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2021 is a very crucial year for digital marketing companies. The most challenging task is about how to increase website traffic. 

Every business irrespective of size and niche, needs plenty of traffic. Undoubtedly the website traffic is the most important parameter in online success. 

If you are a small business owner and you are reading this article, you are at the right place right now. Here I’ll disclose the best ways to increase website traffic and earn good revenue. 

Business revenue is not only dependent on the traffic, rather more specifically dependent on the quality and inbound traffic. So, while we are in search of how to increase website traffic, you need to focus more on user intent and the right strategy. 

You may think of SEO, the best way to get organic traffic. But not only SEO, there are some other ways that help to bring website traffic. 

So, let’s see how to bring website traffic. You can make from zero to tons of traffic to your business with these strategies. 

Develop CTR organically to increase website traffic

CTR stands for click through rate. Every business owner has a dream to gain high CTR organically. 

Organic CTR is similar to getting traffic from Google, Bing organically. You definitely understand the importance of getting organic traffic in the ranking. 

Believe me, if you get traffic from top search engines like Google or Bing, you’ll definitely rank higher. 

Now, let’s come to the CTR factor. 

To increase CTR, you have to concentrate on three things. 

  • Title
  • URL
  • Meta description
  • Content layout
  • Feature image
  • H tags in the content
  • Short paragraphs
  • Good readability
  • Length of the content. 

To increase CTR organically you have to focus on the above parameters. 

Old Blog Post Upgradation Strategy To Increase Website Traffic

If we search within our websites, we’ll find many old posts. 

Google does not like the old content. So having old content does not help you a lot unless you upgrade them. 

Do you know what to do?

Simply follow the list. 

  • Find out the outdated posts (blog). 
  • Add some important paragraphs, alter any data, attach graphics and more. 
  • Put your targeted keyword again strategically. 
  • Eliminate old strategies (techniques) that don’t have importance now. 
  • Again publish the content again. 

The re-post technique helps to increase up to 70% of traffic to your old posts. 

How to increase website traffic with Social Traffic

Social media is the best medium to increase website traffic. 

Every true digital marketing professional and company gets 40% around website traffic from social media. 

If you ask which one is the best channel in social media, nobody can name a particular. 

However, in comparison with all important social media channels, I have found Twitter is quite better to bring website traffic to the website. 

Now, you may ask how!

Simply, produce a tweetable content first with strategy or techniques or tips etc. 

So, what to do? 

  • Write a tweet at ClicktoTweet.com (tool). 
  • Collect the special link that is created by this tool.
  • Embed that link in your content. 

This technique helps readers to get a pre-written tweet through the new link created by ClicktoTweet.com. 

You can bring tons of web traffic through Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube and more simply sharing that content. Remember, social traffic is a good ranking signal. 

Use LSI Keywords to Increase Website Traffic

You can’t avoid keyword research anymore. Keyword research helps you to explore more.

LSI keywords are most important. If you are well aware of SEO, definitely you are well known for LSI keywords and it’s importance in SEO. 

LSI keywords help both search engine and reader to understand what the content is all about! 

Apart from it, LSI keywords help to meet the best user intent as well. 

So focusing LSI keywords to bring website traffic is a good practice. Remember, LSI keywords help to understand the topic well. 

If you don’t have any idea on how to generate tons of LSI keywords, you can use the LSIGraph tool. 

Let me show some LSI keywords with examples. 

Suppose you target a keyword website traffic. The LSI version might be:

How to increase website traffic or

Best ways to increase website traffic or

Importance of website traffic to bring business. 

All long-tailed keywords (above) are LSI keywords. 

Increase Website Traffic through Content Transforms

Have you ever thought your old Blog Post can be a boon to you?


Simply transform it into another format. It may be an ebook, podcast, infographic or a video. 

This strategy helps to increase engagement to your business. 

So, always try to convert your old Blog Post to a useful element through content transformation. 

Podcast bring a good amount of traffic (nail it)

According to research, podcasts will be key in digital marketing within a couple of years. If you have ever heard of voice search and it’s importance in SEO, you can’t avoid podcasts. 

The best practice is to go on other people’s podcasts as a guest. Even through the podcast episodes you are able to bring a good amount of visitors to your business. (Believe me, it’s a trick)

If you want to get quality visitors to your business, never forget to focus on podcasts. You can create your own podcast and easily embed with your content. 

You can even share podcasts through various channels. Podcast helps SEO growth. 

Blogger Outreach Strategy to increase website traffic

After writing beautiful content and publishing it to a website is not everything. Rather, the most important thing is to always promote content. 

Blogging outreach is that strategy that helps to bring lots of visitors organically. 

Before blogging outreach, you need to focus on the steps:

  • Find the influencer or blogger who shares content on the same topic. 
  • Send them a personalized email with the link of the content you produced. 

