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Are you a business owner? Are you looking for any leverage business growth strategy for your business? Here you’ll get the performance-oriented strategies that ensure your business grows faster and forever.

Now I’ve seen many like me and you are looking for steady success in business. In digital marketing, the growth strategy for business is the ultimate.


Let me disclose a true fact.

I’ve experienced an event where I attended once. From that event, I’ve learnt that marketing is not all about prediction, rather it is beyond that if you effort rightly. The right effort is similar to the leverage business growth strategy that you need to always focus on.

Remember, the strategy you’re taking must be updated. So, keep updating your growth strategy to run your business higher than ever. Growth is not achieved easily. Rather it comes through some practices.

In this small piece of article I’m gonna discuss the digital marketing growth strategies for steady and faster growth. The following practices are the best parameters of every growth strategy.

What is Business Growth Strategy in Digital Marketing

Business Growth Strategy is the methodology that helps to expand your business growth. From adding a new or discovered location to customer acquisition along with the expansion of a product line are under business growth strategies.

Your Digital Marketing business growth strategy periodically depends on various factors. I’ve found the best trio here for you.

  • Business growth analysis
  • Set up a goal or action plan
  • Execute the action plan.

Let’s see how the above helps business growth strategy in digital marketing.

That’s why Business Growth Strategy Every Small Business Needs badly.

How Business Growth Analysis Impact Digital Marketing Steady Growth

2020 was a crucial year for survivors. 2020 learned both the human and the business how to survive. The strategy comes from here.

Business growth analysis based on the following parameters:

  • Know your SWOT factor Always
  • Be innovative among the competition.
  • Produce the best Content
  • Outreach Strategy with Right Channels.

Let’s discuss one by one from the above.

Know Your SWOT Factors Always

SWOT is essential for everything. If you’re an individual or an organization, the SWOT decides your journey.

Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threatening are the SWOT parameters.

If you run any business or you’ve plan to develop your business, your SWOT parameters is the decider.

Here is an example for you.

Suppose you’re running a business and your SWOT parameters are following.

  • Strength – Knowledge in your domain.
  • Weakness – Passionate for perfection.
  • Opportunity – Learned handling difficulties
  • Threatening – The hurdles you’d have to cross.

Let’s conclude your SWOT parameter with your documentations.

Suppose you’re a digital marketing company, your SWOT parameters are as follows:

  • Strength – In-Depth Keyword Research
  • Weakness – Spend more time to find the best possibility
  • Opportunity – Content Curation/Creation
  • Threatening – Case Study

So, in every business irrespective of niche or size, the SWOT parameters are mandatory according to me.

Let’s discuss how to implement SWOT in your business.

I don’t know what business you are running. Even I don’t know what your plan is for the next. But, if you’re reading this article, I’m pretty sure that you are looking for business growth.

To judge your SWOT parameters, you need to ask yourself some questions.

  • Why is your niche/industry/domain?
  • Who are your probable prospects/audience?
  • How do you help your audience/prospects?
  • What do you want in return for that?

I can (may be) guarantee, these above are the most common questions for any business.

Now, evaluate your SWOT factors accordingly. After successful evaluation, apply them strategically.

Be innovative among the competition

Today digital marketing is smarter than before. Strategies are updating day by day. So, innovation is the only way to make your business growth strategy live.

Business growth strategy with innovation makes you ahead of competition.

So, not only keeping an eye on your competitors is important, rather making innovative steps always plays a major role.

So, competitive analysis is the primary step here.

The ultimate success comes not only from competition, instead, it comes from the opportunity you find among the competitors.


  • First have an in-depth research on your competitor’s web property like websites (apps if any), social media profiles, Local business profile, and others.
  • Secondly, make comprehensive research on the competitor’s web property like a website including the number of pages, posts, architecture, keywords, and more.
  • Third Count the number of posts your competitor has. Always check the title of each post including the url structure.
  • Fourth check the readability and length of the articles.
  • Fifth research on social media activity.
  • Sixth, note the ranking positions.

Produce the best Content

This is one of the most desired steps always. Producing quality and essential content is the major role.

The above steps help you a lot. If you research well, you can find the gap. Try to produce unique and viral content. If your content really fills the gap, you rank and grow altogether.

  • So, while you plan to produce content that everyone loves, you have to keep the following in your mind.
  • The title and context of the content completely match.
  • The content is based on facts/stories/researched materials.
  • The language of the content can be easily readable by a 7th standard child.
  • The average word count must be more than 2500.
  • Use graphics, infographics, video, podcasts along the text in your content.
  • Write short paragraphs and focus more on the question and answer patterns.
  • Produce the URL along with meta with your primary keywords.

The content writing career is booming because in every industry the content writers have almost equal demand. The best content writing strategy helps to develop the best content.

Outreach Strategy with Right Channels

You’ve done research, produce a great content. Do you know how to reach the right audience who badly need your content?

The ultimate content outreach strategy is the decider of your goal. So here, you must know the outreach strategy to reach your real audience.You may want to know what the best outreach strategy is! Before that, I’ve added two important factors that you can’t ignore.

