users: 1.3 billion users
Messenger, another Facebook social media tool, allows your company to engage with interested users one-on-one.
You can manually respond to user messages or use Messenger’s chatbot to quickly respond to inquiries.
Questions, shipment tracking, appointment booking, and other tasks can all be handled by chatbots.

Quora: Best Question and Answer Platform

Users – 300+ million active users
The Quora community is large and loyal, with users who regard it as a reputable source of knowledge, giving brands a unique opportunity to actually engage with their customers. By responding to user inquiries and initiating discussions on industry-related issues, your business may establish itself as an authority and demonstrate its expertise. You may begin to build trust with prospects and naturally guide them to find your products or services after your brand has acquired a voice.
Quora material is crawled by search engines in the same way that any other content is in order to return the most relevant results for any given search query. Bing displays Quora results in its social sidebar, however, Google displays Quora articles as standard results, which means your answer to a question could be placed first for a specific term. This is fantastic news for marketers that are attempting to increase organic traffic

Telegram: One of the best Growing Platform in India

Users – 550 Million Monthly Active Users
Allows advertisers to keep their customers up to date. Telegram channels make this possible. Create a public or private channel for your present customers and invite them to join. Share more product photographs and videos, remind subscribers about your brand’s history, and introduce your crew. Notify customers about future bargains and special offers.
Allows marketers to communicate with their clients more effectively. Telegram groups will allow you to communicate directly with your customers. A Telegram group is a conversation where you can communicate with your audience and interact with other members of your group.

Meetup: Meetup platform for all

Users –
Meetup’s user base can be used by businesses to expand your reach. You can also use Meetups to target clients in your local area in order to create sales leads, raise brand recognition, and/or do market research.
Meetups are particularly effective in niche and/or small markets. For example, a small software programming company might organise a training Meetup for software users. They might utilize the training to collect product feedback and brand insights, strengthen brand loyalty, and test new software versions.

Flickr: Commercial platform for every small business

Users – 60 Million Monthly Active Users
Never, ever upload anything that appears to be or feels like a commercial. That isn’t the goal of Flickr, or any other social networking site for that matter. You’re attempting to figure out how to get closer to your clients rather than scaring them away with irritating advertisements. This is true for both photo captions and comment areas. It isn’t a web-based store.
Use Flickr to link with your other platforms to get the most value out of it. From your Web page to your blog to Facebook to Flickr, make sure every component of your digital network is connected. Inform your customers about these locations and how to get there. They can then choose with whom they want to interact.

Yelp: Popular platform for small business

Users – 140 Million Active Users
Good Yelp reviews can help you expand your customer base by recruiting new consumers based on positive word of mouth.
Yelp is a simple application to use. On Yelp, customers don’t even need a username to see a company’s reviews and data.
According to research, 91% of respondents trust online evaluations just as much as personal recommendations.
Customers may easily phone or email you with questions if you include your contact information on Yelp. This is a basic and straightforward conversion.

Giphy: A most interesting platform for Communication

Users – 120 Million Active Users
Let’s be honest. These days, it’s difficult to hold a user’s attention for more than a minute. Animated GIFs make it easier for users to interact with the format and ingest the material.
GIFs are a great way to get your idea across fast and clearly. It’s often simpler to describe something visually than it is to express it verbally. GIFs may be used to show step-by-step instructions, short recipes, follow along with procedures, or convey a storey.

SKYPE: Best for Meeting

Users – 120 million Daily Basis
Reduce or eliminate unnecessary travel costs. — By utilising the capabilities of a video conference, you may save money on the trip. You, your workers, and your business partners may benefit from a video conference that can be planned into the workday from any device or location, rather than traditional face-to-face meetings that need travel.
Boost revenue and expand your business opportunities. — Skype is the most effective method to stay in touch, whether it’s to acquire a service, request a product consultation, or seal a transaction. The more effective communication is, the simpler the sales process becomes, and the more probable revenue increases.

Discord: Best for Mobile Users

Users – 140 Million Users
Discord was not designed with the majority of businesses’ marketing in mind. Nonetheless, some businesses continue to utilise Discord for this reason.
However, if you want to fully utilise Discord’s chat rooms to sell your company, you’ll only be able to do so if you’re in the gaming or technology industries.


Social media platforms are essential for every business growth, mainly for small scale businesses. Almost 97% of businesses depend on the social media strategy. If you are interested to grow your social media traffic, you need to make the strategy.

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