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When we start to talk about the best hosting platforms, the name Bluehost hosting comes to mind first. Here I am trying to cover an honest and unbiased Bluehost Review.

Among the various web hosting companies,  Bluehost hosting made a firm place in the hearts of the customers with its amazing performance.

Bluehost offers some exciting packages with unlimited bandwidth global CDN and free SSL certificates. The advanced servers of Bluehost give us a top-notch web hosting experience.

The powerful web hosting platform guarantees speed as well as security at the cheapest rates possible.  It meets the demands of any customer from a web hosting service.

Naturally, Bluehost is one of the largest web hosting platforms in the world. Blue waste has a lot of contributions to the WordPress ecosystem. 

Bluehost maintains its focus on digital marketing and small businesses. The reliable web hosting platform skills and optimizes websites. It offers some exciting packages with unlimited bandwidth, global CDN, and free SSL certificates.

Bluehost provides many hosting packages like shared hosting plans as well as VPS managed hosting. For new blogs, shared hosting will do the trick. You can always choose other hosting plans at Bluehost.

This Bluehost review will help you to understand if you should take this web hosting for your small, medium-scale to large scale business.

As a user, you want to have enough storage disk space and customer support for your queries and problems at any hour of the day. You will generally opt for the hosting platform that offers optimized servers, great speed, and meet your budget.

Well, Bluehost ticks all the criteria above that we normally want for web hosting. Let me share with you some details to reassure it. Here in this article, I’ve covered an honest Bluehost review with its pros and cons.

Bluehost Review: Pros and Cons

If you are planning to switch to Bluehost or buy Bluehost hosting, you must know the pros and cons of Bluehost hosting. Eventually, every web hosting has both pros and cons. Bluehost Review with pros and cons will definitely help you a lot.

  • Bluehost gives free domain registrations for its users. Other web hosting companies charge fees for the domains.  You can choose from different document extensions like.COM, ORG, .NET etc.
  • The users can choose the apt plan for here web from the various web hosting plans available at Bluehost.
  • A user can easily upgrade there are clan to VPS or dedicated server very easily. You do not have to go through the burden of moving an entire website. 
  • You can upgrade to an advanced Hosting plan in the midway, totally free with Bluehost. No extra charges are taken from the customers (whereas many web hosting companies charge extra fees for the upgraded plan.  )
  • The web hosting platform easily sets up a  website and runs it in a minute with no fuss. 
  • Bluehost comes with a built-in anti-spam feature in the control panel which is an added bonus.
  • Bluehost comes with an easy-to-use control panel to control and manage various aspects of the website. A user can operate quite everything themselves through the control panel.
  • Bluehost hosts websites with an integrated Cloudflare system and global CDN.
  • Bluehost guarantees it uses 99% uptime and amazing loading speed.
  • The web hosting platform gives 24×7 customer support and free SSL certificates.
  • A 30-day money-back policy on all hosting plans is available to add Bluehost. Moreover, users are not asked even a single question.
  • Bluehost attracts many users with its 150-dollar credits. A user can use the credit for Google AdWords and  Bing or  Yahoo advertisements
  • Bluehost has no monthly packages. Many users find it as a problem
  • Few complaints about the support staff are registered. Some users said that the staff did not provide them with the expected personal attention.
  • The web hosting platform takes migration fees from its customers. Most web hosting companies offer free migration but  Bluehost charge the customers to migrate their site from another hosting service to Bluehost. 
  • Backups are not guaranteed.
  • Users will not find Windows hosting at Bluehost.  It uses only Linux operating system.

Before buying, I’ll recommend going through this Bluehost review (unbiased) to get the real picture.

Optimized servers

When you search for Bluehost Review, the first thing that comes to your mind is optimized servers. In comparison with others, Bluehost remains the favorite of WordPress bloggers because of its optimized servers.

Heavy images, long pages, and files are well optimized at Bluehost. The web hosting platform has advanced servers which can take the extra load. It manages the traffic of 20000 per day.

Bluehost holds the latest PHP and MYSQL versions. Thus, Bluehost loads the pages faster and does not keep the viewers waiting.

Get Free SSL Certificates:

Bluehost, along with many other hosting services, gives users free SSL certificates. But do you know what SSL is? Why is it so important? 