  • Create a FREE giveaway.
  • Know your customer demographically.

Let’s create the best outreach strategy that reflects your business growth strategy. Ask a few questions yourself.

Which content can you share?
The content you’ve created and ready to share must have the characteristics like:

  • Relevancy – Your content must bring some beneficial value.
  • Actionability – Your content helps your audience (or prospect) to build (or decide) a goal.

At this point your content outreach strategy work. Right content outreach strategy helps to build a great prospect list.

Now the question is how to reach the right people strategically. Here are the proven best channels for content outreach.

Email Marketing

As per my knowledge is concerned, Email marketing is the best channel for content outreach. Basically the email opt-in helps you out in the right ways. You can reach and communicate the right prospect with your product or service.

How to do that?

Make an effective email template that have:
Short and effective information. Best practice is to write within 4 short paragraphs.
Use empathy and positive tone that encourage your prospect to trust you.
Must have a clear, encouraging and actionable CTA (Call to Action)

Don’t forget to mention your prospect (name) in the email copy. It looks natural and friendly.

Business growth strategy

How to Set up a goal or action plan to encourage business growth strategy

Now you are the second and crucial stage where you have to make a strong plan accordingly. Setting up a goal or action plan is the decider of your business growth always.

In this era, the successful business growth strategy is based on the right planning. Now you may ask how to set up a strategic goal in the proper way.

If you know your niche and understand your audience, the goal will be easier to set. According to the action plan for strategic business growth comes with the following steps.

  • Find the opportunity.
  • Meet the opportunity.
  • Gain the positive result.

How to find and meet the opportunity to gain a positive result

The action plan is drafted with the following.

Keyword gap analysis
Content gap analysis

Keyword gap analysis

If you need to get faster growth, you must know the keyword gap analysis first.

The advanced keyword research methodology helps to find the keyword gap and through the analysis you can find the potentiality.

You can use any keyword research tool for that. But if you’re able to use Google search properly, you can find the unlimited keyword idea and be able to find the right keyword for your business.

So to do that I must say, start with your seed keyword.

Suppose your seed keyword is Business Growth. Now follow the steps below.

  • Go to google search and put the seed keyword ‘business growth’.
  • Narrow down the time with a custom range. (better to set a range of last 90 days)
  • Now collect all keywords that you get from Google-related search first.
  • Then use Google Autocomplete alphabetically.
  • Collect keywords from the “People also ask” section also.
  • Make a list of keywords.
  • Shortlist your keyword with priority.
  • Try to collect more longtail keywords.

The above method seems to be general. Yes I agree. Now I shall guide you how to find the keyword gap. Now make your list final with the following parameters.

  • Create a Google Sheet or an MS Excel file.
  • Make a list of the importance of matrices like search volume, intent, trends.
  • Gather some top-performing keywords from your competitor (using competitor analysis).
  • Make sure what keyword is potential and not used by your competitor.
  • After making the final list of keywords, mark all gap keywords with colors.

Sometimes you may get very low search volume. If your keyword is longtail and your head keyword is there, don’t forget to use that.

You can use SEMRush, MOZ, Ahrefs to collect potential keywords. But if you effort manually to find the gap keyword, it might help you differently.

business growth strategy
business growth strategy
Content gap analysis

Like keyword gap analysis, the content gap analysis is another important parameter of business growth.

Content gap analysis is the step by step process to find an opportunity in your existing content.

You can easily identify the missing content pieces and align them accordingly in your customer’s buyer journey.

Now let’s see what content gap analysis includes!

  • Audit of every individual web page including the landing page thoroughly.
  • Scrutiny your blog contents and check whether there is any gap.
  • Survey your social media content.
  • Analyze your ebooks, podcasts, infographics and update all of them with new and innovative information.

After getting a result from the above, concentrate on mapping your content to the buyer’s journey.

How to do that?

First decide the content for your funnel. Every stage of your buyer’s journey, a content is a must.

So you need to produce content for:

  • Awareness stage – target a problem and make content on how to overcome it. (How to type content)
  • Consideration stage – people love the comparison. So produce reviews, comparison guides, etc.
  • Decision stage – make your pages authority and branded to make a decision (customer’s) stronger. Remember, it is close to the conversion stage.
  • Success stage – conversion stage. The final and desired outcome strategy. If the conversion is not made, try to follow up by asking some related questions.

You have to make a strategic funnel for sure with the above.

What are the steps to content gap analysis

Simply follow the steps below.

  • Always trigger your buyer’s journey.
  • Never miss the potential market research including competitor analysis.
  • Brand awareness with content analysis within and outside your website.
  • Make a strong and continue outreach strategy.

The right content mapping is the proclamation of a good business growth strategy. From finding the opportunity.


Business growth strategy brings multiple opportunities. From developing a business plan to execute accordingly, the business growth strategy has no alternatives. The goal decides your fortune. So, to be fortunate, the business growth strategy is the essential solution. Listen our business growth strategy podcast.