Don’t force them to share your stuff. If your content is worthy, they will automatically share it. 

Again don’t forget to thank those bloggers again even if he/she does not share your content. Empathy is another big thing of digital marketing as well. 

Use LinkedIn Strategically with Videos to Develop Traffic Volume

Have you ever seen how Linkedin is growing faster! Surprisingly it is faster than we (probably) imagined. 

So targeting Linkedin is definitely a good option always. Now question how to use Linkedin to increase traffic to your website?

According to me, the videos are the best to attract and engage tons of visitors. 

So, to bring quality traffic through Linkedin, you can focus on video contents there. 

Even you can do the same practice on Facebook as well. Remember, social signals are also good ranking factors that actively and passively help traffic increment. 

Use LinkedIn and Facebook to republish your old contents in new and tricky ways. 

How to increase website traffic with Guest Post (with “Upside-down” strategy)

Have you ever thought why many people skip the author bio section while reading a guest post (it may be your)?

Do you understand the reason behind it?

You may say, the author section is at the bottom of the page. Or at the end of that particular post. 

You are right. But this is not the only cause behind the reader’s inattentiveness. Rather they found almost nothing without that content (blog post). 

Primarily you have to put your website or blog link there with an upside down strategy. 


Follow the steps below. 

  • Always write guest posts with helpful resources (throughout the post). 
  • Add your content as a useful resource and link strategically to your content. 

Don’t Forget to Add Social Share Buttons

While you produce a beautiful piece of content and want to make it viral, you must use social share buttons with that content. 

It strategically assists to develop your traffic and ranking at the same time (with the social button triggers). Suppose anyone likes your content and wants to share with friends, colleagues, family etc, this trigger helps them to do it easily. 

According to data, around 35% content gets viral through this channel (social media). 

Free Giveaway helps traffic Increment

People still love FREE things. Through the giveaway technique, you can make your website traffic increment to a good level. 


Suppose you want people to subscribe to your blog. In exchange for a subscription, you can provide them free Ebooks, PDFs, Infographics, Course etc at free of cost. 

It helps in two ways. 

  1. Collect email for email marketing.
  2. Engage through email marketing. 

Most of the cases, visitors like to avail your giveaway happily. That really helps to increment tons of traffic to your business. 

Even you can host a contest or webinar to provide free giveaway. It is definitely a good practice for getting a good amount of website traffic. 

Take care of Dwell Time

Traffic generation is easy but it is definitely tough to maintain dwell time. Most of the cases, many websites get closer to 75% of bounce rate. 

High bounce rate is not good for website growth, So, you need to take care of it. Not only the bounce rate, rather the exit rate is also important for consistent growth. 

After Google’s RankBrain algorithm update the bounce rate is one of the most essential ranking signals. 

According to my knowledge and experience, the bounce rate should be closer to zero. 

Make Videos on Youtube to get traffic increment

Do you know video is the best engagement platform in this era?

Even making a content viral through video is easier. So to increase website traffic, video is undoubtedly the best tool.  

Why YouTube? 

YouTube is the #2 popular search engines after Google.

As a result, many digital marketing professionals create their own YouTube channel. 

YouTube algorithm helps in SEO as well. It allows the quality of traffic to your website. 

Use Answer the Public to increase website traffic

Answer the public is one of the most popular digital marketing tools. It is best for getting questions on any topic. 

If you think about how to increase website traffic, use this tool. Remember, this tool helps you with lots of questions which people may ask usually. 

Now after getting all questions, you can make useful content to cover all the questions. 

You can use Buzzsumo’s question analyzer as well to do the same. 

Always try to focus on questions that are asked around your topic. 

Competitor Analysis and Its importance to Traffic Generation

One common word in digital marketing is, know your competitor first. 

Yes. Competitor analysis gives you that opportunity to know your competitor’s SWOT parameters. 

If you can easily understand what your competitors are doing with the same niche, you can generate the best result. 

Even competitor analysis helps you to develop the ideal strategy. 

Re-post Content on Medium

Medium is one of the best places for digital marketers. How do you increase website traffic through medium?

Simply repost your content there. Use word-for-word strategy to do so. 

After publishing your content in Medium, you can share to get more traffic.

If your content is worthy enough, they will share your content in Medium. 

Additionally you can use strategic times to post your stuff in social media.

Increase Website Traffic through Forum

In this era the forum is very common. If you want to nurture your idea, you can definitely be a member of any forum. 

Forums drive a good amount of website traffic. There you can share your content as well. 


Website Traffic is essential. A good amount of website traffic defines your business growth (in most cases). If you are in search of how to increase website traffic in 2021, this article will help you a lot. Here in this article, I’ve covered the best ways to increase website traffic and improve business accordingly. You can comment to me if you have any queries or suggestions or opinions.