To answer that let us start with the term SSL. SSL chance for Secure Socket Layer. It is generally a security feature with encryptions. In this web world, it is very important to protect our data from alien parties and frauds. SSL makes sure that data is not entered, accepted, or read by an unknown person.

The set of rules or instructions (SSL) that binds your server and user browser while sending or receiving any data. SSL certificate identifies the organization or party with a domain name, server, or hostname. It makes sure of the originality of the person or organization with whom you share files. 

It is a necessity to make your site secure. SSL certificates determine whether a website is HTTPS or not. HTTPS ensures extra security to a site.  SSL certificates have more advantages- 

  • Google ranks the websites with SSL certificates at the top of their search engine system. As a result, the ranking of your side increases. 
  • Your customers trust your site more marking more views on your website and engaging more business.

Bluehost offers SSL certificates totally free on all their web hosting plans. You can very easily enable SSL on your website to make it secure and reliable. 

You just have to go to settings in the dashboard. 

Under the security certificate, you will find a free SSL certificate

Slide the bar to enjoy the SSL feature and keep your site much more secured.

Better Loading speed:

Loading speed is one of the main concerns for every web hosting. Even people search for Bluehost reviews to know the essential segments like website loading speed. Bluehost offers the users amazing loading speed. They very well know that the basic need of a user is a fast website. Bluehost makes sure that the pages load faster on your site so you do not lose any customers.

The web hosting platform has an excellent loading speed of 422 milliseconds with the basic shared hosting plan. It is reported that (with WordPress) the page loads at a good speed of 650 milliseconds.

You can upgrade to a more elite plan like the Pro plan if you have a large and busy website to experience better speed and greater server performance.

Help & Support:

We always want constant and reliable customer support from our web hosting company. Bluehost provides the users 24×7 customer support and maintains their word to help us in any need.

The web hosting service extends its customer support to us through live chat, telephone as well as email.

Bluehost has various tutorials, videos, and instructions for the frequent web hosting queries and configurations, on the official portal.

The users can go to the hotel and get solutions to their issues. The web hosting company divided its support staff into three teams- the Sales Team.

The Technical Support and The Account Management team.  This way the customers can reach the concerned team with their problems and get the issues sorted more quickly. The technical support as the name suggests deals with technical issues.

The sales team answers general questions and engages interested forthcoming customers. The account management team deals with issues of billing, terms and conditions policy. It also looks after the problems with the verification of accounts. 


Many bloggers prefer Bluehost hosting only for CPanel. It becomes very easy to use the features of the hosting plan with the control panel. The new design is very popular among the users. 

Bluehost review brings a truth before all. CPanel is one of the most important segments that help to manage your server-related activities. It attracts the users to the control panel.  It is not only attractive but also effective. As a user, you can manage almost everything on your website through the c-panel.

When you join Bluehost, you get a user id and password for your account.  You can later login with them and manage everything (your account settings, domain name, renewal of plans, registrations, email addresses, payments, and billings) very easily through the panel.

Security & Backup:

The web hosting platform scans websites on a daily basis through the sitelock. Bluehost monitors your websites as well as their service 24/7 for viruses and malware.

Bluehost gives RAID level 1 (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) service to the users. It basically means that your website data will be present on multiple disks through duplicate versions.

You do not have to worry about losing your data. It is a way Bluehost creates a sense of reliability and security among users.

Bluehost gives you options to take more security measures for your websites.  You can have an IP address blacklist, digital certificates, and password protection on all your files and directories.

You can also create private keys with filters on email accounts. The web hosting service also comes with an Anti-spam filter as well as global CDN and services unlike most the other web hosting companies. 

Bluehost offers its users backups on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis but they do not provide a guarantee on it. The web hosting platform recommends that customers look after their backups themselves.

They recommend third-party tools like  Sitebackup for security. You can access the software from the blue to the host dashboard.

Cloudflare CDN:

Many E-Commerce platforms lose customers and profits for the slow page loading. Well, Cloudflare comes to the rescue here. Cloudflare, a content delivery network (CDN) stores all cache of your website. 

When a user visits your website, the CDN point near the user sends all the content of the website to the user.

As we all know shorter distances take less time to reach. Cloud fair helps you to access all the data centers across the globe.

Thus, in this way, Bluehost speeds up your website through Cloudflare. You can use the CDN feature very easily. You just have to go to the dashboard of the control panel of Bluehost and enable CDN integration. 

Inbuilt Catching:

Bluehost has its own cache system. the users get an inbuilt cache feature so they do not have to rush to third-party software. You can control the level of the caching system you want for your website.

The Bluehost dashboard has a column called performance. Under it, you will find catching options. Select your desired level of catching and you are done.


While many hosting services take a lot of time to respond, Bluehost shows remarkable response time with solid server performance. Many users as well as various steps have said that Bluehost has a guaranteed  99.9% uptime.

In the Bluehost review, many people want to know the real uptime. It often offers 100% (however 97.98% is almost correct) uptime. The upgraded service of Bluehost out praiseworthy. The web hosting company also guarantees you a money-back policy if you face any downtime issues. Well, it says a  lot about the service of the web hosting provider.

Hosting Plans and Prices: 

In every unbiased Bluehost review, you can get various hosting plans that Bluehost offers for all. Bluehost web hosting provides various plans. The customers can enjoy shared hosting as well as VPS managed to host.  

We can say that the shared hosting plans of Bluehost are far better than other shared web hosting plans available in the market. The shared hosting plans are-


The basic plan lets you host a single website with 50 GB of storage space.

Bluehost provides unlimited bandwidth. 

5 email accounts (worth 100 MB storage,) can operate the website.

You get the basic plan for 2.95 dollars with a  free domain name.


The Plus plan gives unlimited storage as well as an anti-spam tool for just  $ 4.95.

You can host as many websites as you want with the plus package.

The plan also gives unlimited mail storage. 

The next two plans are a notch higher package-

Choice Plus

The plan gives the user domain privacy with the antis-pam tool and SiteBackup Pro.

The user can host unlimited websites and enjoy unlimited bandwidth.

The choice plus package comes with unlimited disk storage as well as mail storage space.

You will get the plan at $5.45.


The pro plan has a dedicated IP address along with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk storage.

The user can enjoy unlimited mail storage with various email accounts. 

You get the pro planned at $13.9 with the free domain and domain privacy.

The pro plan also comes with a spam expert tool.

There are certain dedicated VPS hosting plans of Bluehost.

  • Linux-based VPS plant gives 30 GB SSD storage and 2GB memory with 2 CPU core storage. 1TB limit of monthly data transfer is available on the plan
  • The dedicated server hosting plan has 500GB SSD storage with the RAID feature. The plan Allows for TV monthly data transfer with 4GB ram and 4 CPU core.

There is another category of WordPress hosting in Bluehost.

The WP pro clans focus on providing managed hosting with speed security and ease.

We can list the optimized hosting plans of Bluehost-

  • Build
  • Grow
  • Scale

All the plans have CDN, and CMS installed. They give automatic site backups and plugin updates. When you’re searching for  

Here is the price list for the plans- 

  • Standard VPS —     $ 18.99
  • Enhanced VPS —    $ 29.99
  • Ultimate VPS –.    $ 59.99
  • Standard dedicated —  $ 79.99
  • Enhanced dedicated — $ 99.99
  • Premium Dedicated–  $ 119.99
  • WP Pro build — $ 19.95
  • WP Pro-Grow — $ 29.95
  • WP Pro scale — $ 49.95 

Payment process-

Bluehost does not have monthly payment facilities. They have the payment options for one year, two years, three years, and five years. 

If you cancel your subscription within 30 days you will get the total refund of your hosting fees.

Your domain fees are not refundable.

No charge is taken from the customer for changing subscriptions within the Bluehost posting plans.

I would like to present the list of Pros and Cons of Bluehost.

I hope it will help you decide better whether you want to experience the service of Bluehost or not.


Here in this article, Bluehost review, I’ve tried to cover the best features of Bluehost web hosting with pros and cons. It was founded in 2003, by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth, Bluehost was taken up by Endurance International Group in 2010.

They now have their office in Burlington, MA. Bluehost has become one of the most trusted web hosting companies in the world.  It hosts over 2000000 websites.

The number itself proves that the web hosting company surely offers the users some amazing hosting services.

Otherwise, they won’t have such a loyal customer base for over 17years.

Bluehost meets the demands of digital marketing, small businesses as well as large websites. 

The advanced servers provide the best service with speed and security at a few dollars only. We can very aptly say that Bluehost is an affordable and reliable web hosting you should definitely give a try. 

Bluehost marks to create a safer and more advanced web hosting service for the